Inchcock Today 26 July 2016: Only a minor Whoopsiedangleplop today.


Tuesday 26th July 2016

Not much sleep last night at all. Late dropping off, the Whoopsidangleplop from the rear and having to have a shower, and the dreams made sure of that! Having no Olive to visit made things worse. And I could not remember the dreams! Tsk!

Struggled to disentangle my body from the from the £300 second-hand recliner that was in the half-up-half-down position and refusing to move, despite the grinding noise, it was making.

WRWW and WWHD carried out, then a quick wash and shave – then a search that was up to now, unsuccessful, to find my slippers? During which, I remembered the food delivery coming twixt 0700>0900hrs, I’ve got to see Warden Deana about the shower chair and INR blood test at 1230hrs.

Did my ablutions.

Asda (Walmart) delivery came, they substituted Two sweet potatoes in batter, for One Asda American Smokin’ BBQ pulled pork beef red pepper with rice? Luckily I like sweet potatoes. Humph!

Made a cuppa and took the medications. Laptop on and WordPressing were done.


Another look for the slippers.

Lovely morning as I set off to the Community Shed to see someone about the shower chair and changing it to a stool for me. Nobody in, so I set off on a slow and steady walk to the Surgery.

10bAt the corner of Winchester Hill and Chestnut Walk, a clump of blackberry bushes sticking out and over the netting caught my attention, I just had to take a photographicalisation of it. The different stages of ripening all in the same shot.

One of my better shots this one, I might post it on the flowers and animals Facebook page later. Plodded gently on, having plenty of time with my not finding anyone in the Community Hut.

10dAs I got over the last hill and down to Carrington, a Pavement Cyclist was coming up the hill almost had me as he looked across the road instead of where he was going!

It’s not as if the road was busy, was it? If he is too scared to cycle on the road, he shouldn’t be riding a bike – the Crudnut!

10d2Down to the surgery and booked in, to the waiting area – Huh!, I’d not taken me crossword book with me! I selected a woman’s magazine and read about HRM. The nurse came to collect me early bless her, and she could not help herself when she saw the lump on my head – the nurse laughed so much, I thought she was gong to injure herself! We had a chinwag, and she took the blood, gave her the nibbles and I was off to the Lidl store.

Got three little cobs, two desserts, new potatoes and a wonderfully formed gut-wrenching sneer from the checkout operator. Obviously, the gal was an experienced and well Lidl-trained member of staff. I checked afterwards to see if I’d been overcharged, but no, not this time.

Out to the bus-stop and caught an 87 bus into Sherwood, no chance of walking it back, the right ankle had joined the headache in giving me some hassle. But Anne Gyna and Arthur Itis had eased off nicely thank you.

At the bus-stop in Sherwood, I crossed the road and spotted a few fellow tenants at the stop, so knew a bus was due. This was not the case in actual fact, but a number 40 came sharpishly, and some of us got on for a few stops up the hill, we alighted and walked back to the flats. A lady and her other half helped me off the bus, the right ankle was bad again.

We had a good natter, and I left them en route, to all in the Community Shed, where I found the Wardens in. Deana rang the NCH number on the card they left and arranged for them to call to inspect the wet-room on Friday around 1000hrs. Gave them a nibble and limped back to the flat. Both lifts working again now, but still only one dryer in the laundry room.

Took the midday medications (Late I know!) I took an extra painkiller hopefully to counter the agony of a throbbing headache and ankle pain, WRWW and made a cuppa. Laptop on to update this and do some graphicalisationing. Added the NCH visit on Friday to the Google Calendar.

10d1Found this photo as I was downloading another from the camera. No idea why, how, when or even if I took it in the first place?

Got the potatoes in the saucepan simmering.

Hope Olive is doing alright on her trip out.

Had another look for the slippers – Aha! Found them in a rubbish bin in the Wetroom? I don’t know either!

Opened the airing cupboard door, and as I dug into the back to get a clean pair of pyjama bottoms out –  I clouted my head right on the bruise on the edge of the door – Think I said something like “Oh, fancy that!”

10k3Decided to have the Brussels pate with mushrooms and garden peas with the potatoes for my fodder.

Got cried away a bit when it came to making it. Polish pork, sweet potatoes, new potatoes, beetroot, tomatoes, red peppers and fresh peas, with an apple banana, lemon drizzle and the two cobs from Lidl.

Horrible time trying to get to sleep again, fretting about Olive and everything else that came into mind! Tsk!

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