Inchcock Today Friday 2nd September 2016: Odd dream to start the day


Friday 2nd September 2016

0355hrs: Awoke, trying my best to recall a dream I think I was in the middle of. Or perhaps I dreamt dreaming. (I don’t think that makes sense, but the words flowed out so easily I’ll leave them in if you don’t mind?). In a train with people from my past and present, they were all people I’ve never actually met in life, but I knew of and had communicated with, this was printed on the train ticket, the size of a shopping trolley and made of cake and icing? Note at the bottom of each ‘ticket?’: “£5 penalty will be imposed in the event of any passengers eating this ticket” Signed “British Railways”. Each of the folks, all at the same time, started to eat their own tickets… Uniformed men got on the train carrying stomach pumps… They all pointed to me and told them I was the culprit and was an escaped miscreant on the run?… much more took place that I cannot recall, I do remember when they kicked me off at a station they gave me a ticket ordering me to get a haircut, and I must present my Bus-Pass to the Doctors Surgery of my choice within seven days?

Can anyone else remember dreams occasionally in this way with so much minute details of bits of it and big blanks in between? I think I drove off from the station operating a giant motorised pram?

0405hrs: The £300 second-hand recliner chair refused to work at all this morning – I managed with difficulty and trying not to break anything on the seat or me, to get out and scurry shufflingly for a sudden WRHD (Wet Room Heavy Duty) session. Things went well for once. No bleeding from Little Inchy at all, only the tiniest bit from Haem Aroids and didn’t stub my toe on anything at all! Looking good I foolishly thought!

0001As I was getting the medications out to take, I recalled a bit more of the dreams, no idea how or why.

I was asleep on the luggage rack above the seats in the train, corridor style, couldn’t get down.

That’s all, apart from details of the type of carriage it was.

1930s period, I think? Something like this picture.


Leeks, carrots, parsnip, tomato, red capsicum and podded fresh garden peas prepared for going into the Crock-Pot this morning.

Seasoned the concoction with vegetable stock, mint, basil and a touch of salt and black pepper.

 Got on with doing this diary to here, then made a new header with all the medications on it for a bit of fun.

cropped-nccwalk04.jpgSet it on rotating header mode, so it comes up at random with the other headers I’ve done before. The nurse on it is the actual nurse from the surgery. An excellent sport and beautiful gal too!

This took me a few hours to get done. Then I went on Facebook with crossed fingers to see if it would let me. It was okay for a while; then I had to come out and restart to get it going again.

Took the midday medications.

Checked the emails. Had a good shower, shave and freshen up.

Off to see Olive. She was radiant and had a twinkle in her eyes today. Had to force me to leave after a chatting and cuddling session.

Caught the L8 circular bus to Mapperley. Nice gossip en route with other passengers. 

Meandered down the hill to the Aldi store. Got some more fresh garden peas, cheese curls and a TV paper. I like this branch of Aldi, that’s twice I’ve been here, and the lady on the checkout was pleasant and didn’t rush me through BGtoo quickly – a big difference compared to Lidl, where I think the staff are trained to scowl, sneer and overcharge me.

As I left the store and walked onto Woodborough Road, two Nottingham Pedestrian Cyclists came belting towards me – I fumbled to get the camera out, but by the time i did, they were long gone at the speed they were travelling. Still, I got this van parked on double-yellow lines at the junction.

BR02MC01Walking back down Woodthorpe Road, left into Sherwood Vale, right into Mapperley Rise and on through Chestnut Walk to the flats, I noticed this bush or whatever it is, next to some blackberries in scrubland coming through the fencing. Wondered what they were, if I remember, I’ll show this photograph to Olive when I get to see her next, I think she might know what they are called.

Back at number 72, performed a much needed WRWW (Wet Room Wee Wee). Got the bits put away, and checked the Crock-Pot veg, the put the lamb hotpot in the oven. Feeling hungry early today.

Popped on the scales, popped off of them depressed and not wanting to talk about it. Sob!

Got a phone call as I stood next to the phone. I think it might have been from British Gas, I couldn’t understand much of what the bloke was saying, but the  accent sounded like the last caller that I found out was from British Gas.

I was annoyed with myself again. When I was hobbling down the hill from the shop, I’m sure I had a good idea for a funny post for WordPress, but could I remember owt about them now? No! Humph!

I put the Warden, Deana Walker’s arranged meeting for me to have with Lynda Morton, the ‘Fuel Poverty Advisor’ from Winchester Court onto my notepad – the meeting is for 1400hrs today at the Winwood Hut during a Coffee Session? Must remember to take the British Gas paperwork folder with me, in fact, I’ll put it in me bag now… Done it!

Planned some TV viewing for the night – and watched every programme chosen without any nodding-offs at all! In fact, I turned the TV off to try to get to sleep and ended up putting it back on because I couldn’t get off to kip. Huh! No idea when I did eventually join the land of bliss…

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