Inchcock Today Sat 30 July 2016: Not one of me better days, but Olive cheered me up no end, bless her.

10d2Saturday 30th July 2016

0530hrs: Stirred feeling rather reluctant to get up, but a demand for a WRWW forced me to extract myself from the £300 second-hand shuddering recliner chair and to the throne – glad to say things were moving in the WRHD (Wet Room Heavy Duty) department again after yesterday’s hiatus. Painful mind.

The dreams last night were vague in my memory, but the feeling that they were not nice was prevalent.

To the kitchen to find the cold water tap gently running, that’ll have done the Water Bill no end of good! But at least I hadn’t left the plug in, Phew!

Got the laptop going and tried to do some Facebooking, at this stage, the internet connection kept packing up so often, I gave up.

Took the medications, then spent a few hours assembling the new drug pots I bought yesterday and filled them.


Still got some of the large old pots to use, and on the morning doses in the new pots, it was a struggle to get them all in. Obviously, I’ll use the old ones first. I must say it took a lot less time to sort the out in the new pots. Seven to a pack with snap lids with release buttons.

Last night I took a photographicalisation of me veg stew and chicken thigh dinner, I know I did! This morning, there was no sign of it on the camera?

10d3aBack to the wetroom for another WRWW, and found when I got on the scales, they were working much better than yesterday. Hehe! Mind you, I had got rid of a good bit of weight earlier on the throne.

I got the Crock-Pot vegetables ready and into it on slow mode. Only carrots, parsnips and swede, flavoured with some black bean sauce, Bisto lamb gravy and lamb bouillon seasoning. I intend to have them with the last two minted lamb chops. Hope it tastes alright, not too confident with this trying out new ideas with me fodder.

10dWhile doing this, I noticed on the kitchen tool rack thingy two of them that I wasn’t sure of.

The one on the left, I suspect is for cutting pizzas, cause I reckon I’ve seen them used in adverts on the Gogglebox? It certainly will not be used for that in my flat.

Pizzas – eurgh!

The multi-use one in the centre? I can see what looks like an old style bottle-opener, I think that’s what it is? I’m just inquiring like.

Gave Facebooking another try… Slow connection, but working again. I spent several hours catching up. When the connection started getting slower and jumpy, I packed up, checked the Crock-Pot and got the shower and ablutions tended to.

Went to see Olive. Nice chinwag, a cuppa and a cuddle. Returned to the flat and the vegetables were done in the Crock-Pot, so I got the last lamb chops in the oven and added two potato cakes to them later.

Washing the porcelain pot was not as easy as I hoped it would be. Some of the black bean sauce had attached to the inner of the pot, and was determined to stay there! Had to leave it soaking in soda washing-up liquid and bleach. 

10k3Ended up with an odd looking unattractive mixed meal. However, I enjoyed it. 

Potato cakes with Marmite dabs, two overcooked tiny lamb chops, carrots swede and onions, potatoes with Marmite dabs all flavoured with black bean sauce and a chicken thigh!

As I said, not attractive to look at, but tasty all the same! Having said this, the rumbling and the grumbling of the stomach during the night was at least understandable! Hehe!

Had a Lemon Drizzle, and finished the washing up and, popped onto the scales to see if I had gained any weight… Humph!

Got the 4th series Auf Wiedersehen Tape on and got over half way before the WRWW demands started, then the nod-offs…

2 thoughts on “Inchcock Today Sat 30 July 2016: Not one of me better days, but Olive cheered me up no end, bless her.

  1. Definitely looks like the kind of opener used on bottles with caps…. I presume you have those drawers over there that are catchalls for all sorts of rarely used kitchen “ordnance” that seemed vitally needed once, yet vaguely unfamiliar as to use once you sort through the drawer.

    I periodically sort mine with the idea of sending such things to the rummage sale at the church for someone else to put in his or her kitchen catchall drawer or tossing it and sparing someone else the hassle of, well, sending it to his or her church’s rummage sale or tossing it. These tools are a bane of the kitchen!

    • Well said, you done it again Sir: Hit it on the head! I wish I could have used these words to explain how I felt, but not only did you beat me to it – I wasn’t clever enough to formulate them in the first place.
      Cheers and have a great day!

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