Inchcock Today Sat 27 Aug 16: British Gas hassle again, but Olive was in super form!


Saturday 27th August 2016

Such a bad night, got off around 0300hrs I sprang awake again, I say again because I kept doing this all through the evening and it was very annoying.

The last springing awake was at 0445hrs, and I was out of the £300 second-hand recliner in minutes. The TV was still on, the mug of orange juice spilt all over the carpet and Ottoman, seeing the British Gas envelopes on the writing table brought me into a new deeper depression for a few minute, and a dark thoughts-inspiring black sense of doom loomed.

By the time I’d WRWW’s, took the medications and made a strong brew, amazingly I felt more like my old self and cheered a bit? I felt like a different person had woken up in my place? A possibility of my going bonkers here you know. Hehe!

10bI bravely popped onto the scales – and was cheered up instantly!

And this weighing session had taken place before any WRHD had taken place too!

One and a half pound down on yesterday!

Yeeha! Took the other readings then: Sys: 180 Dia: 85 Pulse: 79 Temp: 36.2. For some reason, the pulse figure had a flashing icon displayed on the side of it?

It was very nippy this morning, the thermometer on the kitchen wall was showing 56°f when I noticed it yesterday is was on 64°? Come think of it, though, I did turn down the heating level after I got the email telling me I was in debt to the tune of £375.30 now with British Gas yesterday.

The lump on the head from yesterday’s Whoopsiedangleplop had gone completely. Still no signs of a WRHD being needed, however, there were some rumblings and stabbing pains from the innards. I put this down to my rather disastrous meal last night.

Got a Pingback on me link to the British Gas link for yesterday, but can’t find out how to get to it? Can anyone help me, please? I’ve clicked on the red circle in the Posts list, but cannot get to any comments? Is a pingback a comment?

11aGCB05dI clicked reply, a box came up for me to comment in, but could not see any message?

I think my confusion, lack of education and senility are not helpful, I’ll just have to do me best with them!

Got sidetracked and un-podded the pod peas into the Crock-Pot, added a bit of salt and demerara sugar and got them cooking for later. Got the idea for an ode to insanity come to me, and got on with making it before I lost or forgot the idea.

Then, I sorted a week of medications doses. (Found some escaped peas as I did so. One near the drawer and one in the sink, Tsk!)

Still awaiting the bubbling, churning, tender innards as it prepared to let me know when the WRHD was due. Anytime now I think?

IBAFOL4aGot the idea for an ode to insanity come to me, and got on with making it before I lost or forgot the idea. Struggled on and got it done after a few hours of graphicalisationing and composing.

11cDamnations! Two more letters from British Gas. Down my spirits go again! Looks like I’ll have to pay, despite so many people advising me not to, I don’t think I’ve had the will-power not to or will be talked into it if I talk to BG, just to get rid of the hassle?

Got some more LPs found for Norman, nibbles for Olive, and set about having a grand shower and clean-up. The drain in the shower threw up water afterwards?

Called at Norman’s, but he was not in or could not hear the bell. On to Olive’s and she was in fine form. A gossip, she had a look at the British Gas letters and told me not to pay; everyone seems to be telling me this, but it looks like I’ll have to now. Olive applied some pain gel on my less accessible bodily parts for me which was lovely of her, Bless her cotton socks.

A good chinwag and cuddle then I was off back to the flat.

In the kitchen making a brew and I tried the binoculars out and saw a wood pigeon in the trees in the copse across the way.


So I got the camera out and took some shots of it. They didn’t come out as well as I would have liked, I couldn’t make them any better. But the bird having its ablutionisationing session cheered me up. And the forecast storms did no appear.

Feeling a bit flat with things… well, the British Gas farce now.

11dGot the daily fodder prepared.

It was super after yesterday’s failed efforts. Roast potato cubes with herbs, fresh garden peas, mushrooms, beetroot, cabbage-onion-pepper mix with garlic and pork loin.

Lemon Drizzle and a tiny apple for afters. I had some cheese twists afterwards, but I won’t mention that. Hehe!

Did the pots, sat down to watch some TV and watched some TV! Too much TV, I just couldn’t get to sleep again for ages. Tsk!

2 thoughts on “Inchcock Today Sat 27 Aug 16: British Gas hassle again, but Olive was in super form!

  1. 30+ years ago – before I moved to Birmingham from Scotland – I had storage heaters in my cottage

    Because they were running on cheaper economy rate during night, I had two electricity meters – under different account numbers – one to record my normal (daytime) electricity usage, and one to record the electricity I used on economy (night-time rate)

    Sounds like technology has advanced since then and now one meter records both rates (but under separate account numbers)

    Your problem seems to be that your direct debit was only taking money from your account to pay for electricity used during daytime and did not include the economy night time rate electricity you were using under a different account number – hence, the unpaid bill British Gas have been chasing you for

    What British Gas are proposing seems quite sensible – going forward, your daytime and night-time usage will be recorded under the one account, instead of two

    This means they have to increase your current direct debit to cover both your daytime and night-time electricity usage

    Also, you don’t have to send them a cheque for the unpaid bill they have been chasing you for – they have added this amount to your anticipated usage for the next 12 months and will recover the amount you owe them bit by bit through the new direct debit

    So no need to worry any more !

    • I thank you Duncan. Seems sensible to me. Just annoyed they didn’t explain things to me when I made the debit in the first place, and repeatedly told Deana that the account had been closed?
      Nice to know where I stand at last. TTFN Sir.

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