Inchcock Today Tuesday 19 July 2016 – Another very busy morning, lots work achieved in the afternoon!


Tuesday 19th July 2016

0420hrs: Stirred into semi-life and immediately thought I must get things done in time for BJ coming to lift me to the launderette in Carrington.

I dismounted the working-this-morning £300 second-hand shuddering recliner, and off for the first of many repeated WRWWs, no signs of a WRHD yet.

Made a cuppa and had another WRWW.

Got the things sorted for the laundry ready in the bag, the surgery for the Warfarin Blood Test and the chemist for the pain-killers.

Laptop on and finished, Monday post started this one off and checked see if I had time to do any Facebooking – when I remembered I’d not taken me medications or done the checks yet – so I did them. With the following results: Sys 147, Dia 65, Pulse 71, Temp 32.1 and the weight… er… well, 2lb up! Tsk!

WRWW, still no signs of a WRHD yet?

Quick go on Facebook and then did the ablutions and donned my attire and went down to the lobby to wait for BJ’s call to say he’s on his way. I walked to 10bthe end of Chestnut Walk to wait for him.On the way, I took this photographicalisation of the wonderful sky.

On the way to wait for BJ, I took this photographicalisation of the wonderful sky. Really wonderful clear sky and magnificent trees, so close to my home too!

10dAs I waited on the corner, I tried to take a long range shot on the horizon, of a house in the woods. It didn’t come out very good, but I blame the intense sunshine.

If I can, I’ll think of something later to add to it for the TFZers site. ‘House on the Prairie’?… no, perhaps not.


BJ soon arrived and lifted me to the launderette in Carrington. He seemed a little uptight this morning at first, but he soon came out of himself when the laundry was in the machines and going.

As we pulled up outside the launderette, this young Fainéant semi-mendicant approached BJ and whispered something to him. It soon became apparent the man was begging, and BJ rolled him some cigarettes.

As we were sorting the job of washing, this desperate young panhandler came into the building and tried to get money out of BJ a few times. So sad, a thin but tall, good-looking lad too. I noticed him approaching many other pedestrians outside over the next hour or so.

As I was taking the washing out and transferring it to the dryer, BJ reminded me about the prescription to collect and the surgery to visit. Nipped in the chemist next door got the pain-killers, then walked up the road to the doctors surgery. The young lad started to cadge something from me, I sternly said ‘No’ and carried on walking. Felt a bit guilty afterwards.

At the Sherrington surgery, the lovely nurse was on duty. We managed a little gossip as she took the blood. She told me that tomorrow’s appointment they had made was not for the blood test results, as I had thought, but the urine test results. Someone from the City Cardiac unit was coming to talk to me at the same time? Dang dang dang dang! Hehe!

10eAs I came out to walk back to the surgery, the traffic was well built up on Mansfield Road.

Back down the incline and to the washing shop – and the young lad had ensconced himself on the floor against the wall outside, with a few cans of beer spread before him.

Glad I didn’t give hi any money now!

Got the laundry and said TTFN to BJ, who said he might be coming to the Tenants Social Hour on Thursday, and nipped in the Lidl store. Got two porridge pots, mini peppers, and some nibbles to top up the box.

Caught the bus to the clinic, where misery-guts the receptionist almost spoke to me. Again, a different doctor examined ‘Little Inchy’, grunts, frowned forehead and fetched another medic to have a look – she found it hard not to laugh!

DaktacortThe usual, keep on with the Daktacort and use the Hydrocortisone only if the bleeding is hard to stop.

As I left, I could not resist smiling at Happy Herbert on the reception, I gave him a cheery “Bye-bye, and thank you kindly”! If looks could kill, I’d have been a gonna in seconds!

Caught the bus into Sherwood and waited at the bus-stop there for the L8 bus. Met up with some residents at the stop. Had a chinwag. The chap who had had his knees done was out and about without his sticks today. He showed me the scars, and I thought they were healing really well. Tried to cheer him up a bit.

Back at the flats and up to 72, I resisted pressing my new doorbell. Someone will press it one day I’m sure, even if it’s only the coroner! Hehehe!

Put some potatoes on the boil to eat with my fodder later on.

Laptop on to update this then caught up with the Facebooking I ran out of time with earlier. 88 notifications awaited my attention.

The occupational therapy chap Joel rang to say he couldn’t get to see me today, he’s ordered a shower seat that will arrive this Saturday twixt 0800>1800hrs.

P1110366The meal was okay.

A little large perhaps? But fine and tasty. I added some dabs of vegemite to each of the potatoes, Mmm!

Sat in the £300 sometimes second-hand recliner chair nodding off so often few a few minutes each time, I gave up and turned off the TV, then lay there in the £300 sometimes second-hand recliner chair trying to get to sleep, but WRWWs kept demanding attention, and I was worn out after a couple of hours or so, with all the climbing out of, wee-weeing and returning to climb back into the £300 sometimes second-hand recliner chair.

Then the much awaited WWHD arrived, so, up again…


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