Wed 5th June 2015: Inchcock Today: Morrison’s delivery, Dentist 0930hrs too early for a bus so walk there, Iceland 1300hrs, Clinic 1430hrs, Try ringing Age UK Steve (Ha!), Rubbish down chute, take extra Omeprazole, Clean up behind kitchen door, Little Inch bleeding, No magnesium to be had after long search, Dentist changes appointment, Nuisance phone-caller, Internet on a go-slow… Tsk!

Wednesday 5th June 2015


Up at 0355hrs, mind racing again: Morrison’s delivery, Dentist 0930hrs too early for a bus so walk there, Iceland 1300hrs, Clinic 1430hrs, Try ringing Age UK Steve (Ha!), Laundry, Rubbish down chute, take extra Omeprazole, Clean up behind kitchen door, Nuisance phone-caller, Prescriptions to collect, Cramps and on and on…

I realised that the ‘Cramps’ had not bothered me much at all last night, not sure if that was due to the dollop of Phorpain I’d rubbed into me legs or not. Must get some magnesium tablets while out this morning. (Soon found out that none of the three chemists I called in sold them – HUH!)

Made cuppa, laptop on and took me medications.

WC’d finding ‘Little Inchy’ had been bleeding again, yet another pair of jammy bottoms for the wash!

Legs showing signs of water retention – surprised me that as I am visiting the porcelain far more often this last few days?

IMG_0041Wash and brush-up, during which the perfectionist painter Paul’s handiwork I admired.

Wondered how to get off the paint without scratching the door?

A handy-man I ain’t, but he got paid for this crap painting!

The horrible high winds of yesterday and last night were in my favour for once – they were coming from the East and the flats on the other side to where I am coped for the worst. They seem to have dropped a lot this morning.

Did the header for today’s Diary. Posted yesterdays diary and started this one proper.

Got me things ready and set-off on me walk to the Chemists to get some Magnesium tablets, and the dentist fer me appointment.

Called in at the Community Hut on the way – but no one in again.

DSCF0205Walked up into Woodthorpe Park and down the path under the Chestnut trees to Mansfield Road.

Burke-on-a-bike nearly had me coming from behind. Git!

Turned left and over the crest of the hill and into the chemists. Where I asked them if the sold Magnesium tablets to relieve cramps – the lady said no, they are not allowed to stock cramp medications any longer. Oh?

Walked down and into the dentists, where I joined an orderly queue of other mugs all waiting to be snapped at, insulted, sneered at and overcharged.

The Obergruppenfurher Receptionist informed me there was no appointment for me today – it was for next Tuesday 11th at 1415hrs.

0707bI was admonished in Concentration camp Commander style for not realising the appointment had been changed, and reminded of the £18.80 extra charge if I fail to turn up for the next appointment???  

Well I’ll be blowed!

Tail between me legs I departed.

Walked down to the Boots store and waited patiently for someone to tend to me – for a good while. Eventually a lady did come to me at the counter. I asked about Magnesium tablets for me Cramps and she went to talk to someone, then returned. They used to sell Crampex tablets, but they have had to stop stocking them. Oh dear! I should try the larger Boots in town or an independent chemist.

So off to the bus-stop with me free pensioners bus-pass and caught one into town – having first worked out if I had the time so as to get back to the flat fer me food delivery on time.

Dropped off in town and went into the big Boots store in Victoria shopping centre (Mall).

Same story from them, they do not stock them any-more – the chap said that Crampex was a specialist product and no one else makes anything like them to offer me as a substitute. That’s nice innit – all the Cramp-sufferers now have to suffer in agony then?

DSCF0206Not a good day up to now!

Another Nottingham Pavement cyclist nearly had me as I left the building to go and get a bus back to the flats. Huh!

Caught the bus back to the flats.

DSCF0207The route takes in many steep hills to and from the flats on the L9 bus.

Had a go on me crossword book to help stop me from nodding off again en-route like.

Called at the Community hut again on the way to the flat – no one in again.

Thought for a moment when I passed the laundry room and there was a washer free, I’d get me washing done… then remembered I’d got me food coming so changed me mind.

Got in WC’d, then took me bag of rubbish to the chute.

Laptop on and updated this diary. Not an easy job as the Virgin internet connection was so slow… I’d getting fed-up with today…

I tried rebooting laptop to see if it helped speed up the connection…

It didn’t.

Nipped to the Community Shed – still nobody about.

DSCF0209Made me nosh

Cheesey potatoes, 2 mini pork & pickle pies, bread thins and the last few of me seasoned curly potatoes and roast potatoes.

Followed by a small cake and iced lolly.

Rated it 8.4/10.

I got a telephone call on the landline and it was the same foreign chap who has phoned me for the last two nights – can’t really understand what he’s saying. I think he was asking me about an order for some food, but I might be wrong. I decided to turn off the ringer as it seems he is intent on hassling me for some reason. This in turn made the health-alarm box make a buzzing noise and the red light flashed – thought I had to press the flashing light button and got the emergency monitoring lady on asking if I was alright? Int life confusing?

Had a bath and shave, put some Phorpain gel on me legs and knees.

Updated this diary – remembered me medications a little late, but still.

Again fell asleep in the chair – woke-up wobbling with a dizzy, then got me head down.