Inchcock Today. Wednesday 24th August 2016: Olive feeling better today – Wunderbar! Then Whoopsiedangleplop time, Huh!


The Nightmare of nightmares last night!

Wednesday 24th August 2016

0525hrs: Woke with the dream come nightmare I’d had rumbling around in my head, wrote some down quickly before it disappeared, to record here later. Although more than usual did remain with me.

The £300 second-hand recliner chair shuddered and let me out so I could get to the closet for a much-needed WRHD and WRWW session. A bit of bleeding from the rear, but none from Little Inchy.

Made a mug of tea and took the medications.

Pots cleaned and got the pod peas shelled and into the Crock-Pot. Then got the laptop going and finished the Tuesday diary and started this one. Facebook and emails were playing up again? Tsk! Virus?

Noticed the scribbled notes about the nightmare, and this is how it went.

The first part when the bailiffs arrived was clear in my mind, the rest a bit vague: I was going out of the door, and there were about six burly blokes waiting with a Writ and Warrant with them, demanding £2159.58 on them, for British Gas. All the men seemed like those I’d seen on the ‘Can’t Pay – We’ll take it away’ programme that is on the goggle-box. The leader, the bloke to my right in the graphic, spoke: “We have been instructed to take goods to the value in the writ, remove an electricity meter number (____whatever) and leave you a candle!”

He paused for a moment while the other chaps had a laugh, then continued, “If you do not pay this debt, British Gas have instructed us to knock the hell out of you and cut off your testicles, we don’t want to do this… well, Bert here would like to, you have 30 minutes to come up with the cash, then we will be forced to beat you around a bit and take the meter and goods to the value of your debt, then tear off your goolies slowly.

I asked, what about the candle? He ignored me and asked what is the highest value items in the flat. I told him, the medications were, and he took them? They searched for hours looking for the non-existent meter, and I made them some cheesy potatoes and lamb chops to eat.

The rest of the memories were vague and fussy, but the notes said: Throw off the balcony – sugar – chopped off ear – balloons – head butt and coffin?

BGPut the laptop on ‘sleep mode’ and did my ablutions. Took my time and enjoyed a jolly good shower with using the Mandarin gel and lemon scented soap.

Got on the scales… enough said!

Got changed into nice clean clothes and made another cuppa.

11dMade another cuppa and the view from the kitchen window, was gloriously pretty.

Deana is calling to see Olive this morning, and Olive will ask her to call and see me, then I can suggest us getting in touch with the local MP?

No dizzies yet today, I’m pleased with this.

Olive Aug 24Went to see Olive, hurrah! She was feeling a lot better today! Cheered me up no end. She told me Deana had told her this morning, that another tenant in the Winchester Court block is now having the same thing happen to them!?!?!?!?! Chinwag, cuddle and a kiss and I returned to flat 72.

Chinwag, cuddle and a kiss and I returned to flat 72.

Decided to update this, then get ready to go to Asda (Walmart) in Arnold, to look for some comfy socks.

WRWW and off to the bus stop to get the L9 into Arnold. Nice chinwag at the shelter.

Dropped off in Arnold and straight into Asda and to the automatic photography machine – who should I meet, but Nancy the surgery nurse using the very next machine. A laugh and chinwag, then I did the shopping. I got a turnip, carrots, parsnips, fresh pod peas, an Irish Batch loaf and some Lemon Drizzle desserts.

As I passed the photography booth, Nancy was still doing her prints. She was using the new Blue-tooth system that had been added.

I hobbled to the clothing department at the other end of the store and a pack of seven cheapo thin summer socks. Back to the other end of the shop to leave, and Nancy was still at the printing machine! A laugh and she told me she had downloaded over 200 photographs! No wonder it was taking so long.

JaneTo the bus stop and a long wait for the bus.

The timetable was all over the place due to the local roadworks.

The gals at  the bus stop with me were getting anxious and concerned.

Eventually, they caught one, and half an hour later the L9 arrived.

The driver was not a happy laddie at all.

Then I got a phone call, it was the Asda delivery 11bdriver telling me he was at the house to deliver the order I’d placed with them…

What a plonker first grade! I’d forgotten I’d ordered the fodder, and just bought some of what was on the order! He was not happy either, shouted “You’ll have to do the order again then!” and rang off.

Feeling guilty and stupid for the rest of the day now!

Back at the flat, a WRWW got the details of the fodder order and limped straight to Olive’s to beg for help and her to ring Asda to explain for me and see what could be done. When I arrived, her grandson Roger opened the door, so I could be embarrassed, with two people present, instead of one. Hehehe! I humbly explained things and when they had stopped laughing, Roger took charge and rang them for me. He soon sorted it, and although (Rightly so) I had to pay two delivery charges, they will send the stuff back to the flat twixt 0600 > 0800hrs in the morning.

I did feel a fool! (Again).

MC001Thanked them both, and returned to the flat to put the food and socks away, took the medications with orange juice, laptop on to update this.

Not sure how I’ll find room for all the groceries coming tomorrow, though.

Thank heavens for help being at hand to sort it.

Note the socks are colour-coded so I shouldn’t get them mixed up or lost now… maybe I shouldn’t have said that?

But, then again why not, let’s be positive Gerry, I said.

Heard nothing from Deana or British Gas… Yet!

01Got the peas on the go in the Crock-Pot, tomatoes, chicken thighs, veg mix (Cabbage carrots & peppers), beetroot, and mash potatoes with cheese. Now Olive and Roger have sorted me out, I feel a bit peckish!

A slightly big nosh, but I did enjoy it so despite the worries humming around in me bald head. Hehe!

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