Inchcock Today Wednesday 31st August 2016:


Stirred at 0500hrs: The dreams involved me on the floor of a garage workshop, having my body cut up by several people wearing frogman suits? I kept complaining about their ripping off bits and limbs instead of using knives, they said: “You should try this job with gloves on!” I, kept apologising?

Thoughts of what the day may present came to mind. Got to see Deana about the British Gas farce, around 0800hrs. Got to go to town to get a spare battery for the doorbell. The Morrisons delivery is due 9>10 o’clock and the cleaning gals are due this morning sometime. 

0530hrs: As I disentangled myself from the £300 second-hand recliner chair, I assessed the ailment present this morning: Arthur Itis only seemed interested in the knees, leaving the hands feet and arms relatively free from attack. Anne Gyna was also giving me a nice break. Haem Aroids was a bit aggressive, and the Bum Boil also tender in the extreme. Even the Hernia was easier than yesterday. So no reason to complain yet today.

Took a while finishing off the Tuesday diary, by which time it was only a short while to the meet with Warden Deana. So I had an ablutions session which was satisfactory. Only one cut shaving, Haem Aroids not bleeding, Little Inchy, neither! Used the Carbolic soap today.

As I got ready after the wetroom duties, the sleeveless jacket was found to be still smelling badly of smoke from the Papplewick visit the other day. So, I used the new jacket and put the old one in the washing bag, not sure if I can wash it in the laundry room machine safely or not I’ll ask Olive or one of the hygiene ladies later.

01iOff to the Winwood, Community Hut to see Deana and or Obergruppenfurheress Julie.

Passing the bus-stop, I noticed tell-tale signs of a yobbo visitation sometime last night.

Although, on closer inspection, I saw what looked like a Champagne bottle smashed on the roadway next to the bus stop. As opposed to the usual lager cans.

Perhaps the place is now attracting the Hoorah Henry breed of yobbos now?


01fCarried on and found Deana and Obergruppenfurheress Julie both in the Community Shed.

She decided I had to pay the British Gas Account, being as they had already sorted my direct debit out with my bank and added the two accounts together in the number of the mystery one we never found!

I asked her to email them again with my displeasure and state of health over the issue and their handling of it, the lies told to Deana and me, there not telling me in the first place when I initially set up the account that I had two-meter readings. And, it was no good me searching for a cheaper and more reliable supplier like they suggested, as by setting up the new account I am already in £359 debt, and no company is going to accept me in these circumstances, so, again they have looked after only themselves.

A bit dejected, but coming to accept things, I returned to the flat.

The Morrison man arrived, nice chap, took the bags through to the kitchen for me. I put the things away and now have an overflowing fridge and freezer once more.

The twp M&C cleaner ladies arrived and set to sorting things. Had a nice chinwag and laugh in between. Gave them some nibbles and paid the cleaning bill.

I got ready to go into town and get the battery as a spare for the door-bell, a 23a 12v one.

Caught the bus to town after a friendly gossip with some tenants at the stop. In town, I went straight to the Wilko store and after many minutes searching, I had to ask an assistant where the batteries were kept. No idea what the girl said, but luckily she pointed in a direction, and I went in it, and found them. They had just one of these left on the shelves, so I nabbed it, at £4 for the tiny thing.

01hDoing well with my angina and arthritis this morning, I plodded into town, where I took some photographs and had some odd thoughts as I did?

To the Slab Square and the beach and fair.

The rides were being used more today, and the beach was too.

01fI noticed they had put up new posters, with the Nottingham Beach Rules plastered in many locations around the area.

No Alcohol – No Smoking – No glass or sharp objects and No dogs.

Children using the beach, paddling pool and bar must be accompanied by an adult. (Not sure if the kids are allowed a beer at the bar? Hehe?)

Do not leave rubbish on the sand. (Not sure if they are saying they can leave rubbish somewhere else?)

Any food consumed on the beach must be purchased from the beach units on site.

Most importantly: Have Fun!

At the top end near Market Street, I took photographs of the general area.


Looking at these later, I noticed the disabled scooters and pavement cyclists, the mobile phone walkers, the drinking coffee as they walk folk, why I even saw two cyclists using the road and few pedestrians too. Hehe!

10bI had a walk around for a while to kill some time until the bus was due to leave. I came across this sign outside one of the Loan Shops, Speedy Cash. I even got my reflection in the photograph.

A lot of places were selling cash from various nationalities. The post office, Rapid Loans, The Money Shop, Instant Cash, Payday Loans, Everyday Loans, Cash2go and H&T Pawnbrokers to mention a few.

11cAs I plodded towards the Queen Street bus stop to get the L9 back to the Flats, Upper Parliament Street was clogged with buses, thought I’d take a photograph of them for you to see. This must be a regular thing because I didn’t see any of the drivers getting uptight or cursing.

They just looked resigned to it?

11aGot on the bus, the only passenger until we got to the next stop and the bus soon filled up, I noticed Bill (William in Sundays) in the queue and took this piccy as he got on the bus last of the newcomers.

He sat next to me, and we had a good chinwag en route to the flats.

A splendid chap is Bill. He’s 86 now, and it seems hard to believe at times. He can be very sharp minded and comes out with witty putdowns at will.

As we got there, Bill even reminded me of the Tenants Social Meeting tomorrow!

Got in 72 and a WRWW was enjoyed, despite the agony of passing it. Hehehe!

Got the nosh on the go, the vegetables were all ready, I’d left the Crock-Pot going while I was out, and just like the cleaning gal said it would be, it was all right! Got the beef and potato meal in the oven.

BGI transferred the photographs from the camera onto the laptop while the meat was cooked. Turned it off and dished up the fodder.

Exquisite it was too. The garden peas leeks, mushrooms and parsnips that I had done in the Crock-Pot seasoned with Bisto beef granules and basil, actually went well together.

And I have enough of the veg mix left to reheat and use tomorrow.

Had a read of the oldies book, and came across this I thought was both humorous and apt, in the ‘It’s good to be old section’: ‘You can buy clothes now, and know they will never wear out!’ Haha!

Put the goggle-box on and watched the thing for four hours without falling asleep, going for a WRWW or WRHD! I did pass an inordinately large amount of wind, though! Possibly, due to the Crock-Pot vegetables?

2300hrs: TV off and head down and amazingly nodded off without any problem!

Then up and out of the £300 second-hand recliner repeatedly from 0130 to 0300hrs for WRWW’s.


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