Inchcock Today Sun 24 Jul 16: Up early, laundry room, Whoopsiedangleplop, Pressie from Australia, and Olive visited!

Sunday 24th July 2016


During a rare moment of sleep, I dreamt of high-class lifts and female ghost telling me to use a parachute to get down to the laundry room? I think I actually got on a phone to ordered one from Asda (Walmart)?

0435hrs: I rose and climbed out of the £300 second-hand recliner that was working, shuddering a bit, but working, and decided to get the washing done early. Best laid plans eh? WRWW. No wash, no drink, no medications, got straight down to the laundry room.

A lady had just started her washing, she had 55 minutes to wait, I put my laundry on quick mode 30 minutes, but wouldn’t transfer it to the one working dryer until the lady had got her washing into the dryer. So tried to work out the timing needed: I can take out my washing in 30 minutes, wait another hour and a half I think… no then wait another hour for the lady to use the dryer, then go back down and transfer my stuff to the dryer – this, all being dependent on the fact that nobody nips down and get using the dryer in between… I confused myself here.

Back up to 72 and got this started, made a cuppa and took the medications. A rather painful WRHD job.

Unsure if I should go down after 35 minutes and remove the washing to the bag, wait an hour… no, it’ll be an hour and a half? Then hopefully get to use the dryer, or should I leave the clothes in the machine… someone might come ad take it out for me, do a quick wash and then I’ll never get to use the dryer… I’m still confused! Might be best to go down and stand guard reading my book? Hehe!

Topped this up again, WRWW, and then down, with the Victoria Wood book to the lobby. About 0630hrs I got down there, and the ladies washing was neither in the washer or dryer? I think I’d got further confused now? So, no sign of the ladies togs, I put my washing into the one and only dryer and returned to the flat, made a cuppa and updated this again.

I’ve just read the two preceding paragraphs, and they are confusing and unclear. But I’m afraid that is how I am at the moment? Huh!

10d3WRWW, Did some graphicalisationing before going back down to the laundry room.

The dryer had done a good job, moved and folded the clean attire and got it in the bag.

Cleaned out the gunk-filter.

The machines looked a bit sad on the outsides of them, so I cleaned them and the sink area, swept the floor and gave a squirt of air freshener around.

Then back up again to the flat. Put away the gear in the airing cupboard made a cuppa and updated this., and then edited yesterday’s and posted it off.

10eGot on the scales…


Please to note, that they were working correctly this morning – 1lb nd a bit down on yesterday!

I had a smug, warm feeling come all over me, Hehe!

I and then edited yesterday’s and posted it off. Many many hours (In between many, many many WRWW visits), doing blogging graphics and Facebooking were devoured.

Went for a shower and decided to move the new shower chair out of the way and got in a mess, had a dizzy and:


I now have a newly bruised and dented head. Hehe!

10bAfter I had got myself medicationalised and dressed, two men arrived with the parcel from Australia!

T’was from a TFZ site Angel, Marie.

Warmed me heart it did!

A selection of Australian house-warming gifts, no less! The only ones I got too, makes them more precious!

10d1aThe new house-pet she sent me, is marvellous!

I instantly Christened her with the name of ‘Koala Katie’!

She checked out me throbbing new bruise on my head, and Koala-Katie now residing at the side of my laptop! Of course, she is within easy reach for when I settle in the £300 shuddering sometimes working, £300 second-hand recliner for the night. Hehehe!

Can you believe I’m already chatting away to her? Of course, you can.

Thanks a million Marie! XXXXXX

10I went to see Olive, who massaged my shoulders and back with the pain gel and we had a good chinwag.

She never complains, but I could see she was having a bad day, so brave and appealing is Olive.

She threw me out. Hehe, not really!

Back to the flat, and depression joined the aching head for some reason. There must be something wrong with me (apart from the obvious like), a super gift from Marie in Australia that cheered me up, Olive visit that cheered me up, then I go and feel down minutes later? Bonkers!

Got the TV on, but no chance of sleeping for ages again.

Hey-ho! TTFN

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