Sat 11 July 2015: Inchcock Today – Whoopsiedangleplop encountered!

Saturday 11 July 2015


0540hrs: Out of the kitchen window – Wonderful!

Up at 0500hrs: Mind racing trying to remember what I had to do, I knew there were some important things that I didn’t have time to do yesterday. But could I find the list wot I wrote yesterday?


The skin cancer wound was itching like mad again, the little Inch had not been bleeding so much thankfully, Anne Gyna was a tad bothersome, Arthur Itis not too bad yet. Ulcer okay despite me having had me chips last night, the hernia playing up, but with all the lifting I’ve been doing I sort of expected this.

Had a dizzy spell when I got up and moved the quilt throw and jammies into the empty bedroom. Bit bothered about this, I don’t usually get them early in a morning?

Probably all the hassle and worry about so many things to get sorted yet and no progress being made.

At least it’s weekend now, so I should have time to get some things done without appointments.

Duncan, a cyber-mate is coming on Sunday to see me – not only that, he’s bringing a swivel chair he no longer uses for me! That is really kind of him and appreciated. Lifted me this news did. He said he’ll be here early on Sunday – I’m really looking forward to meeting him.

Lynt02This will be the second cyber-buddy I’ve met. Lynton Cox (A grand bloke) came to see me at the flea-pit earlier this year, and we had a jolly good chin-wag and he helped me with advice and encouragement too. Another decent sort indeed a bit special my Cyber-mates are.

He treated me to a nosh in a cafe as well.

Made a cuppa and took me medications.

Noticed that the bruising on me wrist that DSCF0062no one seemed concerned about when I tripped on a lose kitchen floor tile and reported it to the City Home Obergruppenfurher, had got bigger?

They just may read this and feel guilty about ignoring me plea for the tiles to be secured? Or not like.

Hey-ho, I’ve glued it down now, hopefully.

I checked the bus time-table, there are only four buses to town on a Saturday. First one at

1030hrs. Last one back from town at 1505hrs. Still, better than a Sunday there are no buses on Sundays. Still, the pensioners free bus-pass is getting less use.

I keep checking the hot water situation, but it is not hot enough to have a wash in yet, let alone have a shave – back to boiling a kettle then later perhaps? Not good!

Made another cuppa and carried out the porcelain functions. No blood from the haemorrhoids.

So busy it’s unbelievable – I had hoped that when I got to old age things would settle down and be easier. But no, it’s more hassle and hecticness than ever before – can’t remember half the things I need to do, let alone get them done.

Still no hot water Tsk!

Did some Facebooking and started this blog off.

BusTTPut a photo of the bus time table on TFZ, here it is.

Eight trips to town on a weekday, four on a Saturday and none – yes, not any on a Sunday.

This will take some getting used to.

I thought about sorting the carpets out and then thought maybe best to get all the repairs out of the way first? I don’t know, feel so alone and useless at the moment.

So much to do and nowt much getting done like.

Not feeling too good now for some reason, feeling a bit queasy and light headed. Oh dear.

CityRain I decided I had time to make up some pots of medications – oh dear…

Just about half way through them and noticed as I counted each pot, that one of the morning pots only had 8 pills in it – worked out which was missing (Beta-blocker) and opened the cupboard above to get some out and Arthur Itis made me fingers stiffen and do their own thing and I knocked over the boxes that fell onto the open pots below that I’d just made up, spilling them all over the damned place.

Took me ages to sort them out, throw away the ones that had been on the floor and checked to see that the right pills were replaced in each pot. By then it was getting close to the bus coming time and I had to rush and have a wash and shave in semi-warm water – naturally I cut missen shaving again. Wot a plonka!

L9route1Got missen ready and things that I need (I hoped) for the trip in me bag and set off to the bus-stop.

I caught the L9 bus and enjoyed the elongated route it took to town.

No idea how the driver got it through the tortuous side roads it had to take.

The locals on the bus were in a chatty mood between them themselves – by the time we had gotten into town I was particularly worried about Enid and her arthritis in her left shoulder.

And Gladys was desperate to find and buy a tea-cosy like the one her mum had knitted for her in 1944.

A chap who’s name was not mentioned was running low on hearing-aid batteries.

DSCF0065I hobbled down Queen Street across the slab square and down Exchange Walk to the bank.

I asked for and got, some 20p pieces I could save to use in the flats launderette. Then had to see an advisor to get me address changed.

She informed me that I had got me security code numbers wrong on two occasions, and they had to be changed. Huh! If I couldn’t remember those how do you expect me to remember a new one!

Ah-well, she suggested if I had a new flat, I could use that number and the number of the old house or visa-versa. I was getting headache now. After much mind puzzling thought I came up with random numbers and just hoped I’d remember them. (Mmm…) we’ll see.

Left and went to call at the Jessops camera shop to ask them if they could show me how to change the size of photo’s stored on me card in the camera – but they were too busy.

I nearly set off to walk to the Audio Clinic – but being as keen as mustard and having a sharp alert brain – I’d only got half way there when like a shot, I realised it was Saturday. (Fool!)

DSCF0066So I poddled back down the hill into the City Centre.

Where I was glad to find the Nottinghomian citizenry had not lost their ability to ignore the red pedestrian crossing lights on Red.

I only saw two or three pedestrian cyclist in town today as well.

On me way to the Pound Shop I passed a DSCF0068couple of newly wedded personages outside the old Victoria Hotel, now named the Hilton Hotel on Milton Street.

I took photo of them so Mike and Shirley, or any other couple could do some reminiscing like.

The Jaguar E type they had hired wasn’t half stinking of petrol – a leak there somewhere there must have been. Even the shoplifters nearby where mentioning it – but the happy couple didn’t seem to mind.

I was a bit bonifate in avoiding a turbo-charged Mobility Scooter driven my an aged lady with gritted teeth and a stare on her face that said without sound “Move!”

got to the pound shop and got some bits I thought I might need – a strainer, two fresh air citrus bulb things that I can’t make smell of anything when I got back to the flat?, oven tray for me chips, laptop hoover, a box of tea bags, a mug and a little sewing kit. I ask you, wot a plonker! Buying a sewing kit with my arthritic hands? Huh!

So, onward to Tesco and got some bread thins. some individual long life Carnation milk pots in case I run out of milk again and some New Zealand apples. Nice they are, very juicy and crisp!

Had a while before the bus back was due, so had a plod around the slab square amidst the roller-bladers, skateboarders and shoplifters having a rest and bite to eat.

Caught the bus back to Woodthorpe Court. 01topa

Dropped off the bus at Woodthorpe Court and as I entered noticed the laundry had a free machine and drier – so went up and deposited me bags and took me laundry down to do. Cause hopefully tomorrow when Dunc’ the Man comes I’ll be busy like having a great chin-wag.

DSCF0069When I got in the room one of the washing machines had no water? So I used the other one. Not used that one before and it was different to t’other one and I last me money first go. Tsk! Tried again and got it right. Went into the foyer with me crossword book and had a chat with some of the ‘girls’ having their hair done in the next room.

Transferred the clothes into the drier, they seem to have been cleaned well and did me DSCF0070cross-wording again in the foyer.

Two police officers arrived and ran to the lift and up to a flat or other.

Hello I thought! Well, yer would wouldn’t yer like?

The officers cam back down and out to their car, looking very gloomy-faced?

I went out fro a walk as the drier takes an hour to finish.

I soon came back in sharpish – blimey the weather up ‘ere don’t half change quick. Talk about blowing a storm up, the wind was cruel! Mind you, they have given heavy rain out fer Sunday and Monday.

I thought the drier had done an excellent job again. Said me cheerio’s to the gals and made me way back up to the flat.

Put the togs in the airing cupboard – and put on the immersion heater as the water was cold again.

DSCF0071I opened one of the pound shop Air bubbles and could smell nothing at all?

Zilch in the aroma stakes!

I tried to read the instructions on the other one but it was impossible – the letters looked like dots they were so small. Huh!


DSCF0073Made a nice strong cup of tea, well mug of tea with the pound shop tea ‘D’ bags.

Laptop on and updated this tripe.

Found a good station on the internet – listening to Big Band Swing at the moment on there Jazz section.

Bloomin’ good stuff! and free!

Big Band Swing music classics.

Just made a cuppa and toyed with the lemon air freshener thingy again – I now have a lemon scented kitchen floor, slippers and trousers.

going to do some Facebooking now although it’s getting late fer me – I’m all excited about Dunc coming to see me.


Fri 10 July 2015: Inchcock Today: Oven chips and a new Heroine!

Friday 10 July 2015


0330hrs: View from the kitchen window

Up at 0250hrs: took me quilt and throw into the bedroom, from the kitchen where I’d been trying to kip – WC’d kettle and laptop on – and took a photo from through the kitchen window.

Then started the flat-wide search for me hearing aids!

Found them in plain view on top of the fire surround in the living room on me third search of the living room. Tsk!

The haemorrhoids were bleeding, the angina worse than it’s been for ages and the skin cancer wound a bit naughty and stinging again.

But, all in all I was not too bad – then when I opened WordPress I’d got an offer from Dunc of a free office swivel chair – and he offered to delivery it for me! That made my day, thanks Dunc!

Here I am, sat sitting in me only chair on the laptop (without me hearing aids in)… and realised what the clonking noise was throughout the night. It was the fridge freezer letting me know it’s still working.

Took me medications. Made a cuppa, but could not face any porridge again this morning – I think the nerves are playing up a tad, stomach joining in with me other ailments, churning away. Huh!

I’ve got one of the City Home ladies calling today (Not the Frau Obergruppenfurher Kommandant, but Deana Walker, my Independent Living Co-ordinator. To have a talk about things.

I’ll have to call in at the GP sometime to clarify the date of me next INR blood checks. And call at the bank to make sure they have me new address – and… Oh it’s too much. Wouldn’t be so bad but everyone keeps telling me to phone them and I really can’t hear what many of them are saying and make errors… Me mind is ready to explode… still, there won’t be much collateral damage. Hehe!

Made some notes of things to remember that need doing – but it is a long and confusing list – wouldn’t be so bad if I could read me own writing!

Got me bag of rubbish ready to take to the rubbish chute and letter to take to the shed… then could I find the door keys? – No!

After 40 failed minutes searching the same place I’d already searched I decided I was going potty! I’d come back from me walk last evening so I had them then… Searched all the bags, laundry bag, cabinets and cupboards, storage box’s to no avail – frustrated and annoyed with myself I was – when Deana arrived for her interview session.

She dug in searching with me again – we’d got to point where I thought they ain’t here!

And then… 01topa

After ten minutes she found them in the laundry bag in me pyjama pocket!

01topWell Done Deana Walker!

Saved me bacon there she did – and me sanity too!

She then conducted the interview of sorts taking all me details as required by Nottingham city Homes.

She fitted the Lifeline Connect system.

That’s where I can call for help when if I think I’m going to conk-out.

Waiting now for the Tesco delivery.

Then I hope to get a bus into town and change me address with the bank, hearing aid batteries from the audio centre and call in Jessops to get help with the camera. But I forgot about the Tesco delivery.

I put the oven on ready so I could put me oven chips and roast parsnips in when the delivery arrived. (Says him salivating at the thought) 

Having sausages and petits-pois with em I reckon, they are ready in the tray to be microwaved.

The delivery arrived and I put the nosh in the oven first, then put away the frozen food that came.

DSCF0060And do you know… there was a French Horn Fresh cream cake with them… don’t know FibModehow that got in the order. (Cough cough)

I’m somewhat disappointed with the oven chips after waiting for three years to get some again – they were a disappointment – with me recent experiences with Tesco I should have known and expected less. I bought some ‘Tesco brand Homestyle oven chips’… tasteless! Such a let-down! Boo!

The skin cancer wound is itching like mad now. Huh! Just can’t resist having a good scratch and rubbing me shoulder against the door edge.

Got me quilt cushion and throw, fashioned a bed on the kitchen floor got down and read some of me, Berlin the downfall by Anthony Beevor, and this time I did nod-off quickly, despite me brain being confused and ever active. And… I don’t think I woke up during the 6 hours before I  sprang awake.