Inchcock Today: Thur 25 Aug 2016 A mixed day


Thursday 25th August 2016

Awoke around o400hrs. The ailments apart from the Duodenal Ulcer were being so kind to me. Even the £300 second-hand recliner let me out to go for a WRHD without too much shuddering. Was I dreaming I thought?

01cI even remembered the Asda (Walmart) delivery was due twixt 0600 > 0800hrs. You know the one, that should have been delivered yesterday had I not forgotten and gone shopping at Asda – Humph, what a 11b. Remembering this was probably helped by the great dirty sign I wrote on a large envelope and stuck it in front of the laptop screen?

So, out of the chair for the WRHD, even that was easier than usual? No bleeding from Little Inchy either. I was getting very nervous now with all this good fortune this morning you know!

01dGot my ablutions done early, no shower, though, it was too soon for that, all the noise it makes would have disturbed my neighbours. So a stand-up wash and shave – and I didn’t cut myself shaving?

I did espy some markings and a bruise on the throat/chest mind. But no pain or itching with them? Overall, I seem to be doing well medically today.

Made a brew and took the medications, then finalised the Wednesday post and started this one off.

0655hr, the Asda delivery man, rang, I could not tell what he wanted, but he spoke with me. I rang off and went down to see him, thinking he might be coming up the other lift as I go down. He was stood with the boxes in the foyer. A new to the job man, obviously. We both went back up to the flat, and he handed me the carrier bags and an amazingly large amount of unpackaged food through the door. I signed for them and started to carry them into the kitchen, this left bits all over the hallway carpet.

01fSo I hoovered it up and got onto sorting the delivery out. I’ve now got a full fridge, freezer and overflowing cupboards and floor!

A jar of Bigos I ordered came alright. Bigos, also known in English as hunter’s stew, is a Polish dish of finely chopped meat of various kinds boiled with sauerkraut and shredded fresh cabbage (Saurkraut). Might be tasty, methinks.

I decided after sorting it all out as best I could, to make a cup of tea before I got back on the laptop to update things further.

11b Well well, I dropped the mug, and it spilt all over the floor. Got some of the Blitz paper towels and down onto the floor, to dry up the mess. Astonishingly, I got back up without too much of a struggle? I began to worry now really… Hehe!

I then got the nibbles ready for the nurses and the Winwood Social Hour Meeting. Although, I won’t be attending today, because, the only appointment the surgery could give me for my INR blood level test, clashed with the Social Hour… Again! When I remembered this, and the Whoopsidangleplop with the dropping of the mug of char, things were starting to get back to normal for me.

A WRWW session then made another cup of tea and back on the laptop. Graphicationalisationing and doing the diary. Then to the challenge of trying to do Facebooking. If it allows me, I must make sure I do not spend too much time on the session, or else I might be late for the surgery. Must leave no later than 1000hrs to walk there in time for the appointment.

That went well, no hiatus whatsoever? I just ran out of time, though, Huh!

0914hrs: Got the things ready for the surgery, and called at the Community Hut with the nibbles. Hoped to see Warden Deana, but she was not in today they told me. Left some raffle prizes and informed the few tenants there ready for the meeting that I couldn’t make it, then departed on my hobble to the surgery in Carrington. Met BJ as he was going to the meeting and had a little chinwag.

Onwards to the nurse, taking it nice and steady cause I was in plenty of time. Only the feet gave me any trouble going there, and even more coming back. Arrived with time to spare and logged in and started doing some cross-wording.

The nurse (the one I saw yesterday in Asda), tapped me on the shoulder and made me jump. (That’ll stop me laughing at her like I did in the shop) She told me took her over two hours to get her photographs done. She looked at the bruising and marks on me chest and told me to book an appointment with the Doctor Vindla if they had not cleared up after two days.

Then she took the blood for the INR level test, and I gave her some nibbles.

I was soon out and walking (limping) down 09Mansfield Road in Carrington to the Lidl store.

I got some potato chunks, a tin of garden peas, cheese twists and a can of Spanish Piquillo Peppers with stockfish filling in tomato sauce, as a treat for Sister Jane when she visits me on Sunday. Got prawns in it? Might be nice for them?

At the checkout I dropped a packet of cheese twists and a lady kindly picked them up for me, bless her.

To the bus stop and caught one within minutes into Sherwood. As I dropped off the bus, there was BJ’s car in a layby, couldn’t see him anywhere. I know he likes to go in one of the cafes for breakfast sometimes… well, every day. It saves his other half cooking when she gets back from work. Got a TV paper for next week.

Crossed the road to see if a bus was due that would get me back up the hill to the flats – but no. So I shuffled on up and over the hill to go up again through Woodthorpe Park, and down the gravel path to the apartments.

01hAs I started off from the bus stop, I saw a Nottingham Pavement Cyclist coming down the hill at me. Happily freewheeling it down and not moving for any pedestrians, we moved out of his way! Luckily there were very few of us in his way today.

No sunshine, even the odd spot of rain was getting through now, but the park looked so beautiful to me. I decided not to walk down the gravel path but went into the copse instead. No one else about, I really enjoyed this diversion.

01iUntil I stubbed my already hurting toe on a tree branch coming out above the ground.

But I didn’t mind at all in fact.

Because with this happening, I lost my fear of things going right for me, like they had been doing earlier in the day if you see worra mean like. Hehehe!

Out if the bottom end, across the field and down the last bit of the gravel path to the flats. Up to 72 and a WRWW, again, just in time.

Put the bits away, cleared the pots up, cuppa and medications took then laptop on to update this.

Tried again to do some Facebooking. Started perfect, the had a glitch for a few minutes, then came back alright?

0001Got the food going, roasting vegetables, (parsnips, carrots, red onions and potatoes) to have along beside a frozen something or other I had in the freezer without a box.

It will be, I think, either pork ribs or lamb in sauce/gravy. I’ll find out when it’s done, and I dish it up. Tsk!

Turned out it was Chinese Pork Ribs. The carrots were not good, but everything else was okay, though. Made a right mess of myself eating it. Huh!

Called to see Olive, but she was out.

Looked at the TV magazine and found stuff to put on and fall asleep. Nodded off so many times for a few minutes, I got confused as to what day or time it was each time I woke?

Tonight was not to be a night for sleep methinks!

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