Inchcock Today Mon 22nd Aug 16: Busy day, Olive struggling, Deana struggling with British Gas, Norman in good form, I’m depressed! Lovely emails of support!


Monday 22nd August 2016

0300hrs: Woke up, worried about seeing Deana about the British Gas problems this morning, then I fell asleep again.

0620hrs: Stirred once more, this time, the missing overnight demands for a WRWW and WRHD were demanding. The rickety £300 second-hand recliner shuddered to let me out of it and to the Wetroom, for a painfully difficult WRHD, but, no bleeding.

Although in patches, I reckon I’d had at least 10 hours kip last night, double the usual.

To the kitchen, made a cuppa and took the medications. Laptop on and finished off the Sunday Diary.

Some graphicationalisationing then started this one off.

Got the paperwork for British Gas together in the folder, ready to take to see Warden, Deana Walker at 0830hrs, must remember to ask her to make up the permission thing for them, so she can officially become my sole representative for British Gas. That is, of course, if she is in today, I’d hate it if she is not and I have more time to fret over the problem.

Did my ablutionisationing session and got things and me ready to go to see Deana.

Got to the Winwood Shed, Dean was in dealing with another residents problems. I poddled around and returned.

01gDeana called British Gas and asked if she could be put through to the complaints department, this time, she was told they didn’t have a complaints department?

She explained the situation yet again and I had to confirm my authorising her to speak for me.

She was put on hold for fifteen minutes: She was put-on-hold again and eventually ran out of time and had to ring off after 20 minutes! She will try again later and let me know what occurs.

0915hrs: Returned to the foyer, chinwagging with some other residents also waiting to go out and catch a bus.

Another nice causerie at the bus stop. Then caught the L9 into town – having a Stirling Moss imitator come fan in control at the helm, we were soon there too!

01hArrived in town, a little overcast weather and a fair wind blowing. Walked over and through the tunnel into the Victoria Shopping Centre (Mall).

Then I went to the nut stall on the market to see if they had found a bag of nuts I might have left there yesterday. Jade, who served me yesterday said none were found, so I bought another 200gm if the honeyed almonds.

09 10Hobbled along and down to the first floor on my way to Tesco. 

I spotted these bits of glitz in a jewellery shop window and took a photo of them for the TFZ gals. They like the blue ones, but i ain’t sure what the ornaments are made of, Onyx I think? 

Waddled into the City Centre to see if the Nottingham Beach was any more 01ipopular this lunchtime.

The first photo I took, should have shown to kids having fun in the paddling pool, but this Herbert walked in front of them as I took it. Haha!

The second one I got was very fortunate that it didn’t come out blurred.oneChinwag on bus

T’was on the beach and this young girl ran into the scene and jumped into a sand hole she had been excavating, just as I took it!

Very pleased with how this one came out.

I wandered along and up King Street to 01jthe bus-stop.

Took this rather moody picture of the Council House showing Little John and the clock.

Still overcast, but not cold and the wind seemed to drop off.

Cunningly slipped some seeds to a rather bedrabbled few pigeons en route.

The bus came and left early, so I was glad I arrived early too.Chinwag on bus

At the first bus stop, several other tenants of the apartments got on, and a good Chinwag ensued on the bus. These causeries, do much to foster a sense of community for me.

Back home, and I went straight to see Olive at her flat. Tomorrow her blood is being done, and it usually takes a good few days for her to feel the benefit. She was obviously suffering but managed to talk about things. Told me off for getting her a cream horn cake. I explained that she was doing me  a favour as they only come in packs of two, so splitting them helped me eat only one. Hehe! A kiss and cuddle, and off back to the flat.

WRWW satisfied and eased my innards.

I got  some potatoes, and seasoned some baked beans, going to have these with the beef slice I forgot to have last night. Podded the fresh  peas got them in the slow cooker for later, put a bay leaf, bit of salt and demerara sugar in with the peas.

Put the nuts way and found the ones I thought I’d left at the stall – Twit!

Laptop on and spent a few hours WordPressing, I was going to do some Facebooking, but the laptop didn’t let me? Freezing again – Tsk!




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