Inchcock Today – Wed 20 Jul 16: More medical visits, Olive saved the day


Wednesday 20th July 2016

Mittwoch 20. Juli 2016

Woke gently around 0430hrs: WRWW and WWHD first job after climbing out of the now working again squeaking second-hand recliner. While carrying out these duties, bits of a dream came back to me.

I was underground in a cave… ‘Labour isn’t Working’ banners everywhere on the walls, some were written in chalk, with prison bars and West Ham banners over them? As I investigated my surroundings, a gang of what looked like Boy Scouts came out of the tunnels and chased me… climbed up digging through the earth and a mob awaited me as I climbed up into a field… Odd one this, wish I could remember more.

No bleeding this morning, but Anne Gyna and Red Flux were bothersome again. Made a brew and before I could take it, I had to return for another WRWW! Took the medications and got the laptop on. Checked the timing for the GP appointment, 1010hrs.

A quick bash on Facebook and checked the emails.

Had a shave, wonderful shower and WRWW. The scales seemed to be working correctly this morning, 1lb less! Hehe!

Out with the bags and down to walk to the hut, to see Deana. She informed me she’d rang British Gas again, and told once more that the account had been closed, and I am to ignore any further communications about this bill… We’ll see eh? Thanked Deana, gave her and Julie a low-calorie Alpine bar each and set off on my walk to Carrington and the Doctor Vindla appointment.

10dAs I turned the bend at the end of Chestnut Walk to go right down the hill onto Mansfield Road, I spied this rather beautiful bloom on the blackberry bushes.

I carried on nice and slowly on my way down and along the main road into Carrington.

I almost caught a vehicular 10eWhoopsiedangleplop, but the white van with its break lights on managed to screech to a sideways stop before it hit the grey Vauxhall people carrier in front of it.

I was far too early for the appointment, but this gave me plenty of time for a good bash at the crossword book while waiting to be called in.

10e2At one point, there were five other people in the waiting area, and every one of them was using a mobile phone.

This despite the three signs spread about on various walls and notice boards, asking them not, to use their cell phones! Humph, Naughty people!

A bit of a non-event this appointment they mad for me – Doctor Vindla said she did not ask me to come in? However, she was in the process of making an appointment for me to see Dr Solveiga Stanislav from the Queens Medical Centre Renal services. She added that Dr Solveiga had intended to attend, but Dr Vindla told him or her, it was not necessary in my case? Then, then asked a few questions regarding my passing of water (I told her, of the increased frequency and pain when passing), was I still abstaining from Alcohol Assured her I was indeed still doing so) and had I had any new pains in the lower back area (Yes I was, over the last three to four weeks or so). That’s all she said, you’ll be getting a letter soon, you can pop-off now… As surreal an appointment with the doctor than I’ve had?

I walked through Carrington and caught a bus into Bulwell, to search the cheapo shops for any bargains. The first one was selling just out of date Marmite rice cakes, usually, at 90p each, I bought ten packets for £1! Also, they had the Blast kitchen towels at 3 for £2.99, so I got one of them too.

10k3Walked through the so-called Bulwell Market Place on my way to the Fulton food store.

A sadder site I’ve not seen for ages. Hardly any stalls, fewer customers and kids swearing and spitting as they fought each other on the periphery of the market.

The Bingo and Short Term Loan shops were doing well mind.

10k4I poddled to the station to catch a tram back into Nottingham City Centre.

The pigeons were being fed near the river Leen as I crossed the bridge.

No Mallards in view mind?

Got on the crowded tram and back to Nottingham, had the usual job of getting off of it in time, before the door closed again. Tsk!

Got to the bus-stop in nice time to catch the L9 back to the flats. Had a chinwag with a lady from the other flats en route.

Up to the apartment, WRWW and kettle on for the late midday medications. Laptop on, nad updated this.

Some mail was delivered along with a not telling me they could not deliver a parcel for me, as it needs a signature and I was not in!?!? I checked to see if the doorbell I had fitted was working. It was, and I could hear it easily – so the merchant didn’t press the bell and now I’ve got more hassle and four buses to catch, which will cost me a day of life – to collect an item – because the postman was too thick or idle to press the bell on the door!


Not Good Enough!

Feeling low again now!


Olive was sorting out the Post Office for me tonight!

Go ready and went to see Olive. Who, kindly rang the Post Office and complained to them on my behalf, then set it up with them to send the parcel again on Saturday for me. What a gal! XXX

A chinwag, mostly from me I’m afraid, then she got the pain gel and massaged me shoulders and back with it. Precious she is!

Came away having been sorted, helped and put in my place. Hehe!

Back to the flat, got the oven on and the lamb chops in cooking.

Updated this dairy to here, then did a bit more Facebooking.

Had lamb chops and baked beans – no bread but rice cakes instead.

Nibbled a pack of Marmite rice cakes later.

Watched a DVD with only around 15 nod-offs, then got my head down.

Been another long day.

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