Thur 13 Aug 2015: Inchcock Today – Poorly

01topa2Thursday 13th August 2015

0425hrs: Woke up with severe stomach pains, not feeling good at all this morning.

To the porcelain and suffered seriously when relieving myself, much blood from the haemorrhoids and pain from the intestines, ‘Little Inchy been bleeding a bit, Anne Gyna playing up.

Good job I’d got the day wrong for the window replacement being done (It’s tomorrow not today) cause there is no way I could lift the stuff out-of-the-way for their arrival at the moment. I can manage the paperwork and bits, but not dare to risk lifting the microwave or cabinet. Might feel less tender later and do it then.

I wondered if the cold Clementine juice drink I had yesterday afternoon caused the stomach to flare up so? Tons of natural sugar in it, too sweet fer me, so I’ll give the other bottles to the Hut and me neighbour if I get to see her. 

WC’d again, that’s both actions that caused me pain now… Tsk!

DSCF0278I went in the other rooms and notice there are tons of little bits of carpet and nylon to pick up yet left by the Cowboy carpenters – then… Found they had knocked off the telephone connection box from the wall! Raw-plugs screws and the box was laying on the floor, dust and cement laying on the carpet and skirting boards!

I shoved it back in for now.


Remember that name folks, and avoid them at all costs!

01topaIt took me three weeks to get them to deliver the carpets when I also ordered a bed – I had to go to the shop to pay them for the carpet and bed and was told I needed £100 in cash to pay the fitter on the day – Eventually the fitter arrived and laid the underlay then nipped off telling me they had not yet received the carpet from untied Carpets – They returned and in a mad rush laid the carpet in 20 minutes! – Thousands of bits of carpet all over the surface – The doors don’t close in either room – and now I find they’ve damaged me electrics on the wall!

I thought they nipped off a bit quick like…

No sign or owt about me bed heard! Thousands of bits of carpet, nylon thread all over the place and me in no state to pick it up this morning so it’s going to get trod around innit? And I’m still finding splashes of Paul the painters efforts all over, Huh!

Well dis-pleased I am.

Made a cuppa took me medications and started this diary like.

The stomach still playing up, agony when I try to bend down – Huh!

But I’m sure things will get better… Hopeful

Had a good bath – found some more of Painter Paul’s deposit on the bath taps. Had a nice soak and thought about, should I get a TV after all these years without one? Should I have got the lidded containers for the kitchen wot i saw in the J Lewis store the other day? Am I gong mad? Things like that…

Decided I would get a TV after-all, and ensured the Free Pensioners Bus-pass, camera and me debit card was in me pocket, and set off and caught the bis into Sherwood. Then caught one into town.

As i got into town there were several Nottingham Pavement Cyclists to photograph this morning – but unfortunately I had left me camera card stuck in the laptop. Curse!

Went into the John Lewis store, ground floor kitchen accessories and viewed the lidded bins again. Decided to get some and asked a lady if they had three of the small and 6 of the large bins in stock. She checked on the computer telling me they had them in stock.

Then I told her I was going to buy a TV as well. And could they deliver them at the same time please. “No problem, I’ll take the numbers and write them down for you to hand to the staff in the electrical department and they can add it to TV you buy”.

So, up to the third floor and was about to give up getting served when a bloke approached me at last. I informed him I was after a TV with built-in Freeview and a DVD player. He pointed out three in stock after checking every set to see if they had DVD slots. I opted for the cheapest and asked if they could deliver along with the containers. “No problem” he said. And set about sorting it on his sales monitor… “It will not let me add the containers, tells me I must check the stocks in store!”

He informed me they could not deliver before next Wednesday and got details from me about where I lived, access etc and added it to the list. Oddly enough, he had my record from past purchases with the new Address on? So, Wednesday 19th between 0700 > 1400 hrs was arranged – £47 set-up charge, total £349.95 (Usd $545.40 – Cad$709.48 – Aud$709.48. Oh dear…)

He printed off my purchase order and then we walked back down to the ground floor and found the lady who gave me the details of the containers, but had to wait because she was serving a customer – look around, whistle, scratched me bum, whistled…

Eventually she finished and they had a con-fab. Then I carried the containers in three trips to behind the serving counter, the man returned to his department. I asked “What now?” – “Just go and pay for them at the sales counter!”

So, back to the sales counter and joined the queue… looked around, whistled, scratched me bum, whistled… When my turn came a young man had me explains all this again when I handed him the sales receipt… Finally paid him. Worra a palava!

To the bus-stop and back to the flats – nearly nodding off again.

Called in the Community Shed and Herr Julia was there in her usual sociable mood, so just dropped off the letters and got back to the flat.

Saw Mr Pound-signs-in-eyes Caretaker and thanked him for taking away the Cowboys bags of rubbish for me. I felt so guilty as the disappointment appeared in his face when I didn’t slip him few quid this time.

DSCF0282Took a photo from the kitchen window of the grassed area of land that had been rutted by the dogs being walked as they followed the scent of other dogs. Two tractors were… I don’t what the word is… mowing it?

I bet this will confuse the dogs tomorrow when they take their owners for a walk? Hehehe! I’ll have to have a peek in the morning to see this.

Stomach feeling a bit better now. WC’d, no more blood from ‘Little Inch’ but the haemorrhoids had been leaking a tad – (Huh! – more washing to get done!)

Cuppa and laptop on to do this diary.

Got the shredder and did some sorting and shredding of even more paperwork despite Anne Gyna’s efforts to cripple me. Hehe!

DSCF0280Got me nosh on. Seasoned potato-curls, battered onion rings, fresh raw garden peas and bread thins – very nice too. Rated it 8.2/10.

Sorted the kitchen stuff into t’other rooms some more.

Then another payment demand ‘Bill’ arrived from British Gas for my first estimated Summer Bill for £149.62 – Argh!

So tired now, cuppa and medications taken and head down really early, so weary again now. But the mind was still racing thinking and worrying about things, but fatigue overcame the fretting and I was soon off in the land of kip.