Friday 31 July 2015: Inchcock Today – Not one of me better days… Tsk!

Friday 31st July 2015


Brekkers this morning


0425hrs: Woke and lay there accompanied by the now familiar Thud, rattle.. whir Mmmmm, grunt, clunk thud bang musical tones of the fridge-freezer belting away.

Dr Vindla to see this morning 0930hrs – so will need to walk there as me free pensioners bus pass can’t be used until 0930hrs which is the time the first bus arrives at the flats.

Got me list of worries done ready to take wiv me: check readings okay for BP etc -Sys 135 Dia 59 Pulse 71 Temp 34.02 – Itching and bruising under arms/chest – Stronger med’s for duodenal ulcer? – Bleeding Inch worse – Dizzies more frequent? – Book INR blood level test for Monday if possible, otherwise I’ll have to go to the QMC Haematology dep’t.

Cuppa brekkers and medications taken.

Laptop on and finished off yesterdays diary then started this one.

DSC00015Had a good scrub-up and set off on me walk into Carrington and the GP surgery.

I called in the cabin on the way, and Julie and Deana were in. Deana had called the carpet people and got the quote for me – £596 all-in.

Blimey I wasn’t expecting that much… Hey-ho.

Got there (To the surgery) in a new record time of 34 minutes!

Mind you me plates are stinging summat rotten now.

Dr Vindla is a bit special I reckon – has a sense of humour and tells it like it is bless her.

She had a look at where the itching was under me arms and said not to worry.

She told me to increase me Omeprazole to two a day and double me doses of the antacid medicine for a week and let her know how the Duodenal ulcer was then.

Told me to stop worrying.

Said the increase in dizzies was due to the hassle I was having.

DSCF0201She kindly took a photo or two of me skin-cancer wound scar so I could share it on the TFZ Facebook site. She even put a ruler against it. Said it had been done very neatly.

She checked me BP, Temp, and pulse recordings and said they were okay.

She did me a prescription for extra Codeine phosphates that went though to the chemist automatically and told me to collect it from there afterwards.

I was in and out in about ten minutes, and feeling a tad happier – she is lovely and unfussy!

I gave the receptionists their nibbles on the way out and set off down the road to the chemists.

DSCF0202Collected the tablets and walked through the twitchel to the old dump, feeding the pigeons en-route with Duncan Robertson’s seed wot he brought me on his welcome visit to the flat last month.

The rubbish from the bins had been spilt all over again by the ‘Bin Dippers’ of the area.

Poor things having to resort to going into bins and splitting the black bags in search of… whatever it was they were searching for.

Got in and no mail had been delivered.

Got some more paperwork that needs sorting in the bag, some DVD’s that I want to keep, cleaners and electrical stuff as well.

Took some rubbish to the bins and set off to the bus-stop with the bags and me free pensioner’s bus pass at the ready.

Into Sherwood and across the road to catch a L9 or 40 bus up the hill – and as I got to the bus-stop an L9 pulled up.

I recognised two people getting on the bus – Norman and a lady from the flats – that was nice talking to folk.

DSCF0203Got back to the flat and put the bags down so as to visit the porcelain again.

Got the kettle on and checked the emails.

Deana Walker the Nottingham City homes woman sent me an email, and I sent one back.

Asked her if she could contact the carpet people for me and ask them it next Tuesday they could fit the carpets? Awaiting a reply on that one.

Also told her the walker could be collected or I could deliver it to any needy tenant today.

IMG_0119Facebooked me noshes that I’d forgotten to.

This one might not look very good, but it tasted grand.

Then, when I was taking the bags of stuff to store in the front room it happened – and I realised then I’d forgotten to mention this medicational problem to Dr Vinda – the warm wet feeling of me little Inch pouring blood from the lesion.

With none of the creams left it took me ages to get it to stop – and then had the job of cleaning up after it. Tsk!

Cleaned up I then put some of the sliced seasoned potatoes in the oven – very disappointed with them the other day – so I sprinkled cheese on them in the hopes of getting some flavour from the them this time.

IMG_0121Had a look at a DVD, one of me favourites with Lionel Jeffries in one of his best rolls of all time in ‘H G Well’s First Men in the Moon’.

Note by the photo I then started having a visitation from Arthur Itis in me hands and fingers, typing is not easy now. so I’ve stop until it eases off later. Tsk!

Better now. Deana emailed to tell me that the carpet shop need me to visit the shop to pay them £400 and arrange fitting, and I’ve to give the Carpet fitter on the day £100 in cash! Very professional I must say.

0704So I got the walker and took it to the community shed for Deana, but no one was there – so had to take it back to the flats and set off again on me marathon walk to the carpet shop.

Walked up the hill into Woodthorpe Park and down the tree-lined path onto Mansfield Road, avoiding the mad dog not on a lead and stepping into any of the many dog droppings.

Into Daybrook where the Carpet Shop Amateurs are situated…

Took a photo of the sign outside, that I bet has lured many an unsuspecting and trusting member of the public into parting with their money for a crap IMG_0125IMG_0127service from the uninterested staff?

The chap forced himself to speak to me without swearing – I can tell these things cause I have a very high EQ – low IQ, but high EQ.

We arranged for the fitting to be done on Tuesday 11th August by a contract carpet fitter – bet that’ll be interesting, mark my words!

I asked about the bed I had ordered – they apparently come via another contractor who will be in touch with me later?

Farcical comes to mind!

I came out £475 lighter and still got no carpets or bed yet!

I’m so gullible.

IMG_0130I nipped into Arno Vale Park to try to get a photo of the wildlife to post on Facebook specialist page.

I managed a decentish one with pigeons and various ducks in it eating the seeds I threw down for em.

I walked into Arnold cause I had time easily to catch the last L9 bus from there that takes me right into the flats, and got some cooked meat and cheapo blackcurrant iced lollies from Fulton Foods.

Then nipped through the twitchel to the bus stop where the L9 passes in plenty of time – just as well, it came three minutes early – naughty!

Back to the flat in no time – me feet and knees really aching now after the walk to the GP and now this blooming marathon to the damned Carpet shop – Steve the so-called help from Age UK, who said keep him informed has not answered his phone for the last eight times I’ve called him – Git!

WC’d made a cuppa and put the carpet mans arranged visit on me Google diary. Not with a lot of confidence mind…

With burning feet and the knees now being targeted my Arthur Itis instead of me fingers, I took some extra anti-acid medicine with me usual medications, of course this means I’m going to run out of that before me next prescriptions are ready – but why worry about that when I’ve got the failed repairs to cope with and the carpet-turd to tackle with yet? Huh!

Fed-up? Me?

Managed to heat up me nosh prepared earlier – only to drop it on the floor – sad is just not a word of sufficient magnitude to use, but it’ll have to do.


Sixty-seconds later, it was on the kitchen floor. Huh!

IMG_0131I stood looking out of the window, fighting back the tears of frustration and caught sight of the bills I’d put on the ledge mounting up… I let a few words of an unsavoury nature loose and all the work waiting to be done, the shredding, paperwork sorting, windows need cleaning, another load of laundry to do, no help from Steve from Age UK, carpet situation, repairs and condemned window and heater, the mess still to sort at the old place, the double bills and had no interest in having owt to eat in place of dropped and now interned in the bin nosh that I took so much pride in getting ready, the angina, reflux valve, skin cancer, dodgy ticker, haemmorhoids, arthritis, hernia, bowel cancer, duodenal ulcer, hearing-aids playing up, dwindling bank balance, lost me reading glasses, and depression looming… and I thought, Sod-it, I’m not going to let all these things get me down! I will survive, I will get it right… I am going to cheer up and cope like other do with their problems, no more moping about and feeling sorry fer missen!

Proudly I went into the bathroom to clean me teggies…

I’d left the tap running… turned taps off, dived down with the towel to mop up quickly and e back went and little Inch started bleeding.

Wot a plonka.

I have nothing else to add.

Not one of me better days… Tsk!

Thu 30 July 2015: Inchcock Today: Bricklayer then Electrician arrives and does nowt!

Thursday 30th July 2015


00255hrs: Sprang awake, again to the tune of the fridge freezer clunking and whining away. It’ll blow-up one day I’m sure.


No memories of dreams although I feel I had many?

Feeling anxious for some reason. Remembered the bricklayers are coming to fill in the hole in the kitchen wall – this’ll be a fine mess I feel.


Cleared the stuff  from the bottom cupboard into bags.

Laptop on, made a cuppa and finished off yesterdays diary and posted it.

BetbirthDid some Facebooking in case I don’t get time later.


Also found a graphic of the TFZ gals that I missed off from posting with the others yesterday. Tsk!

By then it was time for me medications, DSCF0195so made another cuppa and took them with a swig of antacid medicine to help calm me ulcer down.


Got a wash and shave, too early for a bath cause the noise of the running water etc would disturb me neighbour.

All ready now I hope – not looking forward to having the hole done for one reason – having found a second hole at the bottom – more mayhem when and if they return later to do that one?

The chappie-man arrived and just like the two repair men before him who attended said something like “I can’t repair that today…” So that’s the maintenance man who said we need a bricklayer on this and arrange one – the bricklayer had now said he can’t do it, we need a carpenter to take out the cupboard, seal it up on the wall and bottom of the top cupboard and replace the cupboard! Good innit?

And I just went through agony stretching and bending to clear the damned cupboards out! Huh, Tsk and Soddit!

Pee’d off now as well as feeling low again!

Put me new cardigan on and found it too small – had I purchased the wrong size? I had a look… Yes I had. Even more wee’d off now!

I decided, spur of the moment jobbie  – to go to the old house and get some stuff and put some rubbish in the bins there. To alleviate me guilt at getting nowt done like.

I met Deana on the way out of the building – but a Nottingham City Homes maintenance man pushed in when I was going to ask her if she could phone the carpet shop for me to find out what’s happening with me order. But she wandered off with him to sort out the area of the disabled parking lot that needs tarmacking.

Really pissed off now – I got to the bus stop to catch a bus down the hill into Sherwood.

Met Norman there and we had a chin-wag… best we could manage anyway with us both being deaf like. Hehe! 

Dropped off in Sherwood and walked into Carrington, getting in the flea-pit just as the rain started.

Several letters on the mat collected, some togs, cleaners, books, cushion and odd bits soon filled the bags. Took some rubbish out.

Got a phone call from Nottingha City Home Works department telling me they would be calling to  ‘Have a look at my Air-vent problems on Monday 10th August between 0800 > 1200hrs.

Then remembered that the Nottingham City Homes chap was due 1230 > 1600 hrs to mend the heater in the kitchen – quickly made me way with the bags to the bus-stop. (Bless the Pensioners free-bus-pass time again).

Dropped off in Sherwood and go to the bus-stop to catch bus back up to the flats.

Blow me a lady spoke with me telling me the L9 is due at half past – and then Norman joined us in the shelter.

Do you know – I thought that was marvellous – the Lady from the flats recognising me when I got to the bus-shelter. It took the edge off me Whoopsiedangleplops I’d had earlier.

IMG_0115We caught the bus to the flats and I got in about 1230hrs – hoping the heater repair man had not called when I was out.


Opened the letters I’d brought back from the dump.

The first one was from the three Labour Councillors informing me that the Pirates Park (Kids area) in Carrington had got looking a bit under the weather lately.

IMG_0116I’m not surprised, anyone going near that place is in danger of being mugged by the kids!

Hope you can read the paragraph inviting me to attend the park on Tuesday 4th August 2015.

I thought it was hilarious.

IMG_0117There was a Gas-bill informing me that my Bill was in Credit to the tune of £362.17. y my new monthly payment would be £15.00

My Electricity Bill informing me I owed them £196.03, and my new monthly payment would be £105.00 

* A letter from the post office telling me how when I’m 70 in August they can offer me a Special Deal on Life insurance. 

* A letter from the Royal Insurance telling me how when I’m 70 in August they can offer me a Special Deal on Life insurance. (Two).

* A letter from Tesco telling me how when I’m 70 in August they can offer me a Special Deal on Life insurance. (Three of three)

* The Pools offering me 5000 bonus points if I start doing the Pools again.

A letter from a work Agency offering inviting me to apply for a job in Huddersfield that meets my criteria – as a ‘Problem Wrangler’? The first and only one I have received from them since signing with them in 2004!

I added the repair men calling to my Goggle diary.

Shredded the * marked letters.


I thought about putting all the stuff back into the cupboard and sorting the stuff I’d brought from the house – but decided not to. It’s going to be a pig-sty when they rip out the old cupboards anyway, so I might as well get used to it now. Well… maybe not eh?

Got the oven heating up ready for me potaotes to be baked.

Soaked me plastic hearing-aid inserts ready for de-coking later.

Put the tatties int oven and had the cheese, salt, black pepper and oregano ready fer when I burn missen emptying out the flesh and mixing it all up before putting em back in the oven to brown off.

Might have er… let’s have a look what I’ve got in…

Ah, I’ll have me three Turkey hot dog sausages methinks.

Checked emails and a quick bash on Graphicalisationing – a bonus ’cause I didn’t think I’ve have time with the hole in the wall repairs being done – that are now not being bricked up after all.

Ain’t life complicated?

IMG_0118The Nottingham City Homes electrician then arrived to, I thought, replace the pull-string switch on the heater I can’t afford to use anyway on the kitchen wall.

He decided it was kaput and condemned it.

So I now await another appointment to arrive to tell me when the new one will be installed. Oh dear, will it never end!

Moved the bags of things I’d taken out of the cupboards into the front storage room.

What a pickle I’m in.

Wed 29 July 2015: Inchcock Today – Stuck indoors again… Tsk!

Wednesday 29th July 2015


0409hrs: Woke and lay there accompanied by the Thud, rattle.. whir Mmmmm, grunt, clunk thud musical tones of the new Curry’s fridge-freezer trying to recall some of the dreams I’d had – all a bit vague though:

In a wood or forest with people chasing me… climbing down some scaffolding in the clouds, lost… being along with other people in a long line, sprayed with lavender coloured paint?

The urgent call to the porcelain was answered. As I got up, the draughts in the kitchen were worse than ever – I now realise the hole high in the kitchen wall is accompanied by another at the bottom of the wall! Crap that! ‘Cause when they come on Friday to brick-up the first hole, not only will it ruin me decorating but they will not do the second one at the same time and I’ll have to go through all the turmoil again later! Depressed now!

IMG_0114WC’d again!

Cleared the bedding. Laptop on.

Made a nice strong cuppa and took me medications.

Then remembered a bit more of me dream. I was flying high in the sky and kept diving down for see something near a factory chimney?

Another WC visitation – oh dear!

Finished yesterdays diary and posted it.

I’m hoping for a better day today. But the lack of progress, partly enforced by all the flipping appointments repairs etc is getting to me. I should get me INR Warfarin level test results in the post today – then the problem of getting an appointment at the doctors on the date they give me for me next test will have to be surmounted – if I had the time I could go to the QMC haematology and have it done, but two buses there and back and repair visits at the flat make it difficult.


Being as I’m stuck in here waiting for the Alarms to be checked, I decided to do a bit of Facebooking before the Morrison’s delivery comes – then changed me mind and had me bath and shave instead.

I think getting out of the bath is a challenge and painful nowadays – today was a struggle again – Tsk!

Had a bit of a dizzy-spell – bad nearly went over, but only lasted a few seconds.

A little tip here… When bending down to put yer clean socks on, it’s best to try and avoid hitting yer head on the sink!

Morrisons delivery arrived. Put the stuff away and took the rubbish and recycle bags to the chute.

Decided to go to the dump and see what I could carry back – then remembered I can’t go out until the Alarm engineers have been.

BinChecked me emails and sent some.

Sister sent a photo of a snake that brother-in-law Pete had to get out of a neighbours kitchen!

Can’t tell how big it is or what type come breed it was.

Imagine being sat down to have your corn flakes and one of these crawls onto yer table?

The Swift’s chappy-man came and tested the fire alarm and smoke alarm, took him at most 2 minutes.

I nipped out to the Community shed but no one was in, all locked up.

Came back and put me battered potatoes in’t oven and BBQ mini sausages in pan with a can of cheesey baked beans and finished of some graphics while they cooked.

DSCF0189Unfortunately I allowed the pan to overheat a tad and after the meal, had quiet a job cleaning it. Huh!

Pondered on whether it was too late to go to the house and get some stuff – yes I suppose it was.

So I did some more graphicalisationing for the TFZ folk.

AALona AANancy AAPatKBetbirth A few of the aged ones wot I dun ‘ere.

Couple of dizzies today, just had another.


Took a stroll down to the community shed, but no one there again.

DSCF0190Back to flat, turned off the laptop, made sure all doors windows locked, taps off, oven off and set out on a little walk up the hill behind the flats, to try and see if I could find the Greenhouses that are supposed to be in Woodthorpe Park.

Bit windy, but nice with it today.

Once in the park proper I had to watch out for kids on bikes, skateboards, footballs, gold balls and lurking antisocial elements.

DSCF0191Had a good walk around looking for signs that might inform me where the hothouse is but found one.

I walked to the other side of the park and through a thicket and came across an area at the end of the twitchell that had seats and was designer built.

But the uneven steps made it DSCF0192dangerous going so I took a photo from half-way down like.

I could see one of the entrances to the cave that lead under the road.

A bit of history there that I read about earlier in the morning on he internet. 

Read more: 

I made me way up to the old mansion, now a sad looking dilapidated council office place. But still no signs of any green or glasshouse?

Had to nip smart as I could manage back to the flats (Porcelain calling again).

Very tired when I got in.

Laptop on and updated this tosh, then went on Facebook to post me graphics.

Good responses to them.

And now – to change me bandage pad on me little lesion – not an easy thing to do, and rather painful. So if you hear on the news about mad screams coming from a block of flats in Sherwood Nottingham – it’ll be me.

Back in a bit.

Emptied me cupboard ready for the bricklayers arrival tomorrow.

Drained again – TTFN.

Tue 28 July 2015: Inchcock Today: Carpet man calling…

Tuesday 28th July 2015


00320hrs: Sprang awake, to the tune of the fridge freezer clunking and whining away. First thought, the ulcer still bothersome.

One hell of a draught coming out through the cupboards and drawers near the whole in the wall.

Started the laptop and to the WC – in a bit of a pickle with the hemorrhoids and Little Inch both bleeding. Managed to stop Little Inch eventually and a full kitchen roll later.

Cleared me bedding away and made a cuppa.

Took me medication a bit early, extra painkiller and extra gulp of the not very effective but better than nothing Peptac. I take that usually to help keep down the pressure on the sticking reflux valve. Must add this to me list of thing to tell Dr Vindla about on Friday.

CaptureThe list of things to do this week has now grown a bit now.

Started this diary off as I shivered in the draughts belting into the kitchen through the hole in the wall directly and via the cupboards drawers and up me trouser legs.


Did some Facebooking while I had the chance.

Dean Walker, Co-ordinator arrived at the door and checked me cancer scar for me – it was dry so no problems.

Said to call her when the carpet man gave me a price.

When the chap arrived he said he could not give me a price, the measurements he’s taking had to be given to the man at the shop to work it out and he’d call me back with it?

DSCF0183Emailed Deana to inform her.

Took a photo from the balcony to make sure the camera was still working after I dropped it taking out the card.

Tsk again!

Got me nosh in the oven cooking and did some graphicalisationing.

LynBeet02ajThis one I was pleased with.

Then I got the laundry ready, me crossword book, pen, mobile and the letters that had been delivered for the last tenant and got me nosh out – had to put the trays in the sink to soak.

It was a rather decent effort as noshes go, roast potatoes, beetroot, roast parsnips, two crispy battered fish portions (Morrison’s 4 for 99p value range – excellent batter!) and some wholemeal soft bread thins.

DSCF0184Bit of tomato sauce – (Tesco value, but still weren’t bad).

Poddled down to the laundry room.

Got the laundry in the machine and sat in the lobby trying to do me crosswords.

Met a few folk and had a chin-wag with some of them.

Got the washing into the drier, had to use the end one as someone had left their washing in the other one.

DSCF0185Decided to risk going out in the winds up to the Woodthorpe Park in an effort to get some photographs of the floral and or wildlife.

The first one is of some fungi of some sort or other on the hill going up to the footpath at the top.

I met a chap with an old wolf like looking dog and he was kind enough to let me pet it for a minute or so.

I wish now I’d asked him if I could have taken a photo of the dog.

Walked across the top and back down through a rough bit of the woods that was unkempt and natural looking.

DSCF0186Once again I spotted a squirrel but was too slow focussing on him/her and took a squirrel-less photo again, just like yesterday! They’re quick the squirrels around here!


Walked along the path and as I was walking down towards the flats I espied an insect, wasp like in colouring on a DSCF0187flower. I moved in with camera close and the insect was busy getting at something on the little flower and didn’t budge as I took the photo. Not a good one is it? Not good enough to send to the Flora and Animal page – shame!

Got back to the laundry room and found that the drier had not dried the clothes, cause I had not realised the last person had set it on delicate setting. So I had to go back up to the flat and get some more 20 p’s and return to dry them all over again on cotton setting. At least it gave the lady waiting a good laugh! Hehe!

Deana came into the flats and along with two other residents we had a little laugh and gossip.

I’d spent over two hours plus by the time the togs were dried.

Up to the flat and WC visit, put togs away, made cuppa and took me medications.

Found a missed call on me mobile so rang it back, but no answer.

Did me Morrison order – coming in the morning twixt 07 00 > 0800 hrs.

So tired now.

The smoke and fire alarm maintenance people are due tomorrow, and I have to remember to phone the cancer place to tell them about the wound being all okay like.

Got me bedding on the floor – the wind blowing in through hoes in the wall, I settled and accepted the Clunk, whir shudder, rattle clunk bang of the fridge-freezer, read a bit of me book and then nodded off, mind racing!

Mon 27 July 2015: Inhcock Today – So tired!

Monday 27th July 2015


Up and on the laptop by 0200hrs – the fool!

00149hrs: Woke again knowing I’d had many dreams and they were not good ones – but could I recall any details this morning? No! Tsk!

WC’d, made a cuppa and laptop on doing this diary by 0200hrs.

Bit of a dizzy-spell first thing. Feeling wearisome, ulcer twinging, Anne Gyna letting me know she was there. The mad itching under both arms still there. I’m going to the GP surgery for me INR Warfarin level tests this morning, must remember to book appointment with the wonderful Dr Vindla to tell her about the increase in dizzies and the itching. The nurse gave me some cream a while ago for under the arms but it is not doing nowt to stop or ease the itching.

WC’d, made a cuppa and laptop on doing this diary by 0200hrs.

Did posts for the LOMM site.

Cuppa and took me medications.

Many visits to the porcelain and another dizzy as I was wiping the sink after washing me hands.

Made the header for this page – feeling depressed and yet nothing has changed from yesterday? Maybe that’s the problems, nothing getting sorted and that?

I don’t like feeling like this, not me at all normally. Even feeling a bit sorry fer missen again now… oh dear, sad git! So many others worse off than me too.

Got missen washed and readied or me walk to Carrington – going to call in the old place and get some stuff, all I can manage is a carrier-bag or two.

CaptureI’ll see if I can get an appointment with the doctor for Friday. I can bring up the underarm itching and bruising, the increase in dizzies, depression, ulcer and panic attacks then… if I can get in for Friday – so many other things on again this week.

Tsk and Double Tsk!

IMG_0112Wiped the Whirring clunk, rattle, sake, wheeing thud musical fridge, but still can’t find out what the plastic addition on the top left of the freezer door is for.

Can anyone help me here please?

I asked BJ, he said: “Stick it in the hole then, it must do summat!” That’s wot I thought too.

0705Did some graphicalisationing then got missen ready – spit and polished like – for me walk to doctor’s surgery.

Took some nibbles for the staff with me and a large strong bag to carry some stuff from the house back to the surgery and carrier.

A bit dank this morning folks.

Down the hill into Sherwood.

0706Left up the Mansfield Road incline and down into Carrington.

Got to the house and sorted some stuff I’d need into me two bags.

Medical stuff, bandages, plasters etc. And me BP monitor, thermometer and some togs, cutlery, Books, and some cleaners, that was all I could carry.

Wobbled over to the doctors and remembered to make an appointment with Dr Vindla for Friday 0930hrs. Made list of things I’m worried about, dizzy spells, itching and bruising under me arms and chest, Ulcer playing up again and me fretting about the move.

Nurse did me blood and had a little chin-wag, I enjoyed that.

Gave the receptionists their nibbles, then off to the bus-stop – feeding some pigeons at the stop before the bus arrived.

dropped off in Sherwood and was lucky again when a 40 bus arrived within a few minutes and got lifted up Winchester Street hill to the laundry. Dropped off and walked the few hundred yards to the flats.

Repairs taking place to someone’s flat below on their balcony window today.

0707Took a photo of the kids play area above the flats.

I noticed one of the flat balcony’s had a Bird box and feeder on it, the netting had been removed. I’d like to do that, but it said in the tenancy agreement it was not allowed? Hey-ho!

Made a cuppa and put some of the things in the drawers that I’d brought from the hovel.

Charged up the Camera batteries and stirred the baked beans marinating in the boom, bang, ping, shudder clonk reverberating fridge.

Laptop on to update this diary.

Not sure if Deana (Nottingham City Homes Independent Living Co-ordinatorhas remembered about her saying she’d check the skin cancer scar for me or not. (She didn’t appear Tsk!)

I’ve got some mail for Margaret to take to her, and some more laundry to do. I’ll nip out and see if she is in the shed.

Ah well, I’ll catch the bus into Arnold then.

As soon as I realised I’d got on the wrong bus – I decided to go to town instead. (Humpf wot a plonka!)

In town I thought I’d visit the charity shop to see if it had any furniture desk-wise, to wardrobe-wise.

0707bIt didn’t, nor the other two I visited.

Walked down Clumber Street.

Then turned into the Primark Shop to see if they had any warm cardigans in stock.

Had a good wander around. Got one a nice colour, some stuff from the ‘Reduced’ display. Socks and a long sleeve t-shirt that was a bit thicker than the others.

Strolled down into town, slipping some seed clandestinely to the pigeons.

0707cThe Nottingham Riviera was on proper today, but not many folks due to the lack of sunshine possibly.

The people there, apart from the kids, didn’t seem too happy.

Just like last week, the French Pancake stall was bereft of customers once again.

0707fI wonder if whoever runs it actually makes any profit from it?

I suppose with so many Greggs take away food stalls all over the City Centre, there are five as I know to in the area – and them all being so easy to nick stuff from (I’ve seen em at it mate!) why should they go to the French Pancake stall and have to pay?

0707eThe weather and prices at the Ice-Cream parlour thingy would have been the reasons that they were not doing any trade either.

Even the mannequin of the lady in her two-piece swim suit wasn’t attracting any perves, yobs, kids or anyone for that matter.

I nipped smartishly (Alright… hobbled up King Street to catch the last L9 bus back to the flats).

As the bus pulled from the traffic lights I had me camera in hand just in case what happened, happened.

0707gThe Nottingham Citizenry showing their lack of interest in the traffic lights on any colour.

I was soon back at the flats (35 minute ride).

Hung the togs that I’d bought to keep e warm up in the hallway for now.

0707hI must stop buying now I’ve got enough to keep warm without having to do the laundry so often.

Made a cuppa and took me medications.

Laptop on.

Seasoned beans out of the fridge, added the polish sausages into the pan.

Chopped some tomatoes up to add to it when I serve it up. Wholemeal bread and mature cheese to have with it too.

DSCF0180Not bad at all. Rated 8.2/10/.

Head down to the melodic but annoying now familiar:

Whir clump shudder, clunk-click, whir clump shudder clunk-click thud… of the fridge freezer.


Sun 26 July 2015; Inchcock Today – Not so good.

Sunday 26th July 2015


You’ll have to click the photo to get it enlarged mind…

00240hrs: Sprang awake, the ulcer playing up like it hasn’t done for months.

So annoying not being able to remember the dreams much at all – vague memories or feelings of tunnels, smoke and Gothic buildings?

Got some medicine down me and had a session of great tribulations on the WC. At least Little Inch was not bleeding so much this morning.

Took me morning medications early. Queasy stomach. Coughing well too. Tsk!

Reflux valve seems to gone down, so maybe it’s working for a while?

Made a cuppa, laptop on and felt a tad sorry for myself – can’t understand why nothing has changed, I’m still in a pickle trying to get things done and worrying about the finances, just the same as yesterday when I was relatively cheerful?

Finished Saturday’s diary then did some Facebooking for a couple of hours or so.

But finding it hard to concentrate today?

I’ve ordered some WD40 from Morrison’s so I can try to stop the bathroom and kitchen doors from Squeaking loudly when they are opened or closed. No idea if it will work, but I feel terrible when I have to go in the WC at night and early morning, I’m sure those next door can hear it.

Had a scrub up and shave earlyish (Only one nick on me chin this morning) so I’m ready for when the Morrison’s delivery comes between 0730>0830hrs.

I’m anticipating that if I meet any females this morning I’ll certainly get myself ravished, as I put the Brute after-shave on me cut. (Okay maybe not – in fact, hard to believe but it didn’t happen) In fact the first lady I met today who got in the lift responded to my “Good morning, it’s looking nice out” with a ‘Humpf!’)

Then I cleaned all me spectacles, long, short and bifocals.

Then cleaned medication pots.

Then I de-coked me hearing-aids.

Made a cuppa and took me medications, taking an extra Omeprazol ’cause of me ulcer playing up bad like.

IMG_0105The Morrison man came and I set about sorting the delivery. So much more responsive and polite than the Tesco men have been, apart from the first Tesco young man, he was good.

Made a cuppa, laptop on and updated this diary to here like.

Amongst the things I’d bought was a can of WD-40. I wanted to try to stop the creaking noises from the kitchen and bathroom doors.

IMG_0106The hinges on the kitchen door had little holes in them and I thought the red tube that came with the WD-40 was for such an event…

After a few minutes trying to get the tube into the nozzle I sprayed missen in me mush. Up me nose, in me gob and over me glasses… Tsk!

Couldn’t get the tube to attach so I gave up and sprayed and wiped off the residue. Brilliant! It creaks and squeaks no more – same with the bathroom door!

I opened a tin of garden peas and put it in the saucepan fer later when I have me salad and added some sugar to them, just a sprinkle, ’cause the last tin was bitter-tasting. I’m not surprised with Tesco, they crush me cakes, deliver a broken clock that I’ve not been reimbursed for that yet, even though I had another order after telling them about it, Despite their assurances via the telephone that they would give me my money back – @~#%^’s to Tesco, I’m using Morrison’s now!

I hope Tesco read this, I’m very disappointed with them!

I’m going to try to get a walk in now – into Woodthorpe Park to take some photographicalisation of the area. Found a nice cut-through to get to the Co-op shop and disabled store in the week – can’t remember if I mentioned it earlier?

I’ll put me camera in me pocket now while I remember.

Done it!

0905hrs: Back soon, I hope…

Took a bag of rubbish and one for recycling and dropped them down the chute on me way out.

1045hrs: I is back.

IMG_0107Very nice weather this morning. Not much in the way of sunshine but not cold at all and very little wind.

I poddled up the hill to Woodthorpe Park.

Not man folk about.

Had a walk down the path and:

♫ Underneath the spreading chestnut tree,
Where I knelt upon my knee,
Inchcock was as happy as could be,
Under the spreading chestnut tree ♫

Sorry about that, it slipped out yer know.

IMG_0109A chestnut fell on me head and I looked up to see a grey squirrel high up in the tree – by the time I’d got me camera out her/she was gone.

I took the photo anyway just in case he/she was there but I couldn’t see it in the branches and leaves like.

He/she wasn’t – unless you can see one I can’t?

IMG_0108There was a patch of grass that had been left to nature and the wild flowers. Next to it a board with piccies of the flowers so I could identify them.

I could only see the daisies and buttercups and that was all.

But the land had obviously been kicked around with clumps and sods pulled and thrown all over the place. Some people are just vandals for the sake of it.

I called into the Co-op to get a couple of big potatoes to make some cheesey baked ones for nosh later. Got some extra mature cheddar as well.

I walked down the hill, doing well today with the arthritis and angina giving me a break.

I did have a dizzy-spell as I turned into Winchester Street to go up the hill though – but nowt bad, all over in a minute.

As I got to the first bus-stop up the hill, I noticed a bus was due in 7 minutes, not that I intended to get one cause when I feel good like today I like to get some walking in while I can.

But when I got up to the second bus stop – where I would have lighted had i caught the bus – the bus just arrived there – which means I had walked up the hill’s two bus stops in seven minutes. I had impressed missen with that.

Of course there is the slight possibility that I had misread the times on the bus-stop sign…

Got back in the flat – hastily visiting the WC.

IMG_0111When I took out the potatoes – I was amazed to find a pack of two cream cakes in me bag! No idea how they  got there at all… oh er… FibMode

I’ll just have to force missen to eat ’em then I suppose…

The ulcer has eased off a bit now thankfully.

Got the oven heating up and the potatoes in and cooking. they’re big uns so it might take hours and a half or two hours before I can gut em and add the cheese and brown them off.

I’ll watch a London’s burning episode now.

Had me nosh – I took a photo of it, but realised I’d not got me SDHC card in the camera too late, I’d left it in the laptop – Tsk!

Weariness dawned quickly, took me medications and I got me head down early… to the Whir… Mmmmm, click, thud, shudder tones of the fridge freezer.

Sat 25 July 2015: Inchcock Today – An Odd Day

Saturday 25th July 2015


This mornings Woodthorpe Court photo: Bravely taken through the netting on the balcony…

00340hrs: Woke knowing I’d had many dreams and they were not good ones – but could I recall any details this time? No! Tsk!

Dashed to the porcelain – banged me knee on the door frame as I rushed to get there – Arthur Itis started at me knees. Blood from the little Inch had stained me jammies and Anne Gyna along with the reflux valve all joined in making this a messy painful morning!

Cleared the bedding away – the Curry’s fridge-freezer continues to serenade me with a slightly different tune this morning: Clunk, whine, shudder bang clang, whir thud – Clunk, whine, shudder bang clang, Wheee, whir thud! And I didn’t have me hearing-aids in either!

WC’d repeatedly throughout the morning.

Finished yesterdays Diary off and started this one.

IMG_0101It was time for me medications then, so I risked another cuppa with them. (Foolish!)

Then I did some emailing and onto Facebooking for a while.

Still to early for me bath cause the water running through the pipes might disturb me neighbours.

Couple of hours later I had me bath, little Inch took a while to get under control, and Arthur Itis is still showing great interest in me knees today. Tsk!

Got the stuff ready to go down to the laundry room – checked I’d got the soap capsule, the right coinage and me pen and crossword book! Proudly i made me way into the lift and out to the machines room and realised when someone spoke to me, I’d forgotten to put me hearing-aids in. Huh!

Got the washing in the machine and nipped back up to get them.

Had a chin-wag with a fella, and some of the ladies going to the hairdresser in the next room acknowledged me.

IMG_0102When the washing was done I had intended to go out and have a walk in the park while I waited for the drier to perform. I stepped out of the door and nearly got blown along the road! Some antisocial Herbert was lurking across the road making people walk around him on the path. Showing off to his harem of lasses?

Blimey what a wind we get up here!

I returned to the foyer and did me crosswords until the togs were ready.

Up to flat and put things in the airing cupboard and hung some up on the pegs in the hallway.

Then I rather unthinking started cleaning the kitchen floor on all fours – oh me knees! When I remembered that I have bricklayers coming next week to fill the hole in the kitchen wall I thought: “I’m wasting me time here, they’re bound to make a helluva mess when they come

It’s apart and parcel of bricklayers work innit?

Put an order in with Morrison’s for delivery fer tomorrow.


Nice tasting – but too fatty – I’ll regret having these lamb-burgers yer know!

Got some potatoes and lamb steaklets in the oven – peas on the hob and updated this diary.

I seem to be eating more than ever lately.

Rated this nosh 8.5/10.

Got me head down early, not feeling too good but I’ve been far worse.


Fri 24 July 2015: A Day of Rest – Well that was the plan like…

Friday 24th July 2015


The must used bus-stop near the flats by Inchcock today

0540hrs: Woke and usual start and dashed to the porcelain yet again.

Where I remembered some of me dreams and wrote them on the handy toilet paper before they drifted into the ether:

On a gigantic scaffolding in the sky – Trying to build higher, ladders.

Ran out of poles – panic, couldn’t get in touch with anyone on the phone to bring or send more up to me.

An Angel appeared, I think I knew her but she kept changing her facial features into other people, some I knew, some not? Floating in the clouds next to me on the planks… Talking to me for yonks, can’t remember what she said – suddenly she turned into a raging flying shark and gobbled me up – Inside the shark was a beautiful apartment, sunshine coming into the room through patio windows, beautiful aroma of lavender and lemon?

I was happy that she’s eaten me, but confused that I couldn’t find any teeth marks on me body as somehow I found myself in a luxurious bath soaking in bubbles… and me body was firm and slim again like when I was in me teens?

The face of a man appeared at the side of the tub, semi-transparent like and spoke to me through a pink megaphone? – I had been chosen to be installed as new angel advisor and had to go and see Captain Kirk to get my instructions… a bit vague here, but I ended up in an old dilapidated dusty office everything had gone mono in colour and I was wearing Dickensian style clothes sat at a high desk and smoking me old pipe, writing with a quill? In burst a beautiful buxom woman and she started to throw lemons at me out of her basket… That’s all I recall?

Any dream analyser who might read this – can you help? Hehe!

IMG_0095Making me cup of tea to take me medications I kept seeing movement out the corner of me eye. It was pigeons and crows flying by the window. I had a closer look and they were flying to and fro the balcony on the flat one above to the right of mine.

I took  photo, not a good one but I was having to lean into the window to get in the birds – of course seconds before I took the shot most of the pigeons flew away being pursued by the hungry crows – Do crows eat pigeons?

It appears that the resident in that flat has removed their bird netting, I could see it hanging down, or could I, perhaps that is the netting from the flat below?

Had a good spit and polish and decided that I had time to go to the old place and get some stuff brought back to the flat – also to check see if it’d been burgled yet.

I was really lucky when I left the flat, the bus was in and pulled off immediately after I got on it. So I didn’t have to walk down the hill to get to Mansfield Road, dropped of at the bottom of Winchester Street and walked into Carrington.

Plenty of Nottingham Pavement Cyclists around en-route. But I’m forgotten to take me camera with me.

At the dump I got in and sorted some bits out to carry bag in the two bags I’d got. Clothes, computer peripherals, cleaning stuff and me flat Doughnut cushion to ease me haemorrhoid suffering. The two bags chock-full I struggled to the bus-stop in Carrington. A bus arrived in a few minutes and I rode into Sherwood. There I went over to the bus stop to see when the next L8 or 9 was due – as I got to the bus-stop and L8 arrived! All this having luck if foreign to me, it worries me! Hehe!

Back up to the flats, dropped off just outside – good stuff this today, Gawd Bless and help me keep me free bus-pass. I felt almost fresh when I got back in the flat… well the feet were stinging a bit like, but Arthur Itis, the angina, reflux valve etc were being kind to me – Yahoooo!

CaptureTwo letters arrived – one for Margaret one for me. Mine was from the Nottingham City Homes to tell me the pull-cord on the kitchen heater would be replaced on Thursday 30th July – long with the Bricking-up of me gigantic hole in the kitchen wall.

So up to now, next week looks a bit easier appointment-wise? But we’ll see.

I took down the pull-cord from the bathroom light switch and soaked it in bleach and washing-up liquid. Then rinsed it and hung it up on a clothes peg in the hallway to dry. Bet I’ll have fun when I try to re-thread it?

The flat cushion over was terribly dirty so I washed that out in the bowl afterwards and will clean it again in me next laundry session, tomorrow perhaps. I wish they would make them in a dark colour instead of blooming white. Huh!

IMG_0097Realised I’d not done me baked bean special marinating. So I tried it with: Tomato purée, English mustard, vinegar, BBQ seasoning, sultanas, unrefined brown sugar and dried roast onions.

I’ll put the onions in last like when I have heated em up. Worraya think? I’ll let yer know later.

Close to expected 1400hrs call from the Skin Cancer place ran by private company ‘Circle’ for the NHS.

I’m hoping, after informing the NHS Dentist, NHS Anticoagulation Team, the NHS GUM Clinic NHS City Cardiac Unit and the NHS GP surgery of me new address and telephone number that they will have it so as to ring me here and not the old place… any bets on it?

Still the mobile number is the same, so they might use that – said he hopefully!

1405hrs – no call yet – whoops bite me tongue, here it is coming in now.

This second lot is Basal Cell Carcinoma type, far less dangerous.

They asked me to feel the healed wound and tell them if it was flaky or  wet. This I couldn’t do because Arthur Itis prevents me like, and there is no one living here with me. I said I would ask the staff if one could have a peep to let me know. There is no need to inform the hospital if the wound is dry or flaky, only if it is wet.

I went down and to the community shed but no one was in. So I returned and emailed Deana asking her if either of them could do this for me – but I fear it now getting on time-wise they will have gorn home like. Hey-ho!

IMG_0098Returned to the flat and made a cuppa, took me medications and updated this diary.

Put me beans int pan to slowly warm em through and watched an episode of London’s Burning on YouTube while the seasonings slowly warmed through for me to digest.

They tasted nice, perhaps a little too much sugar though. But I still rated it 8/10.

When I WC’s I found that little Inch had been bleeding profusely from the lesion. I’ll have to see the GUM again about this – but time and appointments are hectic already. Tsk!

Washed the pots and got down on the quilt on the floor next to the fridge in the kitchen and read me book then got me head down to the now familiar Click -shudder – whirr, clunk, drone… shudder – whirr, clunk, drone… Click of the musical fridge-freezer wot I bought from Currys. I’ll miss this when I get sorted and the bed in.

TTFN all.

Thu 23 July 2015: Fire alarm, Smoke Alarm and Lift Broke.

Thursday 23rd July 2015


This mornings photographicalisation from through the netting on the right of the balcony – 0730hrs

00540hrs: Woke and dashed to the porcelain yet again.

No memories of dreams.

Stayed up and finished yesterdays dairy, then went on Facebook for ages.

Beetplq3aLaptop on and got carried away doing some graphics using  Coreldraw x7 and Corelpaint.

A pot of porridge and many cups of tea later, I got it posted on Facebook.

Toyed with the other camera to try to work out how to get panorama piccies took – gave up and did a straight one from the balcony, it’s at the top of this diary.

Very late with me medications as I got carried Beetplq3.away with graphicalisationing.

Mucho wet rain forecast on radio Nottingham.

Had a S, S, & S – well, not the shampoo. Hehe!.

GP receptionist rang with the INR blood test results – too high again, they gave me the new dosages over the phone.

Went down and did me laundry – got there and realised I’d not taken me 20p’s for the machines – Tsk!

Back up and got them. Wot  plonka!


My neighbour Norman this morning

Met Norman from flat 76 on the same floor as me in the lobby. Had a nice chin-wag with him. We have a lot in common – mainly our abilities to fall over!

Got the laundry done and back up to the flat.

Within the hour the maintenance man called to look at the hole in the wall near the vent – said it needed bricking up. So that means the decorating I’ve just had done will need doing again afterwards – and as they are going to replace the kitchen window later as well – I might have to wait until that’s done too before cleaning up after the first session, and the second session is likely to be many weeks after the first and then later they will be replacing the bath with a disabled type one so I can get in and out easier without risking life and limb, then they plan to… oh and the old dump needs… Oh never mind.

Back to the repair man and the vent with a giant hole in the wall causing the draughts: The man felt the draughts coming in and got on his phone and arranged for someone to come and brick-up the hole. Thursday 30th July 0930 to 1400hrs.

It’s driving missen potty here thinking about things. Huh!.

The INR test results arrived at the flat – so they have got me new address at last on the system.

IMG_0096Deana and the other woman arrived at the door for Deana to replace me Wrist alarm alert thingamajig.

Please note how straight the index finger is in this photographicalisation wot I done. A much much better day with Arthur Itis not bothering me fingers at almost at all – mind you, he was showing some interest in me knees.

We had a laugh and I told her about the window and air-vent plans.

A lady in the flats has a writing bureau to give away and asked me if I was interested and I said yes, but until I get me carpets in I have no way of storing it without having to keep moving it when the carpet layers arrive. Shame!

Deana said she would be in on Tuesday when the carpet man arrives and to call her when he arrives and she’s come and have a talk with him.

Steve from Age UK phones, oblivious to the fact I’d tried to contact him repeatedly over the passed 6 days. He says when the carpet is fitted, contact him and arrange to meet him at the old place to have a look at hat needs sorting.

IMG_0094Did some Facebooking for a good while, then made me nosh.

Polish chicken, chips, petits-pois, beetroot and smoked mini-sausages.

Very nice.

Rated this one 8.5/10.

A kindly neighbour called to tell me the lifts were now back working. I didn’t realise they had stopped working?

Took me medications and sat for hours thinking about things that needed to be done, how to get them done, things I can’t manage to do, where to get the help from, will I live long enough to get the old place and the flat sorted, will I run out of money before I sell the old place… does it matter?

Then I thought of the new people I’m met here in the flats, the feeling of security here and realised it does really matter. Then wondered again how I was ever going to get things sorted… The spinning churning confused frustrated thoughts milled about…

Got me quilt on the kitchen floor, laid down and read me book for a while, amazing how despite all the confusion in me brain I could concentrate on it, but I did? Until the draughts coming in got worse, then that brought the negatives back to mind… Do I need a shrink? – Hehe!

Nodded off to the calming sounds of the fridge-freezer… Brrr, clunk clung, long clunk, shudder whine, Brr, clunk clung, long clunk, Brr…

Night-night all, God bless.

Wed 22 July 2015: Inchcock Today: A Feeling of failure flourishes…

Wednesday 22nd July 2015


0314hrs With the other camera taken from the kitchen window – not very good I’m afraid – reflections

I didn’t get to sleep till gone midnight – and was up porcelain visiting and wide awake at 0315hrs. Still fretting about things. Huh!

All uptight about not getting the old place sorted. May make some progress with the carpets today I hope when Glenora gets here?

Still got some dreams in as I remember:

0706I was in what looked like a classroom and people were lining up to give me the cane, or rather I was going along a line of people and each gave me the cane, some on me bum others on me hands, until I got to one mistress who reminded me, or does now, of Dame Margaret Rutherford – told me I had to go to Pimlico and help the fishmonger as a punishment for going bankrupt? I assume this was inspired by the Passport to Pimlico film?

Made a cuppa and laptop on.

Took medications with me second cuppa.

Had a scrub-up teggies and shave. No bleeding this morning from ‘Little Inch’ or the haemorrhoids either!

DSC00012Facebooked a bit and started to sort me medication pots out.

I wonder why me right hearing-aid plastic put-in piece has gone and turned an horrible brown, and the left one ain’t? – Have I been forgetting to clean me right ear?


Cleaned up around the cupboards now they have been mended – Paul the Painter left plenty of deposits bless him.

Glendora arrived, not in a good mood. She will not be coming again after today, kids on holiday like.

She phoned the Carpet shop and arranged for them to come next Tuesday. She tried to contact the Gas people to cancel it at the old address but we could not make contact with the right number? She was soon off. Nice lady.

IMG_0079I did some shredding and got missen ready to go to the carpet shop to pick me colours.

Set off out of the flats and up the hill into Woodthorpe Park.

Top of the hill walking down to Mansfield Road a git of a pavement cyclist nearly had me over as he belted IMG_0080along in the opposite direction.

Couldn’t get me camera out in time to catch the Swine!

Down to the gates and turned right and wobbled along on the way to Daybrook and the Allied carpet shop.

Feet beginning to hurt already, the IMG_0081angina was playing up too.

Feeling a bit down this morning – worried about how I’m going to get the old place sorted and sold before I run out of money.

Along and passed the tennis courts and into Daybrook itself – A dour place, devoid of etiquette and compassion.

IMG_0083Blimey, did I say that?

Not a lot of traffic about this morning.

Then another Nottingham Pavement Cyclist came close to clobbering me – I’m getting fed-up with these antisocial uncaring nihilistic nerds!

Quarter of a mile further on I crossed IMG_0085the rod to be on the carpet shop side and blow me down – another neolithic nasty Nottingham Pavement Cyclist on his phone texting as he wobbled by me from behind near the bus stop.

You can see the red sign outside the store in this photographicalisation.

Went in the store, but there was only one bloke on and three customers in the store for him to serve.

I wandered around looking at the lower-priced end of the carpets they had, and saw at the back some single beds with firm mattresses.

I was getting weary now and decided the poor chap ain’t going to get round to me for a while yet, so walked over the road to have a look in the Carpet Right store – boy were expensive!

So I plodded back to Allied carpets and the man was available. Nice chap, a good con artist I thought.

Any-road, I picked some carpet out, not in the least what colour I wanted, but needs must. He or someone, is going to call on Tuesday to measure and price me up.

Then I hobbled into Arnold to get some cheese as I planned to do some cheesey potatoes in the oven later.

IMG_0087What a fool, I was in agony wiv me feet and knees – Dumbo!

Going along steadily I was nearly hit by yet another Nottingham Pavement Cyclist!

I was frustrated now and turned shouted and photographed him – I wish IMG_0088I could have shot him with something else!

A hundred yards further on and a pavement skateboarder and youth on a tiny bike passed me one on each side – the little gits!

Although they weren’t little.

Got safely (I don’t know how) to the Fulton food store and got me pack of cheese, then made me way to the L9 bus stop cause knew it was about due.

IMG_0089When it came, the three ladies at the bus stop were nattering and I stepped forward to signal the bus to stop and asked them if they wanted this bus. They laughed and thanked me cause they were carried away in conversation and could have missed it. I said they could keep an eye on me to make sure I didn’t nod-off on the bus.

IMG_0090When they got off in Bestwood one of them shook me shoulder and asked if I was still awake. Bless em, that cheered me up a bit.

Called in at the Community Shed and the two wardens were there, the Obergruppenfurher and Deana.

Had a laugh for a bit and Deana said for me to call her on Tuesday when the Carpet man arrives and she would come to advise me.

I got in and WC’d and had a little fretting time over whether or not I’d done right over the Carpets.

0704Then I set about making the meal I’d waited so long to do, and I haven’t been able to until I got the new stove/cooker in and working.

Baked Cheesey Potatoes!

Put the potatoes in the oven and did some updating while they cooked.

Took them out, only burning myself once at this stage I might add.

Cut em in half and scraped out the flesh into a bowl and added a bit of butter, salt, black pepper a sprinkling of vinegar and bashed the all up for ages. Then refilled the skins and rang a fork over them to make ridges so they will burn and crisp a bit on top.

Back in the oven with top heat only on, for them to brown off.

Second burn acquired here on the oven-tray. Tsk!

Had it with garden peas and smoked Polish mini-sausages. It were fantastic! Rated 9/10.

It took me ages to get the things cleaned up afterwards – but worth it, even if I did scold missen in the process.

I’m still not used to the hot and cold taps in the kitchen being the wrong way around Huh!

Fatigue dawned quickly, took me medications and I had to get me head down.

TTFN folks taketh care…