Christmas Day Morning: Inchcock ‘Aching All Over’

I woke up this Christmas Day Morning:

To find that the only parts of my horrendously Billy Bunter like body, that didn’t Ache or Hurt, there the left index finger and the right side of my right elbow!

I found myself singing, Johnny Kidd & The Pirates song, as Aching All Over in place of their, Shaking all over. The idea came to get some humour out of feeling so poorly, and I set about making this graphic, putting my version of the song in the yellow letters.

Dec 25 2018

Christmas morning, and all I could do was create this bit of fun.

Sad, innit?


Hope you have a laugh, and a jolly good holiday!



8 thoughts on “Christmas Day Morning: Inchcock ‘Aching All Over’

    • Cheers, Sir.
      How does one get to post a photo on the comments, Sir? I can’t get any on? Then again, failure has been my forte for a long time. Hehehe!
      Remembering at this time of year, it so important.

      • when you are editing there should be a spot on the top left that says ‘ADD’ or a = sign. Click the and it should lead you to your media library or to add a picture to the library. I haven’t tried the new editor yet, so I’m not really sure what you’re looking at.

      • No, I’ve not gone for the new editor yet, Sir. I’m confused enough with this one.
        When I’m done with the comments I’ll go to the editing and have a look, thanks.

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