Inchcock Today – Thu 21 Jul 16:


Thursday 22nd July 2016

Jueves 22 de julio de el año 2016

I didn’t stir until well beyond 0630hrs, good job too, I reckoned I needed the sleep. No memories of any dreams. The bladder received a message for the urgent need of a WRWW, the £300 second-hand recliner chair let me noisily out of it, and I got there in time. No bleeding from Little Inchy, a bit from Haem Aroid and Anne Gyna was giving me a break this morning – but Rea Flux had replaced her as the head-Inchy-hassler! Tsk, No winning!

The WRWW’s continued, getting rather numerous too.

I searched for the little chocolate things I bought for the Social Hour Meeting today – but couldn’t find them anywhere? Put the rest of the nibbles, raffle prize and photographs in the bag ready for later.

10dMade a cuppa and took the medications. Laptop on to do the diary. Checked the emails: Did an Asda order and passed wind, and then did my ablutions.

Forgetting to take the camera to the Tenants Social Hour at the Comunity Hut, I decided not to take any photographs. Humph! Not many folks there again today. But the few that attended seemed to have a good time. I won a tin of baked beans again in the raffle. BJ came and had a good time I think.

I said my farewells and departed, back to the flat to get the bag, phone and shopping list – disturbed during this process for yet another WRWW, I went out to catch the bus, forgetting to take the phone and shopping list with me, but I did remember to pick up the bag.

I dropped off the bus at the Sainsbury store and hobbled in to have a good look around. Ended up getting a parsnip, a carrot, onion, potatoes, nibbles 10bfor the nurses, a mushroom pate and some Sainsbury English Vine, plum tomatoes.

I did this graphic, my being a member of TWATL (ThoseWithAnyTastebuds Left), to warn folks about these tomatoes when I got back to the flat. They looked lovely and were costly, and when I ate them, they were found to be bitter sour and very thick fleshed. Shame they are plum shaped really, else you might use them for golf balls.

Nearly nodded off on the bus going back to the flats, a lady from the private nursing home above our flats chinwagged with me a bit en route and saved me drifting off.

Got in and WRWW’d, then put the fodder away and got the Crock-pot going. Potatoes, onions, carrots, red and yellow peppers cooking in vegetable stock liquid… note I didn’t put any parsnips in? That was because the parsnip I bought at Sainsbury’s seemed to have disappeared?

Made a cuppa and took the medications. Got the laptop on and updated this load of tosh.

Worked on a new graphic to use later. Then hours on Facebooking, I do get carried away.

Must remember to stay in tomorrow, cause the parcel and the shower stool should be coming.

I got the fodder ready, boiled potatoes dabbed with Marmite and two minted lamb chops. Rice cakes instead of bread again.

Nodded off after starting to watch a DVD. Woke very late, realised I’d not visited Olive, so got out to go and see how she is today.

I’m afraid she was not very good. I stayed a while nattering and tried to cheer her up a bit. While there, I told her about the things I’ve got to do tomorrow (Thinking as I had been doing, that today was Friday) – and she looked at me, with a rather gentle warm, kind smile and informed me it was Thursday today. I did feel a fool! But this meant I could visit Olive tomorrow, which was important to me because Saturday I have to stay in for the parcel and Wetroom Seat arriving but Olive will be out with her clan.

Back to flat 72 and the INR test results had been delivered. Next appointment I had to make for Tuesday 26th July. Might have to go to the QMC haematology fro this one, as it is too late methinks to book one with the Doctors. I sent an email asking for one, though.

Ate the fodder, not bad at all, fell asleep again.

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