Inchcock Today Sat 23 July 16:


Saturday 22nd July 2016

10d2Woke very late, gone 0630hrs, an exquisite morning, the £300 second-hand recliner let me out of it for another urgent WRWW – I’d had many of these demands during the night, ruined me kipping!

Started sneezing as I was making the morning mug of tea and carried on for hours.

Got the laptop on to do the diaries, remembered I’d not taken me medications so I did.

More visits for WRWWs and a WRHD (Painful and bloody) followed. Good job I’ve got a good stock of Blitz thick paper towels in. Hehe!

Made another cuppa for the first one that went cold as I struggled to get the laptop to recognise the camera card? A restart solved it eventually.

Facebooking for ages.

Expecting the parcel to come from the Post Office again today, and the Shower Seat/Stool.Aussi parcel WR stool

10eWhen I finished on Facebook, I checked the emails. During which, the shower seat was delivered by a cheerful Nottingham City Homes chappie.

It’s a bit big for my tiny room.

I couldn’t work out how to higher the legs either?

Perhaps they are at the highest position available now?

Something else that’ll need cleaning. Humph, I’m never satisfied am I? As I say, it really is too bulky, it is on loan so they can claim it back when I snuff it.

Feeling down now, no idea why, but the confidence has gone. I hate feeling like this. No dizzies, though.

Got a call from the Post Office, apologising for the delay in the parcel delivery, it will arrive Sunday, and they have scrapped the charges and the requirement for an ID check!

Got the meal cooking.Decided

Decided I needed cheering up, so started to watch a Victoria Wood DVD. Which meant I overcooked the lamb in the oven again!

10e2The fodder was presented and eaten with some relish, I might add.

No bread was eaten again, but rice cakes were.

The roast vegetables came out alright. The fancy tomatoes were a terrible disappointment tastewise.

Incidentally, the apple was tart and bitter.

Nodded off watching the DVD, woke and got to Olive’s flat for a visit. Olive was sparkling again and told me few interesting stories of her early life. A kiss and a cuddle, and back to the flat.

Attempted to watch the rest of the DVD, but the fretting returned, Anne Gyna made sure I didn’t fall asleep, though; well, not for ages anyway, very late.

Woke repeatedly for a struggle out of the recliner for a WRWW, I’m going to find my ‘Hospital Bottle’ for tomorrow night, this faffing about and grappling to get to the wetroom is getting ridiculous every night! Might be something to do with them sending me to the Renal Department?

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