Wed 29 July 2015: Inchcock Today – Stuck indoors again… Tsk!

Wednesday 29th July 2015


0409hrs: Woke and lay there accompanied by the Thud, rattle.. whir Mmmmm, grunt, clunk thud musical tones of the new Curry’s fridge-freezer trying to recall some of the dreams I’d had – all a bit vague though:

In a wood or forest with people chasing me… climbing down some scaffolding in the clouds, lost… being along with other people in a long line, sprayed with lavender coloured paint?

The urgent call to the porcelain was answered. As I got up, the draughts in the kitchen were worse than ever – I now realise the hole high in the kitchen wall is accompanied by another at the bottom of the wall! Crap that! ‘Cause when they come on Friday to brick-up the first hole, not only will it ruin me decorating but they will not do the second one at the same time and I’ll have to go through all the turmoil again later! Depressed now!

IMG_0114WC’d again!

Cleared the bedding. Laptop on.

Made a nice strong cuppa and took me medications.

Then remembered a bit more of me dream. I was flying high in the sky and kept diving down for see something near a factory chimney?

Another WC visitation – oh dear!

Finished yesterdays diary and posted it.

I’m hoping for a better day today. But the lack of progress, partly enforced by all the flipping appointments repairs etc is getting to me. I should get me INR Warfarin level test results in the post today – then the problem of getting an appointment at the doctors on the date they give me for me next test will have to be surmounted – if I had the time I could go to the QMC haematology and have it done, but two buses there and back and repair visits at the flat make it difficult.


Being as I’m stuck in here waiting for the Alarms to be checked, I decided to do a bit of Facebooking before the Morrison’s delivery comes – then changed me mind and had me bath and shave instead.

I think getting out of the bath is a challenge and painful nowadays – today was a struggle again – Tsk!

Had a bit of a dizzy-spell – bad nearly went over, but only lasted a few seconds.

A little tip here… When bending down to put yer clean socks on, it’s best to try and avoid hitting yer head on the sink!

Morrisons delivery arrived. Put the stuff away and took the rubbish and recycle bags to the chute.

Decided to go to the dump and see what I could carry back – then remembered I can’t go out until the Alarm engineers have been.

BinChecked me emails and sent some.

Sister sent a photo of a snake that brother-in-law Pete had to get out of a neighbours kitchen!

Can’t tell how big it is or what type come breed it was.

Imagine being sat down to have your corn flakes and one of these crawls onto yer table?

The Swift’s chappy-man came and tested the fire alarm and smoke alarm, took him at most 2 minutes.

I nipped out to the Community shed but no one was in, all locked up.

Came back and put me battered potatoes in’t oven and BBQ mini sausages in pan with a can of cheesey baked beans and finished of some graphics while they cooked.

DSCF0189Unfortunately I allowed the pan to overheat a tad and after the meal, had quiet a job cleaning it. Huh!

Pondered on whether it was too late to go to the house and get some stuff – yes I suppose it was.

So I did some more graphicalisationing for the TFZ folk.

AALona AANancy AAPatKBetbirth A few of the aged ones wot I dun ‘ere.

Couple of dizzies today, just had another.


Took a stroll down to the community shed, but no one there again.

DSCF0190Back to flat, turned off the laptop, made sure all doors windows locked, taps off, oven off and set out on a little walk up the hill behind the flats, to try and see if I could find the Greenhouses that are supposed to be in Woodthorpe Park.

Bit windy, but nice with it today.

Once in the park proper I had to watch out for kids on bikes, skateboards, footballs, gold balls and lurking antisocial elements.

DSCF0191Had a good walk around looking for signs that might inform me where the hothouse is but found one.

I walked to the other side of the park and through a thicket and came across an area at the end of the twitchell that had seats and was designer built.

But the uneven steps made it DSCF0192dangerous going so I took a photo from half-way down like.

I could see one of the entrances to the cave that lead under the road.

A bit of history there that I read about earlier in the morning on he internet. 

Read more: 

I made me way up to the old mansion, now a sad looking dilapidated council office place. But still no signs of any green or glasshouse?

Had to nip smart as I could manage back to the flats (Porcelain calling again).

Very tired when I got in.

Laptop on and updated this tosh, then went on Facebook to post me graphics.

Good responses to them.

And now – to change me bandage pad on me little lesion – not an easy thing to do, and rather painful. So if you hear on the news about mad screams coming from a block of flats in Sherwood Nottingham – it’ll be me.

Back in a bit.

Emptied me cupboard ready for the bricklayers arrival tomorrow.

Drained again – TTFN.

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