Wed 19 Aug 2015: Inchcock Today – Started well, to mediocre, to not good, to bolognaise!

Wednesday 18th August 2015


0235hrs: Woke with immediate panic attack about what needs doing and guilt at the old place not getting done.

Set about finishing sorting the front room to clear it so the sideboard can go in when delivered later today – assuming that is if it will go through the doors. The cabinet is small so will be no problem.

Then I moved all the clothes from the pegs on the hallway wall, and laid them in the bedroom – where of course, there is no bed yet to get in the way. Huh!

IMG_00670410hrs: Laptop on, cuppa and medications taken.

Popped to the bathroom to visit the porcelain and decided to have a wash and shave at the same time like.

Reflux valve sticking again, cough still with me, hands not too bad at all, Anne Gyna just getting going, and the skin cancer wound was getting so very itchy again.

Returned to the kitchen and made another cuppa.

Finished off yesterdays diary and got it posted.

Did some prep work on Coreldraw for a project I’m working on.

IMG_0068The J Lewis chaps arrived with the TV and storage bins. Unfortunately the bins need putting together – hope to get on with that soon before me fingers start playing up… well, before Arthur Itis starts playing up.

One of the chappies asked if I had me coax cable he could use – I told him no one at the shop told me I needed one when I bought the TV, and as it was 30 years since I last owned a TV set I did not have a cable.

Very sportingly he told me had an old one in the van, and he went down and collected it to use. Jolly decent of him. They even took away the packaging for me.

I have now to get an electrical extension plug thingy though, as the TV would not reach to where I wanted it to go… when I get some furniture in like. Huh!

So I did me Morrison’s order earlier than planned and ordered one with me groceries for delivery tomorrow.

01topaYesterday when me Warfarin INR level results came back and were so close to the target, the hospital haematology put 7th September as me next blood session, I emailed them asking for an appointment on Monday 7th September.

0101cGot an email back today with an appointment for Thursday 7th September. Initially this confued me a bit and I thought I’d made a Whoopsiedangleplop again – after checking the calendar I realised it was the surgery that had made the error. I emailed them back and the returned one apologising. I just hope it wasn’t 0101bthe Obergruppenfurher that made the error cause if she was me next time I’m in for an ear-full. Oh dear Yes!

The Sue Ryder delivery volunteers arrived with me old ‘1960’s G-Plan’ sideboard (It’s printed on the inside of the drawers!) and the VHS video cabinet.

They kindly placed it where I wanted and suggested I use the top of the VHS cabinet for me phone, Alert alarm and TV for now – so I did.

After a few hours the room looked like his below.


0101dI considered having a look at sorting out how the hoover works first, but instead I got battling to assemble the storage boxes instead.

The time was racing by I but I pressed on.

It took me a lot of bad language and hours to get them assembled.

0101aUsed most of them in the kitchen, not a pretty sight, but sensible to keep me things and practical I thought like if yer know worra mean.

Of course I may change things round later I suppose.

Then the brainwave hit me!

I’ll go to Wilkinson’s in Sherwood to get some wood dye/restorer to cover or hide the scratches on the sideboard.

I can drop off the letters delivered for the previous tenant Margaret at the Community Hut on the way.

She was a popular girl won’t she. Also take some bits to the Nottingham Hospice charity shop and see if they had coaster for sale.

I got a letter from Parcel Force – demanding £38.58 – that’s Import Duty £30.58 plus VAT clearance fee of £8.00! Argh! I’ll get on the web later to try and sort it out.


How long are remotes getting nowadays?

Obergruppenfurher Julie was in and I gave her a choice of nibbles and the letters – she asked  if the caretaker Robert had delivered the writing bureau yet? I said no and she arranged for it to be delivered this afternoon.

Off on a walk into Sherwood and called into the Hospice shop with me bits for em. Forgot to ask if they had any coasters of course.

Out and into Wilkinsons, where I forgot all about having ordered the electric extension for tomorrow from Morrison’s and bought one there, but it had on/off switches for all four sockets on it that I thought was good. I ended up getting his and a bottle of ‘scratch cover’ and a wax wood polish spray.

Thoroughly wee’d off with me spending again, I crossed over and had a look in the Sue Ryder Charity shop to see if the had found me bendable duster that I lost yesterday – but they had not, so I bought another one. Tsk!

With all the spending I managed to resist going into the Co-op to get some more of the delicious beetroot and apple bloomers.

IMG_0078Caught the bus back to the flats and got in and set about ‘doing up’ the scratches.


The bureau goes well with Duncan’s swivel-char that he brought fer me, now I’ve dyed it like!

Caretaker, ‘I don’t charge enough yer know’ Robert arrived later with the writing bureau, and I gave him some DVD’s for his bother, I think he was expecting some cash judging by the expression on his face. Tsk!

I got on the web to see if the parcel of towels that Lyzzi from TFZ said she would kindly send me for the new flat. Bet she didn’t know they would charge me all this eh? Swines!


This is Greedy surely?

I just hope they do deliver the parcel after Lyzzi has kindly gone to all that trouble to help me out…  £38.58! Christ have I not spent enough this week! Really fed-up now! Bloody Post Office!

Still the parcel should be on the way tomorrow it said… but we’ll see eh?

Did a bit of staining on the bureau… well i did it all, not much left in the bottle now.

So tired now. Put the TV on to try it for a few minutes – Crap! The picture keeps pixelating – so I’ll have to buy a signal-power booster now – really wee’d off again now!

IMG_0084This is the front room at the moment, as far as I’ve got. I’ve already moved the telephone onto the sideboard and Virgin internet box onto the floor, cause they didn’t look to firmly based. I’m glad I’ve got the laptop out of the kitchen at last.

Got me diced potatoes in the oven and me seasoned beans in the pan, bread out ready and me pork loin cut up on the dish ready.

Finished updating this diary and felt morose after all the spending today again… I say AGAIN! Hehehe!

Had nosh and managed to stay awake long enough to have a good nosh but it didn’t cheer me up, still low after feeling so good earlier. Cobbleknotrots!

IMG_0085Did some Facebooking until me eyes were closing in there own.

Morrison’s delivery int morning 0800>0900hrs.

ust call to see if BJ is back from holiday yet, i think he’s got another week though. Hope he’s enjoying it in Ireland, he usually does bless him.


Tue 18th Aug: Inchcock Today: So busy, but he loved his Beetroot and apple bloomer!

Tuesday 18th August 2015


0215hrs: Woke, again with feelings of uncertainty and definite uneasiness? And the almost familiar warm wet sensations – to the WC to find haemorrhoids and Little Inchy both bleeding. Reflux valve sticking again, cough still with me, hands not too bad, but the knees were thanks to Arthur Itis, I was shaking a bit for some reason? Mainly a sensation of lugubriousness prevailed.

Made a cuppa, laptop on and finished yesterdays diary, then started this one… as me Dad used to say, I felt all Hairy Fairy!

Feeling down a tad this morning.

Did some Facebooking and graphicalisationing on Coreldraw.

Me back twinging away at me, the angina playing up, bleeding ‘Little inch’, bleeding haemorrhoids, coughing again! Huh!

IMG_0062Took a photo from Kitchen window when it was raining heavy – but was surprised at how it didn’t show up in the picture like?

Started grafting away to sort a cupboard or two out in t’kitchen – couldn’t gerrum finished until I get me storage boxes delivered tomorrow.

Then started doing loads of shredding and took bags to the rubbish chute.

Move some stuff from the kitchen into the bedroom where there is more room – not having a bed yet like. Tsk!

Still looks a right mess all round, but when I get me storage bins delivered tomorrow I can make a difference surely.

Got some photo frames out of one of the carrier bags and cleaned them up.

Downloaded Windows 10 while I was doing these jobs.

Tried it out, the layout is an improvement – but trying to get it to access me extra drive got me in a mess – fancy that. Sorted it later, when your in file access to load or import into wot yer working on, yer can right-click on any item and press pin-to -quick-access bar, and it’s great for gerrin’ things easily afterwards – mind you I made a mess of it and had to right-button and move the different types of things to group em together in the access bar, but it was easy.

And on the bar at the bottom of the your desk-top, when you have a programme or add-on in use, it underlines the icon. I like what I’ve seen so far on this Windows 10 – other than not being able to get a clear background on the desktop.

When I cleaned the bathroom the back pains started again.

Had a cuppa after giving getting used to Windows 10 for a bit, in a fashion, updated this diary and decided although a bit late and raining still, I’d have a walk into Sherwood through Woodthorpe Park to see if the Charity shops had any desks in, and drop off some stuff for the Nottingham Hospice charity shop at the same time.

Back in a bit…

Hobbled into Sherwood, dropped off the Nottingham Hospice donation bag, then walked down and across the pelican crossing and into the Sue Ryder charity shop. They didn’t have any more Ottomans in stock, but some were on order. Good, I hope by the time I get back they are not all sold, the lady told me they could not save them for me – fair enough I can understand that.

They had an old sideboard that looked just the ticket fer me, and it wasn’t sold either, so I invested £65 for it.

And also an old wooden Video case that opens wide for £10 that would come in handy for me storing things I don’t need often in. And then an extendable duster fro £4.99 that will be very helpful. With the delivery it was £100.01, and they could deliver it tomorrow, which is handy, cause I’ve got the TV and storage box’s coming tomorrow as well.

I was going to photograph them to put on here but I’d again left me card in the laptop.

The only worry is if they can get it into the flat and front room – is there enough space for em? After getting back and having a look, I think it will be tight? Oh dear! I’m not bothered about anyone saying how old the furniture looks – it is old, so am I, but I like the functionality of old furniture. Anyway, only Duncan Robertson (Who supplied me with the swivel chair that I take my life in me hands with when I fall asleep in it – Hehe, only joking Dunc… I think? Hehe!) has been to see me in the new flat. I am so looking forward to him coming again all being well this Sunday for a visit. Also, Lynton Cox might be coming in September, I’d really like to have at least the front room and kitchen sorted when he arrives Hopeful, but the chances are like me, slim. WPlie 

I popped into the Cancer charity shop just to see if they had owt in that would be of use to me.

They had some nice tea-pots, but with limited space for storage in the kitchen I decided not to invest – they usual leak anyway for me. A lady (Not one of the staff) was telling off a young couple who were moaning about the prices and told them they were lucky not to have cancer themselves and in need of help.

Hit home that did, here’s me having had bowel cancer, blood cancer and now skin cancer, and knowing how hard, nay, impossible it is to get help. Hey-ho, I’m still such a lot better off than some I can tell yer.



I walked up the hill and called in the Co-op store to have a look at their bread on offer – Yippee!, guess what I found – not cheap mind… “Beetroot and apple bloomer bread!”

Decided to have it with some strong cheese and the last of me tomatoes tonight, perhaps with some Caramelised red onion chutney? By gum I know how to live. Hehe! with my shortage of funds and having to spend on furniture and a bed yet… I did feel guilty!

I popped into the hardware shop and bought a bottle of Antiseptic disinfectant 50p and a plastic bowl £2 to replace the one I shattered trying to scrub off the sticky label on it – Huh!

Started to walk back up the hill to go through the park – and noticed on the bus-stop sign the last L8 bus was due in 12 minutes, so I waited and caught that.

When I got in the flat and emptied me bag – CityRain The extendible duster was nowhere to be seen – Curse! Had I left it on the bus, or at the Sue Ryder Charity shop? I may well never know! So sad innit?

Now depression took a hold of me to join the aching feet, knees and Anne Gyna’s attentions.

I wanted to clear the hallway of clothes and make it easier for the delivery man to get to the front room tomorrow, but felt well drained again suddenly – and i had not finished cleaning the cupboard ready for restocking either, just too weary. This is happening regularly recently.

Me INR level tests results arrived – 3.8, closest its been for ages. And with me ‘Little Inch’ and the haemorrhoids bleeding I’m amazed its so good.

Got the laptop started with it’s new Windows 10 now working. It takes a lot longer to boot-up now, but the easier lay-out of things is nice. It automatically changed the icons on the bottom of the screen, they are easier to see now, but the volume controls have disappeared – still I can use Fn and the up or down arrows for that.

IMG_0065Made me sandwiches of Beetroot and apple bread and pork loin with strong cheese, tomatoes and the Chutney

Blooming smashing!


So tasty!

Rated this 8.75/10.

Flaked out after eating me nosh – with so much more to do as well. Poor Whoopsiedangleplop ridden old chap…