Fri 14 Aug 2015: Inchcock Today – Window replacement day

Friday 14th August 2015


0157hrs: Woke, put me hearing-aids in, and listened for a few seconds to the whir thump clud bang of the fridge freezer – at least I knew it was still working!

Up and WC’d. Pleased with the lack of bleeding from ‘Little Inchy’, when I returned to the kitchen/bedroom and cleared away me things then realised just what a state the place was in!

But no point in doing owt until those nice gentlemen from the Nottingham City Homes Maintenance team had been and destroyed the kitchen while replacing the condemned kitchen window.

The letter said they would be here twixt 0800hrs to 1400hrs.

Took the photo’s for the header and top of this blog.

Back to the WC… Haemmorhoids not bleeding so much today, Anne Gyna very quiet, Arthur Itis his usual self, annoying but not crippling. The wobbly stomach is a lot easier too.

ArtG2Did some graphicalisationing and got one posted.

Me graphic of Patti Bekert at her second Art Gallery display. I was quite pleased with it, just hope Patti is.

The man came to look at DSCF0290the window in the kitchen – decided it was just ‘a bit stiff’ and was not broken as first assessed. He did show me how to move the switch that is on the right of the frame, into the correct position to allow the window to turn all the way around for cleaning the outside – after three failed attempts due to arthritis in me fingers, he suggested I rang them when I needed to clean the windows and they send someone to open it?

If I managed it and any rain came out from the windows when I turned them, ring him again.

Nice chap, took the vacuum cleaner out of the box for me, so at last I can use it to clear up the Cowboy carpet fitters mess they left. I’ve have to read the instructions first though.

Nipped to the Community shed to beg for help with phoning the British Gas about me electricity bill.

No one in.

DSCF0289The field outside had been mowed and finished nicely.

Returned to the flat and updated this – then Steve from Age UK answered the phone call I made – surprised that did. He was at the dentists and could not talk at the moment, he’ll ring back later. That didn’t surprise me at all.

DSCF0291Shelled some garden peas ready for later.

Really tasty nosh today – Seasoned chips, cooked fresh garden peas, pickled eggs, mushroom pat’e and mini-sausages.

Rated it 8.6/10.

Started to do some paperwork sorting and shredding – after I made a cuppa of course.

Had me nosh and somehow fell asleep in the swivel chair – taking me like in me hands there! How I didn’t topple off I don’t know.

Steve rang, he’s going to phone the Carpet Cowboys to see about where the bed is? Said he’ll ring me back.

He did ring back, they have no record of my order for a bed? Asked Steve to ring them back and tell them to forget it then – after the cocked-up carpet laying I want nowt to do with Untied Carpets ever again!

Thought  about it, and decided to go to the bank on the next bus – just got time fer a wash and shave I hope… made it okay.

Dropped off in town and went straight to the bank, where a nice young lady listened to me and set me up on set up so I can just call in when I get an Gas/electricity bill and pay it.

To early to catch the last five-past the hour bus yet, so had a walk around – but the rain started so I ducked into the Pound shop and had a wander around. Got a pack of three heavy duty floor cloths.

Popped into Tesco to get me bread thins fer the weekend. How that cream cake got into me bag is still a mystery…

The rain coming even heavier I made a dash for the bus stop. 15 minutes to wait, but no hassle apart from a lady who came right up to me face and said “My name is Gladys I’m from Radford…” I said No, but she continued: “My friend is coming over from Latvia and I have no food in for her, would you be able to lend me £2o so I can…” I repeated a rather sterner ‘No’. Tsk, yer should have smelt the poor wino’s breath.

It dawned on me just as I was wondering why the bus was so late – the last one went an hour earlier! Felt a right plonka again!

Walked up and caught an Arnold bus, getting slightly soaked in the rain and dropped off in Sherwood, of course being this late there would be no buses up the hill available – so I set off on a walk through Woodthorpe park and back to the flats – just as the rain came belting down, and all the trees I had to walk under made it worse – Tsk!

A very soaked through Inchcock made it back to the flat.

WC’d, Little Inchy had been bleeding again, badly.

Kettle and laptop on to update this diary again. Plenty of jobs I could have been doing but felt a bit too fatigued, fragile, coughing away and Anne Gyna played up as bad as she ever has done now!

Took me medications and put me bank papers back in the correct folder – sneezed and me glasses fell off.

Odd sort of day, even fer me! Huh!