Inchcock Today Thur 28 July 2016: British Gas to tackle again – Changed their story – then changed it again!


Might be fun when it drops off? Hehe!

Thursday 28th July 2016

10d2After I thought I’d got my head down last night – I woke seemingly every half an hour in a pickle fretting and worrying. Many trips for a WRWW (WetRoom Weewee) required until around 0500hrs when at last I got off, so to speak. And this was not easy, dismounting the sometimes working, sometimes not £300 second-hand brown recliner, then getting back in it wasn’t relaxed either!

I stirred around 0625hrs, again in need of a WRWW and also a WRHD (WetRoom Heavy Duty).

Did the ablutions and made a cuppa, taking the morning medications.

Laptop on to do this diary and some graphicalisationing on CorelDrawX8.

Asda delivery not come yet, still there’s another half-hour to go. Arrived and I sorted the things away. The man had forgotten the paperwork, but still, this  is Asda (Walmart) we’re talking about.

Went to see Olive, she was much better and in fine form. I’ll call again later to see her.

Hobbled to the bottle bank to take the jars I took with me yesterday to take to the bottle bank and brought them back to the flat with me… I thought that the bag was little heavy Hehe!

Back to the flat and updated this page.

Went to the Tenants Social Hour early at the Community Hut, to see Deana about the French-owned British Gas mystery bill that had arrived before it started. She was getting a bit annoyed now, after four arrivals of reminders for the bill they have told her three times had been closed?

Warden Deana Walker rang British Gas again (Over an hour) for me.
This time, a different story emerged: It appears the two tariffs are on the same meter now? They intend to merge the two – thus making my bill twice as much?
This after being told at least three times by British Gas in the past that they had closed this fictional extra account!
Deana asked them to send someone out to sort and assess the situation.
So, now I await Deana to have a look and then the BG representative getting in touch to arrange a visit…
1220hrs: Ah, Deana is here now talking to British gas as she looks at the meter… She gave the all the details yet again to a different representative who told her the account in question was definitely closed 28th June 2016. This the same account that they are going to merge with my proper account???
She was then put onto someone else and explained it all again to this one. She waited patiently, for the return to the phone, of the lady she had been speaking to this time…
1240hrs: Still waiting. 1253hrs: Still waiting… 1258hrs… (Missed her dinner break now!) 1259hrs The Lady (Leigh) returned, said had checked on the company database, and what Abdul told her earlier was incorrect, the account they were still sending out bills for no longer exists!
Nice that!

I await further developments with an uncomfortable feeling of dread in my old mechanical heart.

Called to see Olive, not so good this morning, but still looking radiant. 

To the Social Hour. BJ came, he was in fine form.

10d3aA few more attendees there today. At my table, left to right Bill (William on Sundays), BJ in fine form, Toni Bless her, Bill (Gumps) Two and the marvellous 93-year-old Eddy, rightly at the head of the table. Handed out the nibbles and chatted a with many of the folks today.

Called to see Olive, she had arranged for the cleaning lady to come see me tomorrow around 1000hrs to see about ‘doing’ the oven for me and putting me on her list for general cleaning. Cost, what needs doing etc.

Back to the flat and updated this page.

Hassle from CorelDraw X8, not idea how to get the copy/paste icon working. Closed and opened twice and it came back on its own?

10k3Got  hunger pangs and had an early meal.

At last, someone rang my new doorbell. Went and opened the door and nobody was there? Hehe!

Took the medications and virtually collapsed into the £300 second-hand recliner.

Feeling unhappy and fretting a bit Olive not feeling too well, the British Gas fiasco, Deana not happy with all the hassle, stomach ulcer playing up and this later caused me to nibble extras later in the night, even had three cold boiled potatoes! Tsk!

Rea Flux joined in with Duo Denal giving me grief, I felt down and then the WRWW’s started and repetitively stayed with me all night.

Again sleep came well into the early hours… I was not a happy laddie! Ah, well!

2 thoughts on “Inchcock Today Thur 28 July 2016: British Gas to tackle again – Changed their story – then changed it again!

    • Thanks Sir. A letter to the local paper, that’s an idea. I’ll talk with Olive, cause she’s very clever about this sort of thing, cheers.
      HRH might not be a good idea. I wrote to her many years ago when I was an Ardent Royalist, to praise her efforts over the sending of help to the children of in Rwanda. Not only did I not get a reply, but they sent back the letter pointing out the security risks I was triggering by sending it in the first place. Hey-ho!
      I fully expect a repeat demand to arrive from British Gas next week.
      I want them to send someone like they threatened earlier to disconnect the none-existent meter!
      The threat from Abdul on the phone to Warden Deana, that he would merge the two accounts worries me though. If they do that, I’ll have no option but to pay this fictitious bill along with my real account monthly debits?
      If would like to come back after my snuffing it and get revenge in some way. Hehe!

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