Inchcock Today Thursday 1st September August 2016: Tenants Social Hour today


Thursday 1st September August 2016

Horrible night of the WRWWs. 0310hrs: Gave up on sleeping and got out of the £300 second-hand recliner for yet another WRWW, and decided to get the washing done while it was early enough to ensure a machine should be free to use in the laundry room.

Took the medications while I thought of it, with some orange juice. Then got some clothes on.

0335hrs: Got the clothes ready and went down to get them in a machine.

0335hrs: Laundry room, washing into the washing machine, on the short cycle.

0345hrs: Back up on the lift to the flat.

0415hrs: Back down in the lift and swapped the things into the dryer, in cotton-dry mode.

0420hrs: Back up on the lift to the flat. Laptop on worked on the diaries.

0520hrs: Back down in the lift and collected the cleaned and dried stuff and back up to number 72.

0529hrs: Back down in the lift and fetched the soap and freshener I’d left on the draining board in the laundry room. 

0536hrs: Back up on the lift to the apartment.

Shattered now. Hehehe!

Clothes away, WRWW, kettle on, laptop back on, graphicalising and diary work commenced once more.

Got the nibbles and pressies in the bag ready for the Winwood Social Hour.

Tried doing some Facebooking see if it would let me this time… No problems today, spent too much time catching up, though, had to rush to do me ablutions and get ready for the Social Hour, Tsk!

Called in to see Olive on the way, she was in good form. Kiss and a Cuddle and off I trotted to the Tenant Meeting.

Not many there to start with, and not many turned up. But a good session was had. Frank who’s won a medal, posed for a couple of shots.


11aBJ arrived, and Bill was there with us. No Eddie today nor Toni, at the start. We knew Eddie had an appointment and would not be here, and Toni bless her got here a few minutes before the end of the session, but the organisers gladly made her a cuppa, I gave her some nibbles and we had a chat.

She was not looking too well today but didn’t complain at all, bless her.

09Thin on the ground today, but those who could manage to get to the meeting seemed to enjoy it.

BJ was in fine form too, gave me right going over verbally! Hehe!

BJ and I stayed a bit longer to try and cheer Toni up a bit.

I had to depart to catch the L9 bus into Arnold; I wanted to get the photographs printed.

Called in Asda (Walmart) and got them in the machine, paid for them then got the shopping done. I got some more pod peas, cheese twists, Germolene antiseptic cream (for the boil), Instant mash and some Irish Batch bread. Collected the photos and nipped over to the Fulton’s Food store and got some of their excellent pickled beetroots, and a pack of two Lamb shanks in a mint sauce at £3.99, brilliant value.

BGTo the bus stop and the vandalised bench.

Noticing a person sat on the next bench further along.

Wondered rather ungraciously, if she had been the cause of the damage to the other bench.

Felt so guilty at having the thoughts about the generously sized lady.

Being the only person waiting at the bus shelter, I was soon joined by three girls, two fellows, then a man and a woman, then two more chaps arrived. When the bus came, it was like a scrum to get on first. Tsk! 

The large tattooed lady won, with a cunningly adept and chunky elbow poked into my ribs. But I managed to get on second. Because I think, the others felt sorry for me.

Back at the flat again I called to see Olive, but she was out.

I had a WRWW and got one of the lamb shanks boiling in the bag in the saucepan.

Put the food away and sorted the photographicalisations, and took Franks down to his flat where he dwells with Jenny. No thanks for them either, Humph!

Back to 72 and checked the pan and started the Crock-Pot vegetables warming up.

On the laptop to download the photos and update this tosh.

10bThe meal and medications were taken, with some Tomato Juice, a banana and a naughty Strawberry Sundae.

The minted lamb shank was alright, the vegetables marvellous tasting. The Tangy Tomato Juice was very sweet.

Hope I can remember how and what I seasoned them with for next time I make them, tomorrow I think.

Watched Death Wish. No, I didn’t! I watched DieHard4 on DVD. Managed about an hour before I nodded off, waking up as the time for the New Tricks on TV was due to start, so turned over to watch that at 2100hrs. Got to the first commercial break and drifted off. Woke again, needing a WRWW at 2250hrs and got out of the £300 second-hand recliner without any hiatus and tended to the call of nature – stubbing my toe en route. Huh!

Sat down again and was soon in the land of nod proper-like.


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