Inchcock Today Wed 6th July 16: Kitchen Whoopsiedangleplop – then Dizzies, Humph!


Wednesday 6th July 2016

Stirred to life, of sorts, at 0600hrs. Memories of the dreams lingered a bit this time. Usual theme, me being chased on and over rooftops, up mountains, falling into a canal this time, near a lock with soap suds on top smelling like TCP? Surprisingly, I could swim in this dream, as in true life I’m scared stiff of deep water? There was a lot more detail that I lost before I could get out of the £300 second-hand stuck half up and half down not working recliner chair to write them down… Tsk!

The first of many wee-wee’s followed, WCHD job, bit of blood from the rear end but not much. I found I’d left the heater on in the wet-room from the showering yesterday… huh, that’ll please the the bank manager no end!

To the kitchen to make a cuppa and take the medications. Of deary me indeed: Whoopsiedangleplop! The stack of storage draws had collapsed, some split open and there was a hell of mess to sort out from the contents that had spilled out, bent lids, sprays, cleaners, rags, bags etc. All lying in an untidy heap spread on the floor and laying in the spilt liquids, disinfectant, soda, washing up liquid etc! It must have made a right noise when it collapsed. Took me ages to sort it all out temporarily at  least. New storage box’s needed again now – I’m not going to get the same ones as these again though! Feeling a bit low now!

Had a job to find the hearing aids though, last night I’d detached the tubing and left it in soak to free the wax in them and I thought I’d left the main bits in the usual (That Auntie Kath left me) porcelain pot, but no. Found them in the kitchen on the counter, I reckoned the falling stuff from the five collapsed John Lewis storage draws and contents, must have knocked them to the back of the counter? Then I had to search all through the contents of the collapsed boxes to find the hearing aid batteries!

The falling mass of plastic, cleaners and medical accoutrements must have made a terrible noise, not that I heard anything like, hope it didn’t bother my neighbours? Wonder when it happened?

Even more depressed now.

10eGot the laptop on to start this post off.

The fingers were giving me some hassle and sticking occasionally.

Couldn’t spend too long a time on it, as I want to get to the shops using the first L9 bus (0930hrs) so I can have time to visit Olive when I get back, before she is picked up and taken for her meal by her son and daughter.

0815hrs: Saved the work and closed the laptop, then got in the wet-room to do my ablutions… remembering just before I did, that I’d not taken me medications with all the kerfuffle with the Whoopsiedangleplop, so I did.

Soon sorted, although I did manage a couple of nicks with the razor in my rush, that took a while to stop bleeding.

I set out, taking the  rubbish bags to the chute on the way down. Not in the best of spirits. Humph!

Caught the bus to town to the terminus on Queen Street and down to the City Centre. Walked down into the slab square and caught a tram to Hucknall and the Tesco store. Off the tram and walked through the Park & Ride, over the road and  into the store.

I had a good wander around, nosing out any new products, getting stuff I didn’t mean to and forgetting the stuff that was on the shopping list I’d made, that was still back at the flat where I left it. Huh! I did get some English vine tomatoes, half red-half yellow to try, some cooked meats of various types, bread, naughty snacks, french toast, Marmite crackers, chicken thighs, a jar of sweet & sour sauce, a turnip, tomato puree, cooked pork chunks, honey roast lamb slices and a packet of Fresh Cream Horns jumped into the trolley… I also got a packet of jam doughnuts for the Winwood Tenants Social Hour tomorrow.

Paid the lady on the check-out, and then the fun started… I’d rather overdone the shopping again and carrying the heavy two bags of the fodder back on the Tram and then bus caused me bother.

10gBack to the tram station and caught it back into Nottingham. This proved to be a  hassle filled journey.

When the tram started off, it had few passengers and things were okay – then as it filled with Nottinghamians en route, I found myself squashed against the window with the bags on the floor by a rather sweet smelling large lady. It filled up even more and I moved one bag onto my knees to make room for the incoming masses. I don’t know how the tram moved with all the folks on it – I realised I’d have a job to get off with the bags and get through all the standing passengers in time to get to the door for  the bus-stop I needed.

10hAs we went through the Radford area I managed to take a photograph of the open market there.

I think the changeable weather had confused us poor Nottinghamians somewhat, everyone was either well wrapped up or in summer wear?

We went on and as the tram neared the Theatre Royal stop that I required to get off at, I felt a right fool trying to manoeuvre myself with the bags to the door. As I got up I had a bad dizzy-spell. The large lady next to me, who was getting off at the same stop, immediately informed me I had ‘Gone all white’ and grabbed the heaviest bag and carried it off the bus for me. The lady who was sat opposite me held my arm as we got off. I did feel a fool! So kind of 10j 10kthem, one asked if I wanted an ambulance calling? I thanked them and red facedly sorted the bags to a more even weight distribution and made my way to the Queen Street L9 bus-stop.

The police were there collecting some Nottingham shop-lifters at the bottom of the street. I felt much better physically and all signs of the dizzy-spell had gone. I took what I hoped would be an atmospheric photographicalistion of the Council House.

I still felt thankful for the ladies help on the tram, but rather embarrassed, mortified and humiliated over the incident. Decided I had to inform the Doctor on my next visit. (This is due this Friday 0830hrs, must remember to take urine sample and not eat  anything tonight after 2200hrs before the CDH test with the nurse at the surgery.)

10eThe last L9 bus had long departed, so I caught a 40 one, that drops me off on Sherwood Vale Hill.

Always a bit nervous when I use this bus, because crossing the road after dropping off is a nightmare when you can’t move as fast as you would like to, to avoid the speeding cars coming up or down the hill around the sharp bends in each direction.

Still, it’s not to far to walk.

Although on this occasion I was a little bit worried about another dizzy coming on I must admit.

In the flat, feet, legs and arms aching, I had along wee-wee and used the throne first thing. Put the fodder away.

10lToo tired and weary for some reason to do any laptop work, I got some small potatoes in the oven and made two honey roast ham sandwiches.

Sliced some of the expensive but deliciously sweet tomatoes, added some sliced onions carrots to the plate.

When the potatoes were cooked I added them and had a very nice meal indeed. A worthy 8.9/10 despite my feeling a little under the weather.

I became suddenly apathetically languid, morose, lethargic and listless. It was made worse after I’d watched the Portugal v Wales game. Humph!

No more dizzies, but I didn’t feel so good.

Hey-ho! TTFN

Inchcock Today Mon 4 July 16: Nottingham had policemen all over the place today?


Monday 4th July 2016

Woke 0415hrs, desperate once again for a wee-wee and WCHD (Water Closet Heavy duty) job. Not a nice or easy experience this morning.

Made a brew and took the medications and I was soon back in the WCHD tea

I got the washing ready and went down to the laundry room – oh dear… Some one had left their washing in washer number two, and dryer number two was still out of action, seven days now. Shows how bad the situation is, tenants were arriving in the hope of getting their washing done, even at this ungodly hour of the morning, but they had to go back to their flats chuntering curses.

01Tha one washer I had to use was playing up rotten. It didn’t help that I usually avoid using this one cause of the complicated mechanical’s like. I had no idea what settings I eventually got it to accept, just waited for it to finish, which it did, leaving the freshener capsule undiluted and the clothes rather wet. I got the washing into the one dryer and started it going. After having to clean the filter that someone had not done last time it was used.

Another lady arrived in the hope of using the dryer. She had to try again later.

Back up, and into the WCWW (Water Closet Wee-wee) again! Updated the work I was doing on WordPress, another WCWW and back down to retrieve the washing 50 minutes later. The dryer finished a couple of minutes later, and I removed the attire and it had dried okay but left little marks all over the stuff that I had to pick off when folding and bagging them. Huh! I cleaned the filter and back up to the flat.

WCHD & WW on arrival. Worrying this?

Put the togs away in the airing cupboard, made a cup of tea and before I got the laptop back on to update things again, another WCWW had to be performed.

Over the next few minutes, I had two phone calls one after the other. First BJ telling me about some Old Nottingham Trolley Bus’s being shown this morning in the Slab Square. Had a chinwag.

Then Brother-in-law Pete rang, but the connection was awful on his new mobile, breaking up all the time, not sure what it was he rang about, to be honest.

Made another cuppa, to replace the one that had gone cold, and the phone rang again a third time. BJ confirming the timing of the bus show in town.

Did some graphicalisationing and posted them on the TFZ Facebook site, and did the one for the top of this page.

Got the letters ready to show to Deana, if she is in today that is. Confusing letters (2) from the British Gas (Who supply the electricity, with two account numbers again!) Also a letter from FraserBrown solicitors about the house sale that needs to be explained to me. Sad innit?

Got the ablutions and showerisationing (Do yer like that word? Hehe) done.

Off to the Winwood Community Shed to find Deana. She wasn’t there, nobody was. So I left a note on her desk for her.

To the bus stop in good time to catch the L9 bus to town. Had a chinwag with the bloke form the 14th floor while waiting for it and on the journey.

10dDropped off on Upper Parliament Street and walked down Clumber Street and through to St Peter’s Gate.

There was a sense or feeling that things were too unnaturally calm…

An expectancy of hassle, bother or upset to arrive any minute? I felt oddly rather uncomfortable? shook it off and ventured to St Peter’s Square 10ewhere a sign on the church front offerred Conducted Silence?

Then I nipped into the M&S food-hall. Where once again, I got caught out by their habit of putting the price ticket for the goods, sometimes above the produce sometimes below!

Saw a new product, called M&S Navarin of lamb (Neck fillets) mushrooms carrots shallots leeks, only a 500 g meal at £4 (I thought). I treat myself and put one in the shopping basket. Got some other bits and paid the lady at the checkout. Had a dizzy as I was getting served. Tsk!

I went up the escalator and out into the sunlight, and it dawned on me how much I was charges. So i got the receipt out and had a look at it. The flaming meal was £8 not £4! Ah well, just hope I like it!

10gAt this point I realised that there were many police around all over the place. An ARV black Land Rover slowly lulled up outside M&S at the junction of Regent Street as I stood there. Police out all over town?

10fI wandered up to see the old bus’s on display in the City Centre Slab Square.

Strictly, Look don’t touch notices all over them.

Understandable really.

Had another dizzy while perusing the vehicles, so decided to make my way up Queen Street to catch the L9 bus back to Woodthorpe Court and the flat I call home.

Nice feeling that was, going home!

As I got to the stop I looked at the 10hwonderful sky and clouds and noticed the gargoyles on the roof had been cleaned.

Took a photo (Left) to use later to try and doctor with someones face later, for a laugh like.

Caught the bus back, once more having to fight to keep awake and not miss the stop.

Got in flat, put the food away, but got the Lamb Navarin (I’ll have to look this up) in the oven, and remembered Deana. Hobbled swiftlyish to the Community Hut to explain after spotting the wrong address, old one on British Gas letters. And Julie was in with Jenny. Explained cock up with letters.

10jJulie said Deana was very busy with the police dealing with an emergency.

I’d spotted the police car as I walked to the hut.

Nice to know Nottingham had some policemen left free and they were not all in the City Centre today?

I wondered if they had expected a right or left wing demonstration? I didn’t hear or read anything about this?

Back to flat, remembered Olive visit, went to see her and explained and apologised for not coming earlier and she kindly told me I could go see her tomorrow after 1400hrs, when she returns from seeing her daughter and grandchildren. Looking forward to that, I love listening to her tales… and her massaging me with the pain-gel too! Hehehe!

10kBack to the flat, nervous at leaving the fodder in the oven cooking, all was well, I reckoned it needed a few minutes longer.

I noticed that far away on the footpath hill twelve floor below, was a gal making the best of the weather. Bet it was a good book she was reading. I noticed that in the few minutes between each shot I took, her shoes had moved? Just thought I’d mention it like.

10lGot the fodder presented.

I reckon it was equal top rating for this one, 9.54/10.

But, at this price (£8) I might not be treating myself again too soon.

Another dizzy as I doing the washing up, and I abluted and settled in the Second-hand £300 recliner to watch some TV. Amazingly I did not fall asleep… too often. And when it came time to get the head down, I did without any hiatus whatsoever.

But it didn’t last, Tsk! An hour later I started the waking up regularly routine, telling myself to remember what it was I had dreamt, forgetting it, having a wee-wee, nodding off again, waking up telling myself…