Inchcock Today Monday 29th August 2016 – Bank Holiday


Monday 29th August 2016

10b0230hrs: Stirred and battled to free my bulbous body from the £300 second-hand recliner chair and off for a WRWW. I felt I’d been dreaming, but could recall nothing of them, Tsk! Took the medications, thinking it was around 0500>0600hrs, then realised is was only 0240hrs. Got the laundry things together and set off down to the laundry room. Popped outside, and I took a photograph, of the end garages.

Back to the flat, and got the cleaning stuff to take down with me later.

11a0320hrs: Back down and moved the clothes from washer to the dryer, had to clean the filter first, some naughty person who last used the machine had not done so. But I don’t mind, it could well have been a tenant who could not bend down to get to the filter housing box. Back up to the apartment. Started the laptop and finished off the Sunday diary.

11c0420hrs: Down again to the washing room to collect the laundry… I’d left the bag upstairs, so, back up again and got it, returned and got the washing out and sorted. Cleaned the filter and wiped surfaces and sink area down.

0445hrs: Back in the flat, but the clobber away, some in the airing cupboard, some hung up. Kettle on for my first brew of the day.

Had a WRHD which went comfortably well, but I could hear an odd noise in the wetroom while on the throne. Not the gurgling sound that sometimes comes from the shower drain, not this time. Best describe it as a mechanical chuntering? Reminded me a bit of a distant steam train engine? I solved this by taking out the hearing aids.

0545hrs: Got the laptop on again and finished the Sunday post off, and started this one, did some graphicalisationing on CorelDraw. Then onto Facebooking.

0940hrs: Facebook getting jumpy and slow again, Tsk! Made a mug of tea and pressed on.

WRWW and the mystery noise was still there in the Wetroom?

BJ rang and asked if I am I interested in going to Papplewick Pumping Station? Jumped at the opportunity I did, despite my not feeling very good or well! (Bad decision!) He’ll collect me outside in the front around 1230 to 1245hrs. So I got a shower and shave quickly, and got myself down and in the foyer by 1215hrs.

Got chinwagging with some residents there, and solved a few world issues. Hehe!

At 1225hrs I went out and walked up to the corner at the end of Chestnut Walk and waited for BJ to arrive. My hernia was playing up badly. Henceforth this ruined the day for me.

At 1250hrs BJ rang to say he’s on his way.

At 1305hrs, BJ arrived with David in the car and I struggled to get in and join them. Off to Papplewick Pumping Station we went. Very busy and crowded it was too. BJ had to park hundreds of yards at the back-end of the field where the car park was. He dropped me off at the front and I wandered into the trees to be fascinated by them.

The three of us, BJ, David and me entered the site of Papplewick Pumping Station and going down the steps at the entrance I pulled at my hernia and that ensured pain for the rest of the day and night. Tsk! Destroyed a lot of the pleasure of actually going out somewhere, thanks to BJ’s kindness. When the ulcer started to join in, I was terribly unhappy.

09Within minutes of having a walk, I got the dizzies! They left my sat under some trees and wandered off.

Glad I remembered the camera, though. If it wasn’t for the ailments attack I’d have loved it here.

Standing and Arthur Itis in the knees was not happy, sitting was just as painful as I tried to get into a position to avoid the haemorrhoids, the new boil on the bum and the hernia! I did feel horrible Hehe!

01hAfter a while, I decided that slow hobbling was the best defence, and had a walk around the wonderful lake. Mallard ducks and many miniature boat enthusiasts were out today.The weather was perfect too. I wish I could have appreciated this better.

The weather was perfect too. I wish I could have appreciated this better.

I kept limping along though and came 01iacross this old Morris (I think) Motorcar on the driveway.

I spotted BJ and David at the end of the site near the boiler room and made my way towards them, but, they had gone by the time I arrived. My arthritis, piles, earlier dizzy and the bum boil made sure of this as they steadied my hobbling to a minimum rate of knots.

Yet still, I found some enjoyment as I wandered slowly about trying to find them. Which I did an hour or so later, outside the cafeteria nibbling away. I joined them, luckily the garden benches had a slatted wooden top with one missing, and that suited the boil and piles to a tee! I got the crossword book out and they were gone again.

10bI limped to the mini-train station and found BJ sat gossiping to his mate there, and I joined them. David had a run on the  train then BJ joined him and I waited in the bushes to take a photograph of them as they returned. I got some waves as they noticed me.

David wanted to go on the bus trip to the waterworks and I went to the bus with him and saw him off and waited until he returned, as we dare not leave him on his own. Watched some jugglers while I waited for David. Took him back to BJ when he returned all excited, he loves buses and travelling on them bless his cotton socks.

The petrol driven engine was in use today. All the staff are volunteers, with a lady, seen in the first picture behind BJ both having a crafty fag, this lady was obviously in charge, she loved BJ.

I had a hobble to one of the steam sheds with mining memorabilia on the walls. Seen them all before, but they are still of interest and stirred the long memory.

11aMy hernia was getting worse than ever, and I made my way to find BJ and David, to tell them I was going back to the bench under the trees.

I soon found BJ still with the woman in charge and smoking at the mini train loading station.

I thought I’d take a clandestine photograph, but as you can see in it, BJ was not pleased! Oh dear!

Met up and BJ said time to go, so we went to the gatehouse and BJ kindly reminded me about giving them my new address.

Eventually (It takes BJ so long to say cheerio to his many friends, kissing and hugging the females [They all love him so – but I’m not jealous hehe] and shaking hands with the blokes. I must remember not to introduce him to Olive! It was 45 minutes before we got out of the place.

BJ kindly left me at the front of the car park while the fetched the car. We were soon on our way, the boil being the worst offending of my ailments on the journey.

Being late leaving, BJ had to collect his other half and was in a bit of a state about being late. So I asked him to drop me off at the end of the road, which he did.

The pains seemed to all get worse as I limped the few hundred yards to the flats, this would have been cause I was getting weary after a long day I expect.

I called in to see Olive first, and we had a chinwag and she told me off for even thinking about paying the British Gas bill. But, they have already taken the money and changed my direct debit, so what could I do? She said to go to the bank and cancel it! Still, in pain and now even more confused, I had a cuddle and kiss and back to number 72.

The first job, for a WRWW, then got the medications and took extra painkillers, then pain gelled the knees and ointment on the rear end and boil. I’m thinking it must be a boil, the pain is just like one, but I could not feel anything sticking out when I applied the cream?

All in all, I was shattered, done in!

11cManaged to get some nosh done, all in the oven, easier that way.

It looked and smelled good, but I cnearly fell asleep eating it.

Got the washing up done, and settled to watch some TV.

Nodded off.

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