Wed 12 Aug 2015: Inchcock Today – Still Grafting away getting nowhere… Tsk!

Wednesday 12th August 2015

01topa20400hrs: Woke without me usual start, and slowly reality came to me – the mess i find missen in with so much to do and no means of getting them done – a depression dawned on me I’m afraid…

Made  cuppa, took me medications and started the laptop – while trying to avoid looking at the mess all around me and thinking of how the devil I’m going to get it sorted.

Finished and posted yesterdays diary then sat thinking for a while (Dangerous that fer an Inchcock yer know… Hehe!).

I could remember no dreams, although certain I’d had some – I don’t remember waking up very often either, perhaps twice at most?

I wondered how I’d got missen in a bigger muddle and mess now than ever before in the flat?

All sorting and leaning today then – just press on and hope for the best?

I hope Steve Age UK is going to phone the carpet shop and try to find out about when if the bed is going to be delivered – then of course I have to find a day when I’ve got no medical appointments… how do I get a bit of furniture in, there’s some at the old dump to get a van and man to bring, but I still have to get wardrobes, soft chair, cabinets, computer desk and the money is running low so I must try to get the old place sorted ASAP so I can get it on the market and sold sharpish, still more repairs to be done here, tomorrow the kitchen window is being replaced… so no point in cleaning or sorting in the kitchen today – oh, I must remember to take out all the crap from the kitchen into another room today as well… on and on me mind toys with me problems without offering any solutions…

WC’d to find ‘Little Inch had been bleeding, underpants and jammies in a mess with the blood – more extra washing to do – then me mind reminded me about how long it takes to get the washing done here and me depression deepened as i can’t stop me mind finding problems?

I remembered I have a Morrison’s delivery coming twixt 7-9 and wondered why the hell I’d ordered it at all? Am I going bonkers?

0520hrs: Forced missen back to the rather full bathroom to empty it of bags and boxes and clean missen up – An eventful visit to the bathroom this one was:.

  1. Cleared out the bags, dropping one em that had bird seed in it.
  2. Cleaned up the bird seed.
  3. Managed to stop ‘Little Inch’ bleeding with Betamethasone corticosteroid cream.
  4. WC’d.
  5. Cleaned up and eased the haemorrhoids with some Permethrin cream.
  6. Cut missen shaving – put some after-shave on it to stop the bleeding and dropped the bottle – I now have one of the sweetest smelling bathrooms in the whole complex – Tsk!
  7. Had  good wash – didn’t want to run a bath this early in case it bothered me neighbours. Especially the pretty lady next door.
  8. Dropped me carbolic soap, bent down to pick it up and banged me head on the sink. Huh!

DSCF0266Moved a few more things into the living room, and took rubbish to the chute.

Morrison’s delivery arrived.

I’m still amazed that I was daft enough to order owt at all considering me financial situation – Wot a plonka!

Had a bit of a job getting to the fridge DSCF0265to put away the things, and had to move some more things into the living room to gain access t’fridge like.

Treated missen foolishly to some expensive Beetroot relish, and Caramelised red onion relish. Little spendthrift!

Put most of the things away, full food cupboard and cleaning cupboard now.

Got the basket for the Wheelie Walker, and took DSCF0267it down to the storage room on the ground floor.

Took me washing with me one machine was free free so got it going.

Had a walk out to get some fresh air, and called at the Community Hut with the previous tenant’s Margaret’s letters. Julie and Deana were in, and i took a photograph of Obergruppenfurher Julie – at which she was not happy at all!

She informed me snappily as she covered her DSCF0268face that she does not like having her photograph taken. I could not help the urge in answering: “Yes, I understand, a lot of illegal immigrants, con-artists and ladies of the night are the same dear…..” I beat a hasty retreat back to the laundry room.

Read me Dunkirk book while the washing finished, got me washing out and into the drier.

Popped up to the flat and got a bit of sorting done, then returned back down and collected me washing and cleaned the filter.

Back up again, and put me fresh smelling togs away.

DSCF0269Got the bag for the Nottingham Hospice charity shop and walked via the park into Sherwood and dropped it off at their shop.

En-route took a photograph of a dog eyeing up a crow – then he went for it… and the row retaliated and the dog yelped and then ran back to it’s owner DSCF0270with his tail between his legs!

Then caught I a bus into town so I could have a search and look at the furniture in the shops available that I might need. The prices frit-me to death!

Had a little walk around town – the City Centre amusements were popular today DSCF0272– mind you the weather is grand now!

The paddling pool and fountains attracted the young uns.

Plenty of people sat around doing nothing.

After calling in a few more shops I made me way to the bus-stop.

DSCF0273I had to fight against falling asleep on the L9 bus yet again – it came close a few times, had to shake me head and whistle.

Got back to the flats, nd appreciated today being less busy.

Sorted yet more bits out, mostly crap they had left on the carpets, still tons left to pick up yet Tsk!

Prepared me curried/bbq beans and put em in the fridge to marinate. Might have the bit of pork loin left with em – or veggie bacon, or mini BBQ sausages… I’m spoilt fer choice, I’ll decide later.

Seasoned them this curry powder, English mustard, sultanas, unrefined demerara sugar, and rice vinegar, hope they taste alright.

Updated this diary to here.

Got missen ready again, and went off to visit the charity shop in Sherwood, Sue Ryder, to see if they had any desks chairs in stock. I’m enjoying all this walking while I’ve got time – don’t know if Arthur Itis and Anne Gyna will agree later mind?

Me knees and feet were aching when i got to the store.

They had a perfect desk set-up – but it had been sold sob!.

DSCF0275Spotted a brown easy chair that was nice and firm and not too low.

The ticket said £40 down to £25 so I invested in it, also a mini-Otterman at £15 in brown.

They can deliver it on Saturday for £15, the chair that is, the Otterman was collapsible so to avoid another £15 charge on a £15 Ottoman, I carried it back to the flat, but didn’t walk back this time, I caught the L9 bus.

Laptop on and warmed me nosh up, made a cuppa and took me evening medications, took an extra blood tablet cause I forgot to take me midday doses… again!

DSCF0276Made me nosh, the seasoned beans were okay, but i think i might have put a little too much mustard in them.

The natural Clementine drink was nice.

Tiredness again dawned and i got me head down and lay there worrying about all the things I’m not getting done!