Inchcock Today Tuesday 6th September 2016: Nowt much exciting today, and only one minor Whoopsiedangleplop!


Tuesday 6th September 2016

Up at 0530hrs – Out of the £300 second-hand recliner chair and off for a WRWW and WRHD. All was well!

Took the medications with some orange juice and back in the wetroom for a stand-up wash. It was too early to use the shower because of the noise it makes.

MC01Got changed and onto the scales.

Notice how well I lied in the writing on this photograph? Hehe!

On the laptop and did some of the diary work, graphicalisations towards the new upcoming eventually TFZ gals series, then the Facebooking for a while.

MC01Tried out the new Protection Stamp thingamajig.

It seemed to work okay.

Mind you, at that price, it should do. (£11).

No idea how long it will last for? Then again, I’m not criticising, cause I don’t know how long I’ll last! Hehehe!

Got the things ready for the INR blood test at the surgery (Nibbles, paperwork and bag for any shopping I might do [Might?] Huh!).

I called at the Community Shed on the way out. Saw Obergruppenfurheress Julie and asked her to update Linda with why I missed her Monday and apologise profusely for me. She was on the phone all the time, so I had to write a note asking her too.

Off to the surgery for the INR Warfarin Blood Level Test. At the end of Chestnut Walk, as I turned down into Winchester Hill, I took these two photographicalisations of the bushes.

BGaThe reason I’ve put them on here, was to ascertain what the plant was on the right, and what insect it was a caught?

Got to the doctors in record time again I think, or very near anyway. 39 minutes I reckon. Of course, once I sat down in the waiting room and then tried to move again, Arthur Itis attacked the knees and ankles and I struggled for the rest of the day. Hey-ho!

The nurse was in good spirits and a chinwag as she did me was appreciated. Gave her the nibbles and left to go to the Lidl shop and have a nosey around.

Got a bit carried away again. (Fancy that) Got a baking potato, bananas, grated mature cheddar, tomato juice and choc bars for the nurse’s nibble box. My plan was, to have some cheesy mash, veg (Pod peas, leeks and red peppers, done in the Crock Pot) Nordic style bacon and beetroots, might even have some Marmite Rice Cakes with it later. Got the veg on, but that will still be a few hours before it’s ready.

Caught the bus back into Sherwood and just missed the L9 to take me up the hill. No problem this morning. though, apart from the pain from the knees, all was well. Hehe! I crossed the road and checked the timetable and decided to walk up and over the hill and go through Woodthorpe Grange park and down near the copse on the gravel hill down to the flats.

BR02Nearing the gates into the park, another Nottingham Pavement Cyclist nearly had me as he came up towards me and entered the park up the pedestrian path.

But it didn’t bother me at all.WPlie

I stopped to watch some dogs walking their owners and getting them to throw a ball for them to refuse to fetch! Hehehe!


Another cyclist came past me and weaved between the pedestrians.



I stopped for a while underneath a clump of trees.

The beauty and colouring of this with the sky above in contrast and I was a contented and appreciative if nature old chap for a few moments.

To the top of the park and down the gravel path, even Arthur Itis could not get in a gloomy mood. Then I saw the flats and it reminded me of m making a cock-up and missing Linda yesterday, and the spirits did fall a bit, though.

Called in to see Olive, but she was not in. The spirits fell further.

Back to number 72, and after a WRWW, I prepared the pod peas, leeks and red peppers getting them into the Crock-Pot, potatoes and cheese ready for making and baking later. Another couple of peas shot off never to be seen again!

Made a brew, laptop on to update this and after a couple of hours lap topping (Listening to the Shadows music on YouTube), I took the midday medications, a bit late I know, checked the food and went to visit Olive again.

Back in a while. (I hope!)

Olive had her daughter who’s brought her back from shopping. A great chinwag and laugh we all had, Olive liked her cheese twist and didn’t tell me off about taking it for her. She then pain-gelled me nether-regions that I can’t get to, lovely it was! A cuddle and kiss and I came back to the apartment.

A WRWW, then I checked on the Crock-Pot peas leeks and peppers, need a bit longer, but that’s fine. Got the instant mash in the mixing bowl and added a mass of cheese, bit of salt and vinegar and a pinch of demerara sugar, got the boiled water and added it a bit at a time until I’d mashed away and got the required texture. Then, got in an oven tray and spread it all out thinly.

Into the hot oven (Important it is hot), and baked it, while I kept checking to see if it is browned enough.

Checked the TV papers and found a lot of viewing of interest, wrote them down. Cleaned the kitchen a bit and within twenty minutes the potatoes looked to be done to a T.

mc01I have to admit to catching my knuckles on the side of the oven when extracting the potatoes. Applied the Germolene, Tsk! Got the meal served up and it looked far better than it was, although not a failure by any means. The cheesy potatoes were crisped and tasty, the bacon gorgeous. I let myself down a bit by not keeping the vegetables hot enough, though. The Marmite rice cake and cheesy twist were good, a lemon yoghourt and banana to follow, but I couldn’t manage the banana after feasting on all the other goodies. Hehe!

Got the washing up done, a WRWW and settled to watch some TV – when will I learn not to bother? Repeatedly fell asleep for a few minutes and got no enjoyment of the programmes. I gave up late one and drifted off into a dream filled kip!