Inchcock Today Tue 30 Aug 2016: No celerity today!

Tuesday 30th August 2016


Woke and rose at 0425hrs: Realised I was not wearing the alarm wristlet and panicked, trying to think of where I’d left it was no use, I was in such a pickle and state last night… weary drained and in pain.

As I fought my way out of the £300 second-hand recliner chair, the pains from yesterday were still lingering around my bloated body-mass. The boil was still tender, the Anne Gyna letting me know she was there, the knees were hassled by Arthur Itis. However, the hernia was far less of a bother. Still feeling weary, overdid it yesterday I reckon.

The only thing on my mind was, where is the Alarm Wristlet. I tried to recall logically; I was on the laptop when BJ phoned to ask me to go to Papplewick… so I searched the desktop, no red and white alarm wristlet found.

Into the wetroom and searched all over, nothing found.

To the laundry bag, felt in the sleeves of the two tops to see if I’d taken them off forgetting about the wristlet. Nothing found.

All coats on the hallway pegs, inside the shoes, on the floor, Nothing found.

Kitchen, checked the bins drawers, cupboards food storage areas, Nothing found!

Front room; Took the covers off both chairs, got the torch and looked under both of them, cabinet, all drawers checked, rubbish bin checked. Nothing found.

In a state now. I shall have to throw myself on Deana’s mercy and pay for a new one then.

Took the medications, and had a stand-up wash and shave, it was still too early to make a noise using the shower.

A quick check around in case the alarm might be somewhere visible, nothing found.

0730hrs: Got the laptop on ready to do yesterday’s diary and… there, right next to the left-hand side of the laptop was the Wristlet Alarm! It was turned inside out, and the red and white parts were hidden under the black elastic. I probably turned it inside out in a rush to get it off when BJ rang me yesterday.

Now, this might sound like an excuse for my failure to see it, especially as this was the first area I looked in? It is.

But the joy of finding it after only three and a half hours of searching for it was incredible!

Much Facebooking and graphicationalisationing followed.Rang Deana

1115hrs: Rang Deana to see what time she would be calling, then I could work out finding time to get to the shop for some fresh vegetables hopefully before the buses stopped at 15oohrs. Deana was busy covering for holidays at another complex on Sneinton or St Ann’s I think she said. Told me to call and see her in the morning at the Winwood Community Shed early.

I’ve got a Morrisons delivery coming twixt 0900>1000hrs, the wonderful cleaners arriving twixt 1000>1100hrs, and I need to get to town for a new doorbell battery somehow. I’ll try to get to see Deana EASP, although I don’t think the talk will take too long. I’ve got to pay this second-meter bill now I reckon. But would like it, if when the bill is settled, she can help me sort out a new supplier for the electricity. I’d like to know why they kept lying to Deana telling her often, that the mystery meter account had been closed then make it into my main one?

Deana is up to the neck in work normally, but even more so now, poor gal.

Did some light ablutionisationing and got ready to go to the shops, thought I’d call to see how Olive was on the way out. She told me not to pay the British Gas bill and to cancel the arrangements they have already made without me being aware of until it was all done. And tell Deana I was not going to pay. She (Olive) was in goodish form today, bless her. She told me where the Aldi store was on Woodborough Road that I could use by catching the L8 free bus.

A peck on the cheek and quick pleasurable cuddle and I off I poddled.

Caught the L8 and got off up the hill a stop too early, Humph! (I can’t take myself anywhere Hehe!) Plodded up and right down Woodborough Road to the Aldi shop.

Got some leeks, sunflower oil, porridge pots, cheese topped cobs, vine tomatoes, red pepper, 3 bananas, cheese twists and the thing I went for, some fresh pod garden peas. The lady at the checkout was so different to many of the till operators and did not rush me through too fast, bless her.


Split the stuff into two bags, and walked slowly back to the flats, well, it was downhill nearly all the way. Made a slight detour into the woods to look for wildlife to photograph. I didn’t see any, just as well, I’d forgotten to take the camera with me.

Good job olive told me about this shop, it’ll come in handy knowing I can use the L8 bus up the hill, and get some gentle exercise walking back down after buying my fodder, in good weather anyway.

Got back in the flat, WRWW and WWHD tended to, put the nosh away and back for another WRWW?

Got the kettle on and weariness overcame me. I put on ‘Diehard with a Vengeance’ DVD, and nodded off for so many minutes here and there, I gave up with it. Tried watching the TV and the same thing happened.

Got reading the war book and that seemed to do the trick… nodded off after two chapters and hearing a noise from somewhere, I know not where… next thing it was 0500hrs when I woke, having missed the evening medications again! Humph, clot and 11b !

4 thoughts on “Inchcock Today Tue 30 Aug 2016: No celerity today!

  1. I am always searching for the remote to my television. (And cussing it the whole time!) When I do find it, it’s the same problem you had with the wrist alarm: The backside is black, the top (which is how I “relate” to it….) is silver. I’m always looking for the silver remote, when its black back is usually the side that’s up when it slips off my lap when I fall asleep on the kitty highway (my recliner). Grrr!

    • I related to all you told me about the alarm and alert Sir. Could have been me speaking! I like the Kitty Highway name for your recliner. One of the few thing here that I do not like, is not being allowed pets. Although they tell me i can have a hamster a mouse or cage bird, none of which appeal to me, though. The cleaner girls yesterday showed me photographs from their phones of their kitties. Take care, and give em a bit of fuss from me please. TTFN

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