Frid 17th July 2015: Inchcock Today: Another Long Day… Tsk!

Friday 17th July 2015


Sprang awake at 0255hrs – got up urgently to respond to the need for the WC usage.

Repair men coming today to mend the Air-vent in the Kitchen.

Made a cuppa, pondered on how there seems to be extra things doing, sorting, investigating, arranging and worrying about all the time. Things seem to be going wrong lately, extra Whoopsiedangleplops… not going right or as expected – I’d hoped this would have changed in the new flat, but it’s brought more to fret over, complications and now me duodenal ulcer has started playing up for the first time in over two years.

Yet still I’m finding something extra here – so nice to talk to people when I see them instead of fearing them like in the old flea-pit. And having someone to talk to sometimes, Deana when I see her always makes time for a little natter – mind you with all the repairs and there going wrong it is her job to help me sort them. And the mix-ups medically are frustrating.

Yesterday, last night and this morning I have been scratching at itches under and inside the top of my arms and this is causing much bruising but cannot be resisted. I must make an appointment to see Dr Vindla about this, and the bleeding Inch too.

So much to fret over its seems lately – and yet I find so much to live for now?

To the WC again.

When I returned I read what I’d written above – boy was I waffling or what? Hehe.

Meeting cyber-friends Lynton and then Duncan made me cheer-up beyond belief. Patti Berkert’s, Ian’s, Angels, Tessa’s, Rachel, Marissa and the TFZ gals and others support makes me feel humble and grateful for their friendship. Lovely people.

Made another cuppa took the photo to doctor for the top of this diary. Paperwork yesterday got to silly proportions – but they need doing. Tsk!

The one that came yesterday from the QMC Dermatology who are treating me skin cancer confuses me a tad. It read:

A telephone follow up appointment has been arranged as follows:

DSCF0132Date: Friday 24 July 2015

Time: 1400

Speciality: Dermatology

Clinician: Miss Lucy Skelton or one of their team

You do not need to attend the Treatment Centre for this appointment.

I assume this means they are going to ring me – which is interesting as they do not have me new mobile or land-line number?

Well, it is a French owned company (Circle) that got the contract from the NHS.

Had a go on Facebook for a while.

Too early yet to have a bath – the noise of the running water might bother me neighbours this early in the morning.

Did an order for nosh to be delivered later today.

Moved the microwave away from the area where the air-vent needs repairing when the City Homes gentlemen arrive to do it for me.

Had a superb bath and shave, plenty of hot water. Luxurious… even if the Tesco bath foam didn’t foam!

Cleaned up the bathroom and put one towel in’t airing cupboard and t’other in the laundry bag.

Maintenance men should be here between 0930hrs and 1400hrs. Tesco delivery I ordered for a lot later than usual, twixt 1900 and 2000hrs, ’cause it was cheaper for delivery that hour like.

0104bRepair man arrived 1010hrs – screwed back in the Air-vent cover – said he can feel the draughts coming in and had a look at it.

The hole covered by the air -vent is twice the size of the vent opening in the wall!

The bloke said he felt it when he walked into the kitchen!


Oh blow-it! I’ve just dropped the new clock down between the cooker and the cupboard! Got it back using me grabber-stick, reassembled it and its working for now anyway.

Actually got some time now, so weather permitting I’m going to get ready and have a walk around the Woodthorpe Park park.

Well well well, would you believe it as soon as I finished writing the sentence above, the phone rang. It was a lady from the Health Monitoring Alarm place – the battery on me Alarm Pendant was showing low, (I only had it delivered three days ago – Tsk!) She asked me to ring off and press the alarm. So I did.

I could hardly make out what she was saying when she spoke to me through the link system box – but it seems I might not be going out to have a walk and take some pictures after all – I’ve got to wait in for the ‘Warden’ to come and check me battery. Hey-ho – do all these things happen to others as well? I suppose it must?

Hello, it’s started raining now – perhaps a good thing I didn’t get out fer me walk?

Now it’s stopped.

I went down to the community shed with the letters for the previous tenant, and to tell them about the massive hole in the wall. She said yes she know they all have em, some tenants screw up an old coat and cram it in the hole! She’ll come over when she gets time, maybe Monday or Tuesday. Oh I thought?

I gave her old lock that worked that the workman removed when he installed the new one that didn’t work along with the old keys to the flat. I could tell she appreciated my efforts by the way she threw them in cutlery draw. She wasn’t too happy about me giving her more letters for Margaret (The previous tenant now living in Derby) either.

I walked back to the flat and the postman had delivered some more letters. Three for Margaret and two for me. One was the insurance papers from Age UK and the other a letter pleading for me to make a donation to Age UK.

I set out and walked back to the shed and handed them to a not happy lady.

On the way back I tried to take a photo of the flats from behind, but the camera wouldn’t have it when I tried to turn it on. Just charged the batteries earlier today as well.DSCF0133

As I got in and into the lift I opened the camera and realised I’d but the batteries in the wrong way around!

Put some chips in the oven and made a ham sarnie – I’d decided to have a bit of nosh and then go to town on the bus to check on the city-card they’d sent me and its functions. Also to take some photographs to post. (I forgot about the City-Card – Tsk!).

I went down and caught the L9 into town. Called in the pound shop and got some oven trays, cleaning mitt, Marmite crisps and a strainer.

DSCF0134Had a walk down into the slab-square and a poddle around.

Past the Council House and took a photo of Little John’s casing on top of the Council House.

The dome of the Council House contains ‘Little John’, the striking bell which is reputed to be the deepest toned bell in the country; it weighs two and a half tons, nothing compared to the 10 ton one in York.

DSCF0137They were beginning to erect the base for the Nottingham Beach coming soon.

There were several temporary food stalls open.

The Caribbean Catering and Cuisine take-away was moderately busy.

DSCF0136The ice-cream van was doing alright too.

At £2.30 for an iced sucker I was surprised he was doing so well.

I couldn’t see any other prices on display.

Nearby were two other hot food stalls DSCF0139competing for the hard shoplifted and mugged Benefit cash of the Nottingham Citizens.

On the left a German Smoke House offering Steak pattis at £3.99 each!

Merkel would be proud of them… mind you, he didn’t have any customers while I was there.

DSCF0138On the edge of the centre stands stood a stand selling French Pancakes.

No one went near that one let alone actually bought owt from it – I blame General De Gaul and Tony Blair yer know… Hehe!

The folks sat around consisted of young people mostly, Pavement Cyclists, Kids in the fountains and skateboarders.

I made sure I was in plenty of time to catch the L9 back to the flats as it was the last one of the day.

Got back to the flat.

Made a cuppa and got laptop on to update this gem of superior-boredom diary.

The land-line phone rang – another wrong number. Oh dear.

Really warm and sunny now, windy with it mind.

0501Looks like it might be the last day of decent sunshine for a week. I blame John ‘Silver-spoon fed’ Osborne yer know!

Having a bash on Facebook now – back in a while…

I sorted some more of the paperwork out into wallets for each topic and searched to find the meter readings I took yesterday from the old place. Found them eventually.

Tired and weary again now, waiting for the Tesco delivery to come.

It arrived, without the credit or cash being knocked off for the broken clock and crushed cakes they delivered earlier.

That’s Tesco finished for me! Swines!

Put away the nosh and got me head down – not feeling 100%.

Take care all – TTFN.