Inchcock Today Sun 17 Jul 16: Not one of me bestest days…


Sunday 17th July 2016

10e2I bounded, mentally, not physically into life around 0430hrs – In my dream, I’d been doing the chasing for once, instead of the usual me being pursued. Olive was running away from me, she was on a Lambretta scooter on a high street, I was on a push-bike in pursuit… then we were in lifts, and I could not work out whether to go up or down to catch her, and a lift attendant charged me an old £1 note, each time I used it. Next, we were going round and round a playground slide, up the ladders, down the slide repeatedly. I seem to recall my knowing if I could stop she would come round to me and then I could catch her, but the legs would not stop running? I was so baffled and frustrated! The last thing I recall is being in a waiting room with wellingtons and a suit of armour on, and Olive was oiling the joints in the suit?

The £300 second-hand recliner chair allowed me out of it, for a WRWW. I had a sense or feeling of sadness this morning. Apart from not seeing Olive this weekend, the British Gas farce, Anne Gyna being bothersome, World terrorism, the flat being in a bit of a mess with the painting needing sorting in
the wet-room, the spare room being like a jumble sale, my memory going AWOL on me, and I’d just stubbed me toe on the new scales, I couldn’t understand why. Hehe!

GCJBit off a shock when I stood on the new scales for the first time. I say a bit of a shock? Enough to make me rethink my flaunting of the self-imposed dietary routine.

Oh dear! I’m sorry I bought the flipping thing now! Apparently, they are reading incorrectly, as it is impossible for short little me to weigh this much…? Hehehe!

To the kitchen and made a cuppa and took the morning medications. I hope Anne Gyna eases off soon.

Laptop on and did some graphics to use later, then got the diaries updated and Saturday’s posted.

By now, it was 0745hrs. Did some Facebooking for a while. Well, several hours actually. Tsk!

10eI rang Sister Jane, and she rang me back to tell her about tomorrow and when I might be able to get to her with the pressies for her Pete and the pussies. I got somewhat confused while I did this, and told her it was the day for my GUM clinic blood assessment thingy – it wasn’t! Huh, Tsk and Humph! Whoopsiegangleplopped again!

T’was to see Warden Deana in the morning about the beautiful British Gas people charging for a non-existent meter charge. To the Clinic is Tuesday before the nurses INR test, then I have to get the laundry in too! But the timing made no difference, and I don’t think I’ll mention to her, she thinks I’m potty enough as it is. Wednesday is the CDH blood test results with the doctor, and the receptionist tells me there were problems with it. Hey-ho, can’t do owt about that, just do as instructed by Dr Vindla, so no point in worrying.

Into the wet-room and had a super shower and freshening up session, using the citrus gel, and making sure I rinsed away everything down the drain and sprayed citrus freshener around afterwards.

I felt surprisingly better afterwards apart from Anne Gyna of course. Humph! Got dressed and checked the flat, and I set off on a walk to the park for a bit.

10kI left via the back of the flats and stood for a while looking up at Olive’s apartment, feeling a bit sorry or myself cause I couldn’t visit her while her daughter was visiting. Sad innit?

By the time I’d got up the hill into the park proper, a new ailment presented itself for me – the right hip was really painful, and I had to slow down even 10k2more so as not to irritate it further? I cut down the length of the planned walk and just went by the pitch and putt and down the other side of the hill and down to the front of the flats, through the magnificent copse.

As I entered the thicket, the blackberries were forcing their way through.

The greenery was so calming. The hip had eased a lot as I was getting to the flats foyer door.

The hip eased a lot as I was going to the flats entrance door. So much so, I decided on the spot to unpack the new spinning mop and bucket, and get the kitchen and wetroom floors mopped! Got the mop and bucket assembled alright, but could not find my floor cleaner liquid? No idea what I’d done with it, hey-ho!  So, I used Dettol, white vinegar and citrus disinfectant in the bucket. It looked alright to me, but it no good for the corners and nooks, I’ll use the usual mop, next time for the kitchen.

10k3Then I moved into the wet-room to do that. Oh dear – the new mop did not like the wet-room floor at all, and stuck to it? So I cleaned the mop and bucket in the sink, dried the mop and put it in with the other rubbish in the bedroom. Another costly plan flunked!

Then I condensed the waste cardboard and bags in the hallway so I can take them down on the way out in the morning.

Busy day again tomorrow, and I have to fit in a visit to see Olive at all costs. So much to do over the next few days, not looking forward to it much, the hassle and travelling I mean.

The weariness returned. I got the laptop going and updated this.

10Got the fodder ready.and

Fish sticks, garden peas, beetroot, roast onions, pickled cucumber, tomatoes, yellow peppers and tinned potatoes.

Followed by a lemon drizzle dessert.

Didn’t nibble too much afterwards… Honestly!

The mind racing prevented me from nodding off, and once again, sleep was slow in coming. Hey-ho!

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