Inchcock Today – Sunday 25th September 2016: Slipper Whoopsiedangleplop, not much else occurred

Sunday 25th September 2016


Lay thinking of the dreams I’d had, but not many details came to mind, just overall views of frustration and embarrassment lingered?

Got up 0400hrs, lowered the £300 second-hand recliner chair, it shuddered a bit more than usual, and could only find one slipper? No time to search in depth, as I was in need of an urgent WRHD session. A bit easier than yesterday this time, still bloody but less so.

7sun02Took the morning medications with another Senna tablet, made a cuppa and started the hunt for the missing slipper.

Just as I was convincing myself I’d gone potty again, it came to light.

Somehow it had got entangled under the £300 second-hand recliner chair.

There was a bit of hassle from Arthur Itis and Anne Giner by the time I’d struggled to extract the slipper.

All that looking for it over an hour or so, Tsk!

I did feel a fool!

Laptop on, no washing or shaving yet, it was too cold this morning. I’d had an idea for a post during the night and wanted to get it down while I could remember it. Got the laptop on.

Had to nip back for a WRWW this time.

When I returned to the laptop, I couldn’t retrieve the idea I’d had from the brain-box. Huh!

Downloaded the photographs from the card and resized them to use in finishing off the Saturday post. Took a photo of the recliner.

Still cold in the flat now, put my jumper with the attached hood on. I must remember to ask someone about how the storage heaters work again.

birtheveDid some graphic creating in CorelDraw X8 and Facebooking.

Drizzling with rain on and off still outside.

I wanted to get out into the Woodthorpe Grange Park Copse today to take some photographs and enjoy the scenery.

But if the weather stays like this, I don’t think I’ll bother.

Did some Facebooking again. Lots of nice comments on the page, makes me feel wanted, like.

The rest of the day I did graphicalisationing, then faded for some reason, read the book, nodded off. Watched TV, nodded off. Put the radio on, nodded off.

So I did the ablutions and got my head down, and couldn’t sleep. Humph!

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