Mon 31 Aug 15: Inchcock Today: A walk in the Woods – that was the plan…

Monday 31st August 2015


The rain and mist this morning

I was so tired yesterday I was in bed by 1650hrs – sprang awake around ten and got and stayed up inter-netting all night. Hehehe!

Did some blog posts, on the LOMM site. Facebooking, emails etc.

Had a cuppa and took me medications.

Boiled some potatoes for later. Thought I’d get down and clean some spots on the kitchen floor… how long it took me to get back up I ain’t sure, but I’m talking a good few minutes and pain here! Humpf!

Started this diary off, then went fer me bath (Hope I get out of it easier this time).

Back in a bit…

Managed to get out of the bath without any Whoopsiedangleplops.

Got the bag ready to take with me – my aim was to go and have a look in Woodthorpe Park to see if I could miraculously find me hearing-aid, then have a walk into Carrington and fetch some last bits I want from the old dump.


Only one person in sight

At the end of Chestnut Walk the rain began to pour down really heavy, so I abandoned me plans to go searching in the woods and turned back and down to the end then right down Winchester Street.

I took a photo from under my brolly of the almost empty street.

Down to the bottom and right onto Mansfield Road and into Carrington to the flea-pit.


No persons in sight here… oh, one!

Still raining heavily, I got in the house and sorted the bits I wanted into the bag, and left without any sadness and walked to the Lidl store to see if they had any Cornish Clotted Cream on sale.

Took another photo from under me brolly of the deserted streets?

Mind you that’s not  bad thing, it meant the rain had kept the local yobs indoors.

Down to Lidl and found they did not sell clotted cream – but they had some Lemon Curd yogourts and Lemon mousse so I got one of each.


Nottingham Pavement Cyclist

Went to the checkout, paid for them and started to walk out without them. Luckily the chap came after me with his “Silly old bugger” look on his face and handed them to me.

When I got out, feet aching now, a Nottingham Pavement Cyclist must nearly had me as he wondered on completely oblivious to the fact texting away on his phone as rode on. I took a photo from under the bus-shelter. Git!

Took me midday medications with a drink of Bitter lemon which I cleverly took with me.


Poor things!

I caught a bus into Sherwood, and noticed the flower displays had been knocked about a bit by the heavier than ever rain still coming down.

I took a photo from under the brolly again!

Then I crossed over the pelican lights and walked over the hill into and through Woodthorpe Park back to the flats.

It was not cold with it, but the rain persisted belting down summat rotten heavy like and wet I noticed! Hehe!


Woodthorpe Park: Abandoned by folk to nature – and Inchy. It’s the rain yer know, they don’t like up em Mr Mainwaring!

Again there were few folk to be seen. I took another under-the-brolly photo, I’m getting good at this, mind you I only had the one bag to carry.

The feet and knees gave me some hammer for the last few hundred yard.

Met some tenants in the reception area and had a little natter – I love doing this yer know.

One lady looks so much like my TFZ friend Janet Aaron it’s amazing. I asked her if I could take a photo to put on TFZ, but she rejected this… nicely mind.

Made a cuppa, took evening medications and got the laptop on. I forgot to ‘cream’ Little Inchy.(Fancy that! Hehe)

Sister Jane sent me an email. Pete has got toothache and they wanted some of me painkillers.

01topaShe also sent me news and a photo of there so still cute cat Octogenarian Fooey, they know I love him so, cause like me he’s different to the others. Not pretty but a great personality.

I can’t remember what breed he is, but his coat has to be pruned every single day, or it gets matted and lumpy. He was a little poorly stray 19 years ago, but they never found his owner, so they adopted him, or he adopted them. Hehe!

He had a Whoopsiedangleplop last week, fell off his favourite sleeping chair, shook himself up – But he had the sense not to sleep their any more, and he’s changed to kipping near a certain chair leg now, that means Jane and Pete can no longer use it themselves. Gawd I adore that cat!

Tomorrow I’ve got me Morrisons nosh coming early, then I’ve got to get in touch with Steve from Age UK to sort giving him the keys for the old place. And if time get to report and arrange a replacement hearing aid, Dentist Wednesday, Got to get me house deeds from Jane who keeps them since me last break-in a the old house, but doesn’t yet know I’ve moved – I so want to get this flat sorted and the old place got rid of and sold, then I can surprise her. Tsk… it’s all go again!

An irresistible urge to sleep overcame me once again, and I got me head down. The flipping cramps put in an appearance first.

I woke and remembered bits of a dream: Something about being lost walking on clouds, but in a gigantic cellar with a canal running through it? Building a raft and loading it and t kept sinking?

Suddenly almost in a panic, I noticed it was seven-forty-five, The Morrisons order was coming between 0730>0830hrs! Scrambled to get up painfully like a rhinoceros that had just given birth and only had three legs.

I put the laptop on to check the times of the nosh coming on Google diary and realised it was not 0755hrs – but 1955hrs! I had to laugh at missen.

So up and wobbling about, I stayed up, and finished this diary off. I did feel a fool!

Sun 30 Aug 2015: Inchcock Today – Determined to have an easy day!

Sunday 30th August 2015


Worked a Treat!

0540hrs: Up feeling okay, to the WC and pleased to report very bleeding this morning from front or rear!

Arthur Itis still in residence of me knees of course, but he’s giving me hands and fingers a rest at the moment bless him. Even the reflux valve is absolutely no bother at this moment! I might sing to myself now – ♫ Happiness, happiness, I thank the Lord that I possess more than my share of happiness…♫ as Ken Dodd used to sing.

Found me hearing-aids and wrist alarm despite leaving them both in the wrong place!

Made a cuppa took me medications and planned my day: Check and respnd to me emails, Finish yesterdays diary, Make and post a graphic for Frankie and Caroline in America, have a good bath and soak, do me laundry and if time left go visit the Tropical House with me camera in Woodthorpe Park, must remember it closed at 1500hrs though. It might be tight, cause the laundry take a a minimum of just over two hours – and that’s if any machines are free when I get down to the laundry room.


Caroline & Frankie have a nibble before retiring!

Checked me emails then did a bit of Facebooking, then did the graphic in Coreldraw x7 and Corel Paint x7.

Had a good bath and soak, changed into new clean togs, and WC’d.

Then got the washing ready and went down and got it in the washing machine.


New Sign up in the Laundry room – made no difference the filter was still clogged when I came to use the drier. The Senior Naughties. – Tsk!

Did me crosswords book… well I got one or two answered while the machine performed.

A chap told me he’d just heard on’t radio that we are due for rain from 1900 tonight through to at least 19oohrs Monday night, Oh dear.

Hour later I moved the togs into the drier, then up to the flat to collect me camera and off on a walk to the Tropical House at the top of Woodthorpe Park.



Foolish Inchcock forgot it closed at midday on a Sunday! Tsk!

I did take photo of some flowers, no idea what they were, but there was a selection of them competing for the sun, that looked nice.

So back to the flat through the rough areas with the old trees, I love going that way for some reason. When I arrived back at the flat I thought me hearing aid-battery on my left one had dies and thought that’s odd, cause I only put a new one in on Friday…


I went to take it out and it wasn’t there!

Panic! I went back out and searched where I thought I’d walked in the Park, but no luck.

Dejected I returned made a cuppa, and took me midday medications!

I’ll have to manage for a while, cause the Audi-clinic is closed until Wednesday – so even if I can afford to get it replaced it’ll take a good while. I waited 25 days for the original ones to get made ready, and that was after waiting 6 weeks to have a test first.

But hey-ho, it didn’t upset me so much as it would have earlier in the month. I was just angry with missen like.

No Dizzy-spells up to now though, that’s good.

Laptop on and updated this garbage.

IMG_0149Then set to sorting me pots of medications out, checking them and making up new ones with what medications I have left in me drawer.

Hunger pangs stared around 1520hrs and I made a pan of seasoned tomatoes and sausages with bread thins.

Not bad for a rushed nosh.

IMG_0150I was getting tired again and I didn’t know or understand why?

It’s been a slow day for me. The only things annoying up to now are the Garden being closed and losing me hearing-aid – but why should these things make me so tired suddenly?


01topa2Laptop back on updated this diary, then had a go at another graphicalisationing session before I fell asleep.

Updated this old one, not happy with it but Lyzzi likes it.

Overcome with tiredness so early again.

Head down.

Sprang awake around 2200hrs – got up and on’t internet again. Huh!

Sat 29 Aug 15: Inchcock Today – Out of steam

Saturday 29th August 2015


0330hrs: I must have been dreaming when I woke up, because I could recall much of the last dream and even a bit of earlier ones I’d had last night! Noted them down straight away on me conveniently located notepad, located there for just this reason. It seems I had at least slept (albeit a dream ridden kip) for 9, I say Nine, hours! Amazing!

Got up with far less a struggle than of late, noticed I must have got up last night to get fodder, for there next to me notepad was an empty cheese biscuit and Marmite crisp bag, don’t recall fetching or eating them, yet I can remember the dreams?

Hobbled to the WC.

Put the kettle on and then returned to use the WC again?

Made a cuppa, laptop started first time (Phew!) and took me medications.

Made the headers for this diary then…

WC again! Oh dear me... three visits in an hour!

Still, no signs of any dizzies yet thankfully. You can’t believe how refreshing it is not to worry about going to sort things out at the old house again today.

I consulted me scribbled note about the dreams and here they are:

I was in a grocery shop like the one I had years ago but not that, one if you know worra mean. With hardly any stuff on the few shelves there were left in the barren looking place. It was painted nicely in a dark blue and the windows were massive, an urban scene outside but no people in it…

The door at the back of the shop led into a grand posh house? There were folk in their, but they seemed to ignore me, I don’t think they knew I was there when I was in front of them, ghosts perhaps? Or was I the ghost?

The family, Mam, Dad son and daughter were well spoken posh types, the lad seemed like a Hooray-Henry type. I didn’t recognise any of them.

I kept nipping back into the shop but there was never any customers.

Each time I returned to the house through this back door it was all differently laid out, but still with a blue colouring as the shop, different classy furniture, gigantic TV scene thingy but the folks were the same ones. All prim and proper, but still not acknowledging my presence. I kept nipping back into the shop to see if I had a customer.

After endless trip to the shop and back, a dog appeared with the family, and then they spoke to me to tell me off for bringing this disease ridden creature into My home (Teenage son speaking), Remove it or face the consequences my man!

I took the dog with me back into the shop, and fell in love with it, then the family from the back came into the shop and Mother wanted the dog back cause she was about to cook it for dinner? (Something about Quails lingers in my mind but I can’t fathom or remember this bit). The dog jumped up into my arms and I fed it some Warfarin tablets and, as the Son, now wearing a deerstalker hat aimed a double barrelled shotgun at me, I think I ran carrying the old dog to the shop front door falling over as I did so…

Maybe I woke up then, because I can’t remember anything of this dream after this.

I’ve never retained a dream as well as I have this one, and would appreciate any help with diagnosing the meanings, just interested like – remembering it so well and clearly?

But I can still remember bits of a dream I think I had earlier?

Corridors, dirty abandoned building, loads of doors, I was searching for something or someone but did not know who or what, but couldn’t stop myself searching, in each room, some were offices, others living rooms or bathrooms, I delved into drawers, cabinets every thing but without knowing what I was after finding – eventually after what seemed days to me in the dream a phone started ringing, and rang for yonks as I then started searching for that and found myself back at the start if the dream in that first corridor…?

WC visitation required again.

Remembered I’d got me Asda order coming this morning, so I was about to go to the bathroom to get missen spit and polished and I realised it was too early, cause I didn’t want to start running water this early and wake me neighbours up.

Had a bash on Facebook for a bit.

Asda food arrived and I put them away.

Got some donations for the Nottingham Hospice shop in a bag, and readied missen: Camera in pocket, mobile and bus-pass etc, to have a walk through Woodthorpe Park into Sherwood and the Nottingham Hospice shop.

Now you’d think this would be a relatively easy task…

I locked up and walked to the lift, got into the lift and started going down and thought. where’s that woman’s voice who talks to me usually when I go in the lifts?…

I went back up in the lift to the flat and put my hearing-aids in, walked to the lift, got into the lift, went down and as I was going through the doors out – felt in my left hand jacket pocket, usually dedicated to the camera and it weren’t there!

I felt sure I’d put it in earlier?

I went back in, up in the lift to the flat, searched and could I find it? Well eventually I did – in the cardigan pocket that I was wearing!

Tutting away to myself, I set off for the third time up and down through Woodthorpe Park into Sherwood, over the hill and down to the Nottingham Hospice Charity shop. Gave them the carrier bag of bits. Then out to the bus-stop and into town.

I had to get some cash from the bank to pay a bill, and thought I’d check how me balance was at the same time – I’ve make a few cock-ups with them ATMs in the passed, forgot me number, lost me card etc.

IMG_0140Caught the bus and dropped off on Mansfield Road near the Victoria Centre (Mall). Walked down and through Clinton Street.

Not as busy as usual I thought and walked through unmolested by mobility scooters, pavement cyclists, big issue sellers, being knocked into by anyone using the ipods for mobiles as they walked along, beggars or even any antisocial yobbos! Nice.

Called into John Lewis’s in the hope of getting some help with the remote they gave me with me new TV being different to the one in the manual and my not being able to find any instructions on the web.

Ha! They were that busy no one came near me or was even free for me to ask for help. I gave up.

01topa2aHobbled along and got to the bank. Where a very polite young man handed me the money requested and gave me the balance of my account. It ain’t good! I hope selling the house gets a move on on Tuesday when I ring Age UK Steve – but will he answer me? Time will tell.

Came out and worked out I had 20 minutes to go until the next L9 bus, but must not miss this as the one and last one of the day is two hours later.

Had a poddle around the slab square and took some photo’s.

I chickened out of taking one of four chaps all sat in a row on the low concrete wall and all dressed in the same gear and all playing on there mobile phones at the same time. It looked so photographable to me, but I didn’t know how they would react, so didn’t.

I was suddenly gripped with tiredness again – been happening a lot lately. But it was more surprising today, because I slept last night for a longer period I have done in years – and I ain’t done much physical today at all?

Walked up to the top of King Street and waited for the bus.

Almost as soon as it drove off I found myself fighting me eyelids to stay open, and it stayed like this all the way back to the flats.

IMG_0144Got up and in the flat and started making me nosh. Today was fish-day for Inchcock: Asda ‘Smartprice’ fish in batter (Cheapo but so tasty!), Youngs Battered fish cakes, boiled potatoes, beetroot, tomatoes and butter-beans.

Followed by the last of the Cornish clotted cream and lemon cheesecake.

Did a bit of touching up of the woodwork on me cabinet while it cooked – kept nipping into the kitchen to check it like.

Set up the table for me nosh and thought I’d try to watch some TV while eating cause there was a Sherlock Holmes on. Farcical idea – I really must get some help with this ruddy remote control thingy… Tsk!

WC’d, ‘Little Inchy’ and the haemorrhoids bleeding again. Getting low on me cream for him as well now. (Gobbledicrushums!)

The nosh was really really good – I gave it a rating of 8.8/10. However, I only just managed to stay awake long enough to wash the pots – (not seen the saucepan lid since???) when I just had to give in to me bodies demand for sleep?

Got me haemorrhoids cushion on the new brown chair, feet on the Ottoman and was off in seconds into the land of nod.

Woke three hours or so later, had a look for me mysteriously disappearing saucepan lid without any luck – made a cuppa and took me medications, I keep missing me midday ones yer know – not good this habit!

Laptop started with the intention of updating this dairy… no, diary, and doing some graphicalisationing prep work. But the sun was so strong coming through my uncurtained windows (summat else to do when I sell the house and get some cash to use – especially now I’ve seen how quick me balance is dwindling – Huh!).

IMG_0145I got a squeegee mop and extending clothes line stick and elastic banded the corners of me small throw on the ends of them, and got it up in the window so I could see me screen like – just as the sun went in seconds later! If anyone had seen me efforts they would have laughed out loud – I think I laughed out loud to start with too!

I stopped laughing the third time it all collapsed on me. But perseverance paid off in the end – mind you there’s time for it to collapse again yet – not that it matters so much now the blinding blinking sun’s gone in. Hehe!

The tea went cold, so I made another and conducted another none-successful search for the saucepan lid, it’s getting to me this is – Where the heck is it!

I even checked to see if I’d somehow left it in the bathroom as I made another visitation and cleaned up ‘Little Inchy’ yet again.

I wanted to make a start on the blog-post about Dunc and my efforts to get the clothe-racks erected, but concentration was lacking and believe it or not, I was feeling tired again??? Why how I asked myself… no answer came.

IMG_0146Just look at the sky now.

In between searches for the saucepan lid (Black with black handle 7″ wide) I put some photos on and did some Facebooking.

I say some Facebooking – I spent over four hours Facebooking.

Eventually getting me head down around 0300hrs.

Addicted? Me? Maybe.

Well… yes!

Fri 28 Aug 2015: Inchcock Today: Progress made!

Friday 28th August 2015


0045hrs: Gave up trying to sleep cause I was waking every few minutes anyway – me mind racing and me body aching from the usual complaints and the results of yesterdays Dizzy-spell Whoopsiedangleplop. Huh!

Lay for a few minutes thinking and assessing me knocks and bruises.

BJ coming later so we can move the stuff left to bring to the flat from the house. After I managed in a rather slow cumbersome and embarrassing fashion to get missen up off the floor, I visited the porcelain, then hobbled into the kitchen and made a big cuppa.

Got the laptop on and finished yesterdays diary, then started this one and did some graphics.

Coughing as well now, and had another dizzy when I went to make another cuppa cause the first one went cold. Not a bad one though.

Sat a while and pondered on me hopes that the plans made yesterday with Steve from Age UK will come to fruition soon, and I can get the old house out of my mind and concentrate on this flat and getting it sorted.

Went for a heavy duty action in the bathroom and thought to myself how calm the duodenal ulcer is, the haemorrhoids were not bleeding hardly at all, the reflux valve was calm, even the skin cancer wound had stopped itching. Arthur Itis and Anne Gyna were only fairly bad – so overall medically speaking, apart from me newly acquired knocks from yesterday, I was in good form! And I’d found both me hearing-aids and wrist-alarm on me first effort to find them! With the fresh hopes of getting things moving on the house selling front, it seemed all systems go.

This little musing session cheered missen up a bit it did.

Me second cup of tea had also gone cold, so I made a third one – with grim determination to drink this one.

Did some graphicationalisationing in Coreldraw.

Bath and change of togs – Cuppa and a pot of porridge.

BJ rang he’ll be here in an hour or so.

IMG_0135Met him outside and he ran me to the Audio Clinic to get some hearing-aid batteries, then to the old house. Where we set about sorting the last of the things needed for the flat – it filled his car.

Dusty tired and sweating we got back to the flat and unloaded the stuff, stuff to IMG_0134the lift, stuff and us in the lift, stuff up to the 12th floor, stuff and us out of the lift, stuff and us to the flat door, stuff and us into the flat and bedroom to join the other bags and boxes awaiting attention and sorting.

Here is BJ carrying possibly the last bag of stuff from the flea-pit into the flat – and the heaviest of all the bags today.

A much longed for action, that without BJ and Duncan would not have been possible.

Of course I still have to get in touch with Steve from Age UK on Tuesday – and that challenge has been known to fail a few times over the last few weeks…. Oh dear! To arrange for him to collect the keys.

IMG_0136I popped into the front room, (well there is no back or side room, just the front and the bedroom) and observed the many bags and bo’s awaiting sorting in there too.

But it didn’t phase me this time, knowing that hopefully things will get moving next Tuesday, and soon I can forget all about the old place… I pray!

IT suddenly awned on me – today is Friday, flipping ‘eck, the clinic!

BJ ran me down into Sherwood where I could catch a bus to the City Hospital and the GUM clinic – I thanked him for all his help, slipped him some petrol money and shook his hand.

While at the bus-stop I got a missed unknown call on me mobile – and noticed the reminder for the Clinic was not showing like it usually does? I checked and found it is for next Friday not this one. Oh I did feel a fool – but at least I didn’t arrive there and look a clot this time – Tsk!

Got back to the flat and got some nosh on, started this new laptop and it indicted it was loading with the circle of dots going round… for half an hour!

I thought I’d have to take it back to the  liars conmen and nasties at PC World nd didn’t like that idea. I started the old laptop to punch in a queries about the new one not loading and got an idea and forced closed the new laptop and restarted it… Phew it worked, this time anyway. Risked putting in sleep mode while I had me nosh.

IMG_0137Enjoyed it, but for ome reason couldn’t finish it all.

Eyes to big again.

Chips, beans, tomatoes, onion rings, last of me veggie bacon and bread thins. Rated it 8.2/10.

Washed me pots and pans as the sunshine came out.

Restarted the laptop (okay) and updated this diary. Did some graphics.

Kentucky Angel Angie has 7 days to go to her moving apartments and is so excited. I hope it all works out for her and she really is comfy and content in the new place.

Me knee and feet were bad, but the other ailments under control like.

Head down really early even for me!

I’ve had one of me easiest day for ages, but feel so drained?

TTFN all.

Thu 27 Aug 15: Inchcock Today: Struggling!

Thursday 27th August 2015


0245hrs: I just knew as soon as I woke up that I’d been dreaming and nightmaring away – but I could not remember a single detail or bit about the actual dreams, only a sense that they weren’t good.

Thought about meeting Steve from UK later today at the old house and hoped some progress could be made.

For some reason I thought the clock read 0445hrs and wondered why I felt so tired after sleeping in late for me? Made a cuppa and took me medications, started the laptop and realised when it loaded the time was actually now 0254hrs? So I must remember I’ve already taken me morning medications!

I checked that I’d put me hearing-aids in the right place, the centre drawer in me wonderful 1967 G-Plan cabinet – and found me wrist-alarm. Things were looking up this morning. Hehe.

IanH03Started today’s diary off. Then got carried away again with an idea for a graphic for the Beetroot Protection League in Burnley.

Cost me few hours to get it right mind.

But being as I had time this morning I used it doing graphics instead of getting the flat sorted out… Guilt ridden I tell you, I am…

Going to meet Age Concern’s Steve at last for help with the house sorting and selling – I bet I’m no further advanced after our meeting? Lack of confidence in someone who talks well but does little – still it’s not costing me money, just frustrations.

Finished me graphicalisationing, did emails, Facebooking and when I stood up to go and get a wash shave and you know what – Arthur Itis complained rather nastily – might take me stick with me today – but maybe not, I’m bound to lose if I do. Tsk!

By gum how time flies.

I should have time to do a bit of WordPressing after me bath and shave… I hope.

Back in a bit…

Had a bash on t’internet and after a while BJ rang, he is on his way in 15 minutes.

Got down to meet him in front of the flats, bless his cotton socks I’d be lost without him completely.

We went to the house and I walked to the chemist – where I found my prescriptions were not ready until the Friday after next? Made a minor Whoopsiedangleplop there didn’t I?

On the way back to the house I met my old neighbour and had a chat with her. She had been trying to sell her house for a while but has now rented it to a friend of hers. Not encouraging that news.

Got back to the house and BJ had made a start sorting for me already – no stopping him is there. Hehe.

We spent a good two hours or more sorting and I was not in a good state by then. The knees and feet were very painful and I felt drained – then Steve from Age UK arrived and I must admit I told him straight about the lack of help and movement in getting things sorted. Give the man credit he accepted my criticism and came back and promised me that I could sell the house after clearing it of my stuff needed, without cleaning it up, for a lot less naturally – but said he would sort it all out for me.

On Tuesday I have to phone him to tell him all the stuff I need at the new flat had been cleared from the house and (He says) the only time I would be needed at the house after that is a few occasions to sign paperwork!

That sounded really good to me, but his record in answering my phone calls and text messages in the past have been lamentable.

I live in hope. I think BJ was surprised at my forwardness (I was!) on this occasion. But I was so frustrated, tired and worried about the money running out – all I want to do is get this place off my mind so I can concentrate on the tons of work and sorting still needed at the new place, so I can enjoy it a bit before I croak out. As I told them earlier.

Now I mustn’t get too hopeful knowing my luck.

I went into the kitchen to finish packing some stuff and the same thing that happened the other day, did again – just as I was bending I got a dizzy come on and went over backwards this time. Yet again I was lucky someone was there, they hauled me up and I am now the owner of newly bruised ribs and left wrist. Tsk!

BJ departed saying he will call me in the morrow and lift me and collect the things stacked ready to move that I require at the flat, and have another check around to see if I’ve missed owt. So one, maybe two more efforts will be needed and hopefully I will never have to go there to work again.

Steve went up with me to sort if I needed owt from the attic and carried some down for me. We came across some old photos that was glad about finding.

Steve left when I did and I thanked him.

As I walked to the bus-stop I realised that along with me ribs and wrist, my big right toe was giving me some gip – When will it all end! Hehehe!

01topa2Caught a bus into Sherwood, too late to catch an L8 or L9 bus up the hill, so I waked up and through Woodthorpe Park and down to the flats. I was actually singing to myself despite the rain starting – I mustn’t get too excited eh?

I called into the Co-op and got a pack bread thins en route, cause I forgot I got one yesterday – Humpf!

Weary and aching so I got back to the flat and made me monster salad for later.

01topa2aPut the bread thins in the freezer, made a cuppa and perused my bruises and blue big toe.

Laptop on and updated this diary like.

I thought how lucky I am really, having BJ and Dunc helping me out.

And hopefully close to getting the old place sorted, even if I get a lot less than market value for it – it will be a blessing to get rid of the hassle and worry… if it all works out of course.

Now, after being lifted by events of the day, I find I’m back to worrying about how it will go – Wotaplonker!

Can’t wait for next Tuesday to see how it goes, it’s a start anyway. Crossed fingers, even if Arthur Itis didn’t like me doing that.

Well drained but surprisingly hopeful I got the quilt and me aching limbs down on the floor, read me book a while, mused over tomorrows jobs to be done, and got off to sleep very quickly. Although I kept waking up, I could understand why with new pains every-time I moved, coughed or passed wind, along with fretting about things.

Hey-ho – I hope things are now in Defcon 2 and a go! You know?

Wed 26 Aug 15: Inchcock Today – Scoffing away eating like… well I don’t know, but he’s eating far too much Tsk!

Wednesday 26th August 2015


The field this morning in the rain

0345hrs: Woke gently for once. Lay there a few seconds and made some notes of the dreams I could remember having, then the urgent and sudden demands of the bladder beckoned and I struggled up and hobbled to the bathroom – which is where I realised that the new jammy-bottoms did not have a hole in the front if yer know worra mean! Huh!

Cuppa and medications taken.

Laptop on, finished yesterdays diary posted it.

Noticed the notes about the dreams I scribbled – but my writing was hard to decipher. It seems I was with several folk and we were dancing in a fashion, somewhere on the deck of a boat… a lot of activity of an intimate nature was being enjoyed by all – then damn it I moved into a different scenario. I was being pummelled from above by folk one at a time who were queuing to hit me with various articles thrown down through a man-hole above, and a voice would shout out a score each time they clobbered me, accompanied with a trumpet fanfare and falling twinkling broken Christmas baubles?

Went on Facebook to cheer myself up as I felt a depression coming on after I’d thought of how things were not moving with sorting the old place out.

Back to the bathroom – the haemorrhoids were not so bad and bled a lot less this morning. The worst are Anne Gyna and Arthur Itis. The reflux valve that can cause bother quickly from nowhere is nice and calm at the moment. I said the worst is Anne Gyna and Arthur Itis, but I think I was wrong – sudden depression is the worst.

I started the graphics for a blog for LOMM about Dunc and my efforts at erecting the clothe-racks, as Dunc suggested.

Took me a few hours to get the graphics done on Coreldraw X7 before starting the actual writing of the blog, and I didn’t know why I was doing them really in the state me mind was in. Foolish childish escapism perhaps? (Sounds about right to me).

LyzXmasSpent three hours doing one graphic, but it was a hard one and it came out fairish, so I was sort of pleased with it, and I do enjoy doing them.

This cheered me up a bit.

Must phone Steve from Age UK, the missing man who doesn’t reply when I phone him – I think I’ll do a text message instead – begging him for help with getting the house sorted and putting it on the market.

Here goes, I love wasting me time…

Had a good soak in’t bath. Got missen looking half decent and set off to take the letters to the Flats Community Shed – got as far as the lift, then returned to the flat to pick up me camera making sure I’d got me DSIM card this time.

Off to the shed, and had a natter with the gals there, forgot to drop off the letters – hey-ho.

Had a walk through the park into Sherwood and called at Sue Ryder shop, they had no beds in, but did have some of the large Ottermans in, but only two and I wanted four to finish of the bedroom – all bar having no bed that is like.

Caught the bus into Arnold and had a wander around there.


Dark skies and closed down shops in Arnold

Even more shops had closed-down now.

It’s not fair on the shoplifters yer know!

The fag and Alcoholics cheapo shop had closed too!

It’s not fair on the unemployed yer know!

Walked to Fultons to see if they had any of the cheapo-but-nice blackcurrant lollies in, no luck.

Walked out to Sainsburys with a view to catching the last L9 bus back to the flats after shopping, cause there is a stop outside their garage, well filling station.

In the middle of me shopping, Steve from Age UK rang, he’ll meet me tomorrow at 1400hrs at the old house to have a look at what needs doing next in the plan to sell the house when I get it ready like! We’ll see if there isn’t a meeting that runs late that prevents this happening.


Outside Sainsburys waiting fer bus

I over spent again, nothing new there then: Got some of the beautiful Anya potatoes to boil, bread thins, tomatoes, lemon cheesecakes and… oh dear, and this as dear too – Cornish Clotted Cream! The shame of having a weak will-power will be my undoing yer know!

Got to the bus stop and waited in plenty of time for the bus to arrive, I thought I was about 5 minutes early for it, got there at 10 past it was due 15 past.


I stayed awake on the bus – Yes!

No sign of the bus after what must have been ten minutes, so I looked up the times on the time-table in me pocket… then checked the time on me mobile – it was 14 minutes past – how I made such a cock-up I don’t know. but I got it alright and enjoyed the ride through the housing estates of Nottingham en-route back to the flats.


Naughty Cornish Clotted Cream for afters – guilt ridden I am now, guilt ridden!

Back on the main roads again and I was soon back in the flat getting me spuds on the boil and me Fisherman’s Pie in’t oven.

Had some of the nobbly long special nutty flavoured potatoes boiled, the fish pie, sprinkled with cheese and singed a bit on purpose, beetroot and apple – followed naughtily by lemon cheescake and some of the Cornish Clotted Cream! Marvellous, but the pie let me down, very much lacking in taste! Humpf!

Still I give it 8/10 just fer the potatoes.

Devoured it and got the laptop on to update this diary.

Took me medications.

Read some of me book and actually ate some of the fancy potatoes I’d done extra to have tomorrow? Why am I eating so much lately – I’m like a pig lately?

I must try to remember to ask Patti Berkert for some more photo’s of her art-work so I can make another graphicalisation for her talents. These are the two I’ve done with photo’s of her actual art pieces. Brilliant aren’t they, I’m so proud of the gal – oh, second thoughts, I’ll not ask her yet, cause she’ll be busy arranging her trip to Brazil. 

ArtG2 ArtG

AngBThis is one wot I dun is of Angie, the Kentucky Angel.

She is a treasure too. Copes with so many ailments and problems but still finds enough energy to plan of building a giant canoe so she can come and visit little me. (I’m planning on building a kayak for a return visit). Angies and Patti’s senses of humour are so precious to me.

The arthritis and angina are back again after giving me a break earlier, so I’m going to get me head down early methinks.

That’s the plan anyway, hehehe!

TTFN I hope!

Tue 25 Aug 2015: Inchcock Today – He took a break from getting the house sorted – The little Monkey!

Tuesday 25th August 2015


0215hrs: Woke up aching all over and coughing and wheezing! (Oh dear boy, did I overdo it yesterday or what?) But I have to take help when I can get it don’t I? I thought to myself.

Finding somewhere that doesn’t ache or hurt in my wobbly-body this morning is proving difficult, nay, impossible!

Between me usual ailments and the newly accrued aches and pains from the last few days overdoing it like, I must say I may not complain if the end comes soon. There, now you all know. You will find me valuables all hidden in the lidded egg-cup wot I hid in the rusty black box full of sewing things in the bedroom – hidden inside a box marked “Life-like Blow-up dol…” well, its coloured pink… I amaze missen at times yer know. Here I am, not in the best of health and I should be morose and depressed, yet I still find missen writing jokes and humorous (I hope) funnies?

After losing me hearing aids, wrist health-alert alarm and me sanity in the last few days, I wonder what next. Hehe!

I keep getting ideas, and some passed to me for articles to do and post, but don’t feel I can concentrate enough at the moment, although I persist with this diary?

Made a cuppa and took me medications.

Got yesterdays diary finished and posted, started this one off, checked and answered to emails and comments, then did some Facebooking.

Got missen spruced up to go to the old place and do some more sorting out. Got to the bus-stop and me brother-in-law Pete rang…

Don’t you just hate that, there you are, bus-pass in hand gossiping at the bus stop outside the flat complex with around six other tenants waiting fer the bus… You see they have stopped talking, and a few moments later one of them tells you, your phone in your inside pocket is ringing and you take that long fumbling to get it out the caller has gone! Tsk!

Got on the bus – got off the bus and retrieved me free pensioners bus-pass from the pavement – got back on the bus, swiped the card and walked into the bus to be greeted with derision and laughter from the other folk for keeping them waiting. All light-hearted stuff though, I think.

I overheard someone behind me talking about the wall-clock from the reception area being nicked again. Apparently the replacement clock for one that disappeared last week, only lasted 5 hours this time before it was spirited away.

Pete rang back again. He wanted, being as this was the first day of the two new tram routes operating, to go on them. I was perhaps a little too keen to agree and miss doing the back-breaking work I should have been doing at the old place? Any road I said I’d meet him at his bus-stop in town.

I got into town with plenty of time to spare – glad I’d took me camera so I can photographicalise the tram routes for the Troll Free Zone gals and guys. As I went into Wilkinson’s to see if they had any of the place-mats I saw a bird on the roof of the pub that I’d never seen before (Not seen the bird not the pub before). I hastily got me camera out and focussed in close on it, as it flew away… not that it mattered… the camera informed me that there was no SCIM card in it – Grrr! I’d done it again and the card was back at the flat stuck in the laptop! That was the end of me photographic plans for the trip! Huh!

Got me mats and spatula then met Pete, we then made for the tram stop and caught the one to Chilwell. Getting on the tram was like packing sardines in a can – nearly all the passengers were old foggies like wot I am or screaming balling kids! The seats were uncomfortable. Not complaining like, just mentioning these things.

Trying to communicate with Pete amidst the deaf pensioners shouting at each other and the mega-gobby kids was not easy. Pete I reckon is as deaf as I am but vanity prevents him from getting hearing-aids.

We then returned on the next tram and dropped off at the station, then Pete wanted catch the other new service tram to Clifton – so we did. Not a pleasant outing but Pete seemed to enjoy it – he likes owt that’s free yer know – he gets his spectacles from the pound shop shop, not that he’ll wear em if any women are around, vanity again see – but don’t tell him I told yer mind so fer gawds sake!

Again we caught the next tram back, and as a little girl fainted right in front of me, as luck would have it, we were at the stop for the Queens Medical Centre. So her parents and sister took her off and into the hospital.

Pete dropped off to catch his bus at the station and I went on into the slab square in the City centre. Then into Primark to see if they had any of the strong socks in stock – as usual I came out a little worse off financially, but with some socks, underpants and a dressing gown. I have now sworn not to go in there again until I get the house sorted and sold!

I had a wander around until it was time for the last bus from town to the flats.

I was soon on the bus and met Norman with his mate as we got off we started to have a little natter as the rain started to come, we nipped into the flats as the Fire Alarm sounded and was told to nip out of the flats by Deana who appeared from inside to check the location on the fire panel – Norman wanted to go in to this flat, but the indicator said the fire was in the lift.

So we went out and awaited the fire brigade – Four tenders turned up in five minutes.

While we were waiting for the all-clear from the officers, for some reason both Arthur Itis and Anne Gyna gave me a painful visit with venom. Suddenly I was hobbling and struggling for breath like yesterday and first thing this morning?

We got the all clear and we went up and I got me washing ready in’t bag, the soap capsules, me camera and the SCIM card, crossword book, me umbrella and some nibbles and went down and got me washing in the machine.

Then thought I’d nip through the Park into Sherwood and get some bread.

So I did, glad I’d got me umbrella cause the rain came heavier on the way to the shops.

IMG_0109I called in the Co-op, but as it was getting late they had little choice left.

I walked down to the polish shop, where I held the door open to let in a none-talking lady.

No thanks and she got served first of course.


I walked out and back up to the Co-op and got a pack of bread thins after all.

The traffic was getting busy as I hobbled back to the top of the hill.

IMG_0108The rain kept up this on the way back too. But I managed to take a photo of a tree stump that had been cut into the shape of a seat – somehow I hadn’t noticed this before.

I pressed on and through the park back Woodthorpe Court through the not unpleasant rain and wonderful green coloured surroundings.

Back at the flats and inside the entrance foyer, I took a photographicalisation through the side IMG_0110window of Mugger Lane where the car parks and garages are between the beautiful trees as the rain belted down.

Back into the laundry room to see if me washing had finished, and a few minutes later it  did.

I transferred me togs into the drier and sat in one of the reception area seats and did some of me crossword book for an hour or so until the clothes were done – then IMG_0111packed them into me big Lidl bag.

The laundry room always reminds me of Alcatraz.

Got the lift back up to the flat, put away me togs.

Wash and got me new thin dressing DSC00033gown and jammy bottoms ready to wear. (Not warm enough!).

Used me new racks in the bedroom for the first time.

A break in the rain and I tried me new camera out with a photo taken from the kitchen window on full zoom of a dog kennel (or maybe a shed?) far away. Pleased with it.

Made a cuppa and took me medications – missed me midday ones – Humpf!

Laptop on and updated this twoddle.

IMG_0112Got me nosh done – herb tomatoes with streaky smoked bacon and bread thins followed by low-cal blackcurrant jelly.

Simple nosh but tasted grand! I rated this as 8.4/10.

Got into me new jammy-bottoms and long top then got me head down.

Well tired yet again.

Mon 24 Aug : Inchcock Today – Shattered, drained, and a tad tired…

Monday 24th August 2015


0200hrs: Awoke full of memories of the dreams I’d had – by the time I’d remembered yesterdays farcical losing of the hearing-aids Whoopsiedangleplop, and the joy of finding them, the memories of the dreams had dissipated into the ether from which they came… Tsk!

To the WC as soon as I’d struggled to me feet – felt the ‘sensations’ from ‘Little Inch’ as I walked there, oh dear. It turned into pain when I cleaned away the blood, the lesion and it’s condition is best not described here – but it were nasty! Huh!

I reckon I got a good six hours kip last night – mind you I was drained from all the erectionalisationing of the clothe-racks and worry about losing me hearing-aids.

IMG_0098Made a cuppa and returned to the front room, where I felt warmth and appreciation when I saw the computer table and chair that Dunc’ had given me – his suggestion to use it for eating off worked a treat last night.

Thanks again Dunc’ mate!

As I settled at the laptop to finish off yesterday Diary, I realised that Anne Gyna, and the reflux valve were giving me a break… no bother from either yet – I like this situation!

Mind you, with the ‘Little Ich’ all inflamed sore and bleeding, it’s just as well methinks.

BJ said he might be able to get to see me today to help with the sorting at the old place for couple of hours. Two visitors in two days eh? I like that too!

Started this diary off, and had to visit the porcelain again – messy again.

It was almost time for me medications, so I made another cuppa and took them.

Did some blogging and am glad to report that Kentucky Angel Angie in America has got a date for her moving flat, and some help with it. so glad for her.

BJ rang, he’s coming to pick me up – I’ll meet him at the end of the road.

We got the old house and started grafting straight away – amidst the dust and rubbish BJ took control of what needed doing and led me in how it should be done.

It was really hard work up and down the stairs for me. By the time we’d got many many bags ready to bring to the flat, and bags and box’s of rubbish, donatable goods and stuff to bring via a van and man separated in  their own area, three hours had passed, three painful areas.

Me knees legs back and groin ached summat rotten and I was feeling so weary, but so glad and thankful for BJ helping me out.

IMG_0104BJ then ran me back to the flat with the articles. He even dropped me off in Sherwood so i could have a look to see if the sue Ryder shop had any suitable beds in yet. BJ was tired himself by now and went to get something to eat from the cafe while I visited the shops – I got  a high handle brush and dustpan i thought would make life easier.

We got back to the flat and what-a-performance struggling to get all the stuff in the complex then the lifts (with BJ me and the bags we filled the lift) and into the flat.

IMG_0103There was no way of stopping BJ, who despite being weary himself, once he saw the mess I’d made of erecting the canvas cupboard thing in the bedroom – he set about correcting and putting it right for me.

As he huffed and puffed, I felt guilty again and aware of the help BJ and Duncan have given me.

IMG_0102After what seemed an age, here is what the thing looked like.

BJ then raised the top of one of the clothe racks (Top photo right), so I could hang me dressing gowns and longer stuff up when I eventually get things sorted and a bed. As long as  don’t put heavy stuff on it, it looks good enough fer me.

Made BJ a much needed cuppa, and he went on the balcony for a fag and phone someone.

While BJ was doing this I had to tend to ‘Little Inch’ in the bathroom. Lost a lot of blood and the haemorrhoids were leaking a bit too. The back was so painful, and I had a dizzy spell while sorting missen out. The knees were bad and I generally felt a bit run-down with it.

BJ said he might have an hour tomorrow to help again! at the old place. I felt humbled at his and Duncan’s good nature.

IMG_0105I walked down with his to his car and saw him off, inadequately thanking him again.

Back up to the flat and looked at all the stuff BJ and Dunc had made possible. Amazing.

Kettle and nosh on – tried out me new brush andpan thingy. It certainly saves on the bending – thus the back and knee pain!

IMG_0106So tired and drained. And I promised Patti and Angel I’d try to take it easier? But I have to accept graciously any help I can get. Tsk!

I finished making me nosh:

A few new potatoes left over from yesterday, a mini pork and pickle pork-pie, mushroom pate, Wieska, raw pod-peas, beetroot, mini sausages and me speciality- Instant mash with dollops of cheese mixed in – then roasted till singed in’t oven. On reflection, doing this diary in the morning after like, I’ll give this one 8.8/10.

Could do no more after eating this – well I washed the pots up – took me medications and just got me head down.

Sun 23 Aug 2015: Inchcock Today: Duncans Visitation

Sunday 23rd August 2015


Wonderful view this morning

0405hrs: Woke up with severe stomach pains again, laid there and some memories of the dreams remained: People who I’d know in the past where interrogating me about something, and they kept passing me into other bare rooms with a chair, desk and a pair of binoculars hanging on a mannequin of a laughing policeman? In each room someone rollocked me about something… Lost in a building, got to the roof, jumped off, changed me mind too late and as I dropped Lords of the manor types started to shoot at me with the shotguns, I noted they had poodles as gun dogs?

That’s all I recall.

Got up painfully (Knees and angina) and managed to get into the bathroom – where I really struggled to perform my excavations duties – it was agony – took an hour plus and I bled profusely afterwards. A most uncomfortable feeling remained in my innards after for ages.

Gingerly went and made a cup of tea to take me medications with, and wondered if the Beetroot and Apple bread I had late yesterday had caused the intestinal problems this morning? But last time I had some there was no reactions like this?

I’d saved half the Beetroot bread and wrapped it up in foil to help keep it fresh for Dunc to try when he called today – not sure if I ought to feed him that now.

No signs of the warned-about rains yet.

Set about doing some Facebooking while I had the chance and was in the mood.

I was a bit cheerfulish cause of Dunc coming to see me like.

Went to get a shave wash and ready for Dunc’s arrival. I didn’t really mean to stub me toe on the way out of the kitchen on me new storage boxes and knock off me 36 medication box’s onto the floor so they now all have to washed again – and I kept the curses to low decibel level. Huh!

All freshened up I went to put me hearing-aids in to go and meet Dunc as he arrived… could I find them? No! Spent ages and ages searching and slowly going bonkers!

Eventually went down and met Dunc who had very kindly brought me a really useful computer desk and chair. It’s also dead handy for having a nosh off of. So kind of him, what a man… but I was guilt ridden with not being able to concentrate on  anything properly cause I was panicking about me hearing aids and the thought of £4000 to replace them I couldn’t tell half of what he was saying either.

We got upstairs and in between my nipping off every few minutes to search somewhere I’d already searched for the hearing-aids, I made us a cuppa and we and a chin-wag.

He showed me some photographs of the isle in Scotland where was born and lived, I’ve never seen such beautiful land before.

Dunc’ started to assemble the clothes-racks, while I guiltily kept nipping off for a failed search for the aids. After he’s finished the first one I joined him in pretending to help him with the second one.

The third one was the killer… between us we managed to reach a level of pathetic competency and after erecting the tubes into a frame, struggled with the  canvas for hours until Dunc realised we should have threaded the first tubes through the canvas… I was so thankful for all his help, as I now have two clothe-horses I can use, and would never have got them assembled on me own.

A very weary and tired Duncan returned home, and I guiltily thanked him and returned to the flat to search yet again for the hearing-aids.


Nosh, eaten at the table and chair kindly supplied by Sir Duncan Roberson

I got me nosh on, boiled new spuds, mini sausages, apple, fresh pod peas and beetroot, with caramelised red onion relish – followed by lemon and Cornish clotted cream.

I think I would have enjoyed it so much more if was not nipping off to search places I must have searched two or three times already for me haring-aids while eating it.

Finished me main course and was about to start on me lemon and cream and a thought came over me puddled brain – ‘Did I scoop up me hearing-aids with the paperwork earlier this morning when clearing the window ledge in readiness or me doing the checking out of the turn switch so I could clean them – then forgot about? (Bit of a mouthful there, sorry). I went into the bedroom where I stashed the stuff and found the carrier bag – OH THE JOY when I found them!

I went back and finished the lemon and Cornish clotted-cream, suddenly it tasty such a lot better.

A cuppa and took me medications, emailed Dunc’ with thanks and told him I’d found the hearing-aids.

Bet he thinks I’m a right plonka – mind you, I am!

Sat 22 Aug 15: Inchcock Today: Still up to the neck in jobs that need doing… Tsk!

Saturday 22nd August 2015

0530hrs: Sprang awake after a long sleep for me, I reckon I got 7 hours in – I can’t remember any dreams but I’m sure I had them?

First thought was to message Lyzzi in America to thank her for me box of pressies.

Me back still twinging away at me, the angina playing up, bleeding ‘Little inch’, bleeding haemorrhoids, stomach rumbling, emissions of wind from the anus were mega-rotten smelling and too frequent for my liking or comfort, the reflux valve was popping in and out, the sin-cancer wound was tingling and itching, I got a cuppa and took me medications. Still, yer don’t like to moan do yer?

I got a message to Lyzzi to thank her for the things she’s sent.

Did some Facebooking – dizzy spells while doing this?

Remembered the Morrison’s order coming, so got missen washed shaved and changed – running low on clean clothes now, being so busy like – must try to get some done later.

Checked me emails and did some FAcebooking while waiting for the Morrison’s delivery.

The nosh arrived and I once more have a crammed full fridge, food cupboards and freezer.

Felt a bit better now, apart from the knees and dizzies the other ailments gave ne a rest.

Got togs ready, me book and crossword book and went down to the laundry room and a machine was free, so got it in quick and settled to read me book. Then realised I had not put the soap powder in – Huh! – put it in late and hoped for the best.

One or two of the other residents came down to have their hair done in the next room, at the hairdressers (Seemed sensible to me) and I managed to get a little natter or two in.

IMG_0095When the washing was done, I moved it into the drier and nipped out for a walk though Woodthorpe Park to the Co-op store and got a Beetroot and Apple loaf. Naughty but nice.

Hobbled back, the weather was as perfect as it could be, not too hot or cols, low wind, very nice.

A lady asked me for  instructions on how to get to Edwards Lane from the Park – I could tell she wanted me body by the way she said Thank you and take are. FibMode Hehehe!

Struggled a little bit on the way back with me knees, but not complaining at all. No dizzies lately that’s good.

Got in and checked the drier then had another chin-wag with a lady waiting to have her hair done. She warned me the heavy rain had been forecast for tonight and tomorrow – that’s bad, cause Duncan is driving from Birmingham tomorrow – I’l email him tellingh im I’ll understand if he dosen’t come with the weather like.

Read me book a while then went in to take me togs out. They seemed clean.

IMG_0096Back up to the flat, put we things away and the bread in the kitchen ready for later – I’ve decided to have just the bread with butter on it, thickly spread, with maybe a few mini sausages on the side… and some sauce of course. I’ll try the Value Tomato Ketchup bottle I got from Morrison’s methinks.

Set about updating this diary and when I went to make another cuppa a dizzy visited again, but only for a few seconds this time, and no bother.

Started to feel a bit tired early again. Emailed Dunc.

Took a while to get to sleep – but after starting to read me new Clarkson book I managed to get off to kip.