Sat 12 Sept 15: Inchcock Today: Spontaneous bus-ride to Derby today

Saturday 12th September 2015

It took me a while to get to sleep last night – but when I did nod off, I stayed off – No WC visits until I woke up a good seven hours later!

No memory of any dreams this morning? Rare that.

WC’d made a cuppa and took me medications.

Laptop on and finished yesterdays diary. Did some Facebooking between visits to the porcelain.

01topDid some graphicalisationing.

I noticed how ‘off’ and amusing the haemorrhoid cushion made me new second-hand chair look – perhaps a search for a brown cushion cover would be an idea?

Yes, I think so…

Did a bit more Facebooking! Tsk, addicted, me?

01topaWent in the bedroom (Not easy that, so much stuff in there that needs sorting) and picked the first few old LPs from the box – took me back looking at these for the first time donkeys years.

Three of me favourite singers from the time long ago. They’ll have to go though, anyone wanting to make a bid, please feel free, there are many more to pick from as well.

Forced missen to get a wash un shave and ready fora trip into town in search of a brown circular cushion cover – then thought I’d better measure the circumference of the cushion to make sure if I do get one, it fits. 16″ it is.

I might go to Derby to have a look, give me a run out. Must make sure me Pensioners free bus-pass is in me pocket – check! Now for me wash…

Got missen ready and went out to catch the L9 from outside the flats – but missed it. So I walked up into Woodthorpe Park and down into Sherwood and caught a bus there into town.

P1000059Into Victoria bus station and  used me pensioners free bus pass on the Red Arrow express bus to Derby – I was there in twenty-three minutes.

Out of the bus station and to the side of the river Derwent near the step – it was drizzling with rain on and off, so as it had stopped temporarily I fed the P1000060pigeons and ducks straight away, so I could get some photographs of them.

There were not the usual amount of them around (pigeons) so I assumed another cull had taken place.

As for the Canadian Geese, I’ve never seen so many, the river, grass, and P1000061steps were covered in Canadian geese.

No mallards though? My favourites too, Tsk!

There were many young geese about, and that made me realise why there were so any today, they must have just had their young.

P1000062Judging by the markings on these ones on the grass, they are all from the same family – I wonder how many eggs they lay then?

I wondered over to the Eagle market place and had a wander around and found the shop where I thought I might get the circular cushion covers from. But no, none to be had.

DSC00082I did however get two of the sleeveless jackets with many pockets off of the market.

Good price I think too, thick one £14.99, thinner one £9.99.

Made me way back to the bus-station and being a Saturday it was well busy, the rain had stopped.

Thought I’d catch a Y7 bus, the on that takes in all the villages en-route and take three times as long for the journey – but I reckoned I might be able to get some pictures taken on the way.

P1000064Not a successful idea at all – I fell asleep when we left the bus-station after I took the first photographicalisation and woke up 36 miles later when we were arriving in Nottingham! Tsk!

Still, the sky was caught looking different?

P1000072And at least this time someone didn’t have to wake me up.

I dropped off the bus and called in the Pound Shop on Wheeler Gate for a nosey around – and found some Rattan storage baskets similar to the ones I’d just bought from Morrison’s – naturally they were £1 each and 2 for a quid for the smaller ones – Morrison’s were on offer at £2.99 – Humph!

The pound shop ones are on the carpet in this photo I took later at the flat.

P1000065I hobbled (Me feet were bad now, but me knees weren’t too bad at all) to the end of Wheeler Gate.

There were Muslims at a make-shift counter come desk looking for folk to convert, and gangs of them around the edges of the precinct. Still, they weren’t apparently doing anything out-of-order.

P1000066I limped up Exchange Walk calling at the banks ATM to replace the money I’d spent like.

Into the slab square and had a ponder around, as I had 40 minutes to kill to catching the last L9 bus of the day.

I wondered around and took a photo of P1000067the German BBQ food stall.

One of the gals on the TFZ site who’d seen yesterdays photo of the stall asked me what else they sold, so I made a note, it was either Pat or Marie who asked (I think – if it wasn’t I’m in trouble – oh dear!)

They had on offer: German sausages, potatoes with onions and secret spices, pulled pork baguette and something in a jar that looked like testicles but green and brown tinged?

The ankle-snappers on the wooden furniture didn’t impress the owner of that stall when they got down on the seats – he had price tickets on them too – they were for sale not for use for eaters!

The chap who owned the stall very nicely pointed this out to the kids – and got a tirade of abuse from the parents of the kids – who didn’t seem to understand what the man was saying. Obviously they were natives of Nottingham.

I noticed the people around me lose interest in the contretemps twixt the poor stall owner and the family, and started looking behind me. As I turned to take a look at whatever had caught their imagination (Not an easy thing to do with Nottinghamians yer know!) I heard the chanting something to ‘We will not be moved’ style P1000068from the a few hundred protesters who marched around the slab square and back up Queen Street to the speaker’s corner near Brian Clough’s statue.

 I followed them cause their banners were too small to read and I couldn’t hear a word they were chanting about. P1000069I’m Nosey yer know!

It took me a while t get there and as i approached  speaker two young girls were walking away from him and laughing their heads off?

When I found that the marchers were chanting ‘All immigrants are welcome in Nottingham’ it confused me a bit. Because Nottingham is taking in and housing a bigger percentage of immigrants than any other town in England, well the second highest anyway. I’d have thought they would be marching to thank the Council, not get aggressive about it?

Thinking about the girls laughing, maybe they were disappointed UK IP voters?

P1000070I pressed on up the street and called into Greggs and got a cob to nibble on the way home.

As I was taking a photo of the pedestrians crossing Upper Parliament Street and juggling eating me cob at the same time, the alarm went off at the Cash shop on Kings Walk.

Just thought I’d mention it because no one did anything, no police arrived and customers (or crooks?) kept going in and out of the place. Was I imagining it?

I went down and caught the last L9 bus back to the flats. I’d nodded off before we’d gone a hundred yards, kept waking and  nodding all the way, just couldn’t fight it this time – luckily a lady on the bus recognised me and shook me awake with a disarming smile as we approached the flats bus-stop.

I thanked her, felt a fool and told missen to get to bed early tonight. (Wotta Clod I be!)

DSC00083Got in and WC’s, hung up me jacket and checked in the fridge to see what to have for me nosh tonight.

It seems I’ve overdone the buying in of fodder again.

Took the photo of me £1 Rattan baskets against the dearer ones.

Changed into me night gear and had a rinse.

Then started to update this diary like.

P1000073Got me nosh ready to have later.

Salad, a biggun mind. But I was not impressed with me efforts at all. The meats was tasteless, and somehow I just didn’t enjoy it so much as I thought I would do.

Rated this one 7/10.

Tiredness and weariness dawned, got me head down – an hour later still not ogt off, read me book a bit, that did it.