Inchcock Today Mon 18 July 16: Lively day… speaking figuratively


Monday 18th July 2016

0240hrs: Woke up in the unmoving second-hand £300 recliner chair in a right state.

All the hassle to come and to get through over the next few days were running through my fevered brain. Today, to hopefully sort the French-owned British Gas overcharge, which will mean hoping to get to see Deana to arrange once again for me. Then get back for the delivery at the flat. Then get  the things packed and catch the buses to Sister Jane and Pete’s to lug to give them their pressies and see the pussies. Looks like being a tiring day.

Tuesday, launderette with BJ, GUM Clinic, INR blood test. Wednesday, find out what is wrong with the blood from the Cardiac Dep’t… And along with this sudden mental upheaval, the ailments were having a grand bout of fun with me this morning. Duo Denal: Worse for ages, Anne Gyna still hassling and the back pains had returned with a vengeance.

I actually nodded off again and reawoke at 0525hrs. Still confused in the brain a bit. Wondered if I’d been having a dream that had affected me? But no recall of anything.

Doubtful of my sanity and bewildered, I climbed out of the refusing to work £300 recliner chair and had a WWHD and WHWW session. Bleeding from the rear, Little Inchy tender and the Throne had to be flushed three times to make it disappear. Noticed all the rubbish in the hallway awaiting my attention – that’s something I might struggle with today I thought, paying attention and concentrating?

10bHad a bit of a dizzy as I went into the kitchen. Made mug of tea and took the medications. I did the Daily tests while I thought of them. Yesterday the BP was not looking right, Sys 128 Dia 61? Crossed my fingers (Figuratively speaking, Arthur Itis would not allow to cross them, even if I wanted to – Hehe) for today’s efforts. All looked better today, well, not the weight perhaps: Sys 151 Dia 67 Pulse 82 Temp 34.9 and weight 14s 4lbs still, so no decrease, but no increase – in fact, it was the same as yesterday… I do waffle on!

The stomach churning joined in with the other ailments as I got the laptop on to update this and finish off the Sunday diary.

Popped back out, for a WRWW and forgot I’d left the scales out – stubbed me toe on them again!

Got problems with CorelDrawx8 again, not working at all now! Used CorelDrawx7.

Olive jul02

Olive, radiant this evening

Got the paperwork regarding the French Owned British Gas overcharge for the unknown account in my name ready to give to Deana at the Tenant’s Social Hut, and called in to see Olive see how she was.

In fine form, she was, radiant! We had a gossip and she told me about her weekend with some of her clan. She enjoyed it so much but was not sorry she was back to normal now. I’m glad she is too! Told her I’d call back later and she offered to massage some pain gel in for me, she is nice!

Hobbled to the hut, and only Julie was in, she said to leave the paperwork and she’d give it to Deana for me. Thanked her.

I set off to the bus stop, had another chinwag at the stop, and caught the bus into town. Very warm this morning.

GCJDropped off on the busy Upper Parliament Street, and walked a few yards to Sister Jane’s bus stop and got one straight away!

A lot of nearly dressed young females about…

Caught the number 8 bus, and I arrived in West Bridgford and called Jane after I got off the bus to tell her of my progress.

A nice steady walk to their Mansion. Jane was outside when I arrived with next doors cat being fussed.

10kA gossip and they gave me a cuppa. I made up the footstool with a haven-hole for the pussies in it, along with the cat laser pointer and pet nibble treats.

It tickled Pete anyway, he was fascinated with it… unfortunately, all the cats had absconded?

10k2Janet posed for a photograph and told me off for eating the wrong foods.

She was looking good this afternoon.

Their garden flower looked wonderful, but somehow the photograph I took seems to have disappeared from the SD card in my camera? Of course, I might have got it wrong while taking it?

I didn’t stay too long because I wanted to get time to visit Olive and get things ready for the early morning tasks, thus get to sleep early. (I can hope? Hehe!)

10e2Caught the bus into town, and noticed there were. even more, young almost dressed ladies floating about. The Slab Square was being got ready for the yearly Nottingham Beach amusement show. Plenty of sand piled up ready for spreading.

I decided against taking any photographs of the young ladies.

A trip to the bank for some cash, a walk around the Council House and up Queen Street to the L9 bus-stop.

Bill, who I sit with at the Tenants Social Hour, got on the bus en route and another chinwag was enjoyed.

I called at the Community Hut, but Deana was busy, and Julie had not had time to tell her about the French-owned British Gas charging me yet again for an account they said had been closed! I moved the paperwork from the office to Deana’s desk. She was busy with someone, so I nipped off. I think she said she’d look at it on Wednesday, call then.

To the flat, WRWW and kettle on, then the laptop on to update this.

Called to see Olive. We had a cuddle and chinwag, then the gal massaged in the pain gel for me.

So tired when I got back to the flat.

P1110359Made a tasty too large salad.

Chicken thighs, yellow peppers, egg, tomatoes, red and roast onions, pickled cucumber, pate with caramelised onions. And two rice cakes instead of bread.

Tasty, bet this still ensures the scales will record a slightly higher result in the morning?

Sleep disturbed the TV watching with regularity… 

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