Inchcock Today – Fri 22 Jul 16: Out to get food – failed! Olive looking great!


Friday 22nd July 2016

Dydd Gwener 22 Gorffennaf, 2016

Stirred late, gone 0600hrs, WRWW and WRHD jobs tackled. No bleeding.

Cup of tea and took the medications. Completed yesterday’s diary and started this one.

10bEmails and comments from British Gas regarding my complaint about their service on TrustPilot, the company assessment site.

Endless emails seem to have arrived. Morrisons Asda, and those I wanted from my Cyber friends too. Spent hours responding.

Got a shower and did the ablutions ready for hopefully catching the 0930hrs bus to town, and getting some photographs of the progress of the Nottingham beach in the Slab-Square.

I called in to see if Olive wanted anything bringing back from town, and she asked me to get two potatoes for baking, not too large, please. I was tickled pink that I could do something to help.

Down and to the bus stop via the bottle bank where I got rid of some jars.

10eWe were soon in town and I dropped off at the terminus on Queen Street.

Walked down into the Slab Square, the Nottingham Riviera and beach was till being got ready for the opening at 1400hrs. Forklifts and cranes still working, rides being built, a right mess it looked.

I didn’t think it would all be ready for 1400hrs?

10e2I caught a tram out to Beeston. Very few folks about today?

I wanted to go to the B&M shop there to see if they had any of the Bonners Curried beans or Goulash and or Sweet & Sour Chicken.

The tram stop was only a few hundred yards from the B&M store.

After searching around for a good while for the desired foods I asked an assistant if they had any of the Bonners Curried beans or Goulash and or Sweet & Sour Chicken. They didn’t have any of them!

10k3So, back on the tram to Nottingham.

Again, very few passengers on it?

The skies turned dark a few times en route.

In town, I poddled down to the M&S foodhall. Plodded round and got two potatoes for Olive. Then got a ready black bean meal, a red onion, a packet of wheat snacks and a packet of four English leeks. Far too many, but I can split and share them with Olive later. Also got some fancy tomatoes, I’ll give olive a couple to try later.

On the walk back to the bus stop, I passed, two begging blokes, a street guitarist, an accordion player, three Big Issue sellers, policemen putting shoplifters in a van and sneaked some seed to the pigeons.

The L9 bus had the cheery female driver, always cheers we old un’s up she does. Bless her.

I actually fell into the land of nod en route, but somehow managed to wake up just in time for the stop. Phew!

Straight to Olives flat with her potatoes, tomatoes and leeks. She looked lovely. A gossip and cuddle and I were off.

In the 72 flat, WRWW, put the fodder away and started the vegetables reheating in the Crock-Pot or later. Decided I’d have the veg with the Black Bean ready meal later.

Laptop on and updated this effort.

10d1A more fierce lethargy suddenly attacked me without warning…

‘Fierce lethargy’, I like it, but ain’t sure it’s the right words to use?

Got the nosh consumed and fell asleep watching the TV.


5 thoughts on “Inchcock Today – Fri 22 Jul 16: Out to get food – failed! Olive looking great!

  1. Perhaps it’s time for you to get a lawyer to write them (as we call it in America) an “f”you letter outlining how “You are hectoring a perfectly fine gentleman, causing him extreme distress because of the threats posed in your endless correspondence with regards a bill for metered gas that couldn’t possibly have been delivered to said fine gentleman BECAUSE THE DAMN METER EXISTS ONLY IN THE SICK AND DEMENTED MINDS OF YOU AT FRENCH-OWNED BRITISHGAS. Thank you very much! Failure to resolve this matter in favor of said fine gentleman and failure to cease and desist in this mad quest to get him to pay for fantasy gas metered by a fantasy meter will result in him owning a significant portion of FRENCH-OWNED BRITISHGAS!”

    Or something like that. LOL!

    Best luch, inchy. I hate to see you distressed this way when you have gone through so much to get the dang matter settled, again, and again, and (I hope) again.

    • A well-presented letter Weggieboy, thanks for the back-up and encouragement.
      Not too good this morning – Anne Gyna being naughty to me, and a dizzy or two already, Tsk! ( 0645hrs)
      Hope the lads are okay and in furstive spirits. Hehehe!
      TTFN ta.

      • They always are up for mischief and naps. Oh, and tuna and catnip. And play with wand toys.

        I’m always for supporting those who are oppressed or put in stupid situations like yours with BritishGas. Those situations can seriously disturb one’s peace of mind, cause despair of ever being done with it. I want to come to England and demonstrate in front of their headquarters on your behalf! I can’t of course, but I wish I could. Must be some leftover notion from the 1960s: Free Inchy from BritishGas Oppression! Death to
        BritishGas! my placards would say. BritishGas Oppresses Seniors! BristishGas Wants Pounding. )The latter would substitute the pound currency sign for “Pound”, of course because we want the public to know they are about money, not humane treatment of customers.

      • Thanks Weggieboy, cheered me up that did! Hopefully they will leave me alone now. Hehe! Take care and give the lads an under-chin fingering for me please. TTFN

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