Thu 2 July 2015: Inchcock Today: Another frustrating day – Hey-ho!

Thursday 2nd July 2015


Lousy nights kip – I was so drained and the feet knees and ankles were painful and swollen from all the walking I’d done yesterday, yet then the cramps started as well!

No sleep as such, kept waking up regularly in mini-agony… Tsk!

Got the things ready for the surgery and items in me bag to take to the flat and set off.

The nurse did me and we managed a little chin-wag in between her fondling, measuring and recording the findings of various departments of me body parts (Bless her).

I caught a bus into town and called at the virgin shop to be snubbed and sneered at by asking them for details of me plan I’d signed up for.

Then i called in Jessops while they have the Sale on for a couple of more days and looked at their telephones on sale. They had one with large buttons and volume control reduced from £25.99 to £15.00 cause it had no instruction book. So I bought that ready for tomorrow when Virgin come to set me up.

Then called in the Pound shop to get some mini-pots for me medications.

The bag’s are getting heavier now…

I went to the Nottingham Transport shop to see if I could get a timetable of the L8 and L9 bus service that covers the flats – couldn’t find one on the racks, so I joined the queue and asked the nice glaring at me face lady if they had any – she disappeared for a bit and returned to tell me no, it appears they have ran out of them. Hey-ho!

IMG_0009On me way to the bus-stop to see when the net L8 was due, I saw some sausage baguettes that looked nice, so I got one to nosh later at the flat.

The L8 was due in 35 minutes so I wandered around for a bit, taking a ‘Bling’ photograph for the TFZ gals and guys, and returned to the bus-stop – first in the resulting queue I was – but still got on last when it arrived ten minutes later as the others barged passed me. Huh!

The bus took a route all over several areas eventually getting me to the flats.

I called at the community shed first, there was a meeting going on, so I tried to push the letters I’d had delivered at the flat for the previous lady tenant under the office room door – a lady came out of the meeting and took them off me.

I made me way to Woodthorpe Court and got in the flat.

IMG_0010Took a photo of the doorway into the section of three flats – the red one on the right is my door.

Did a bit of fresh-air spraying and put the key for the balcony door back in the door.

Then put some bits I’d taken away with me… away like.

IMG_0014I realised the sausage baguette was on white bread and had garlic in it? So decided to give it away so someone might eat it in the Community shed.

Took a photo of the walk past the garages out into the Grange area where the student was raped in January.

Then set about deciding where to put Patti Bekert’s painting she did for me when I was down a bot last year.

I decided in the living room – not that there’s anything in it yet like.

The bedroom was too dark to give it credit like.

01topI cunningly took a close up photo as well and added it.

Then I tried the hot water taps again I’d turned on the heater when I arrived but no light came on it) and low and behold warm water from the bathroom tap.

Then I tried the kitchen tap – you see, I assumed because the red-spotted tap in the bathroom was the hot water one, that the red-spotted one in the kitchen would be the hot one – Silly me! the green on in the kitchen is the hot one. Don’t they make life awkward?

Did some more cleaning and disinfecting and cleaned the bath and sink that needed it on closer inspection with the light on. No window in the bathroom, or mirror or cabinet either yet.

Went  down and found the Community Frau Kommandant asked her if she knew anyone that might like the sausage baguette I’d bought, she snapped “I don’t sell residents foods for them! I told her I was giving it away, my fault for buying it without checking the contents first.

She put it in her bag with a gruff “I’ll find someone!”

Then I bravely asked her about the larger and recyclable waste disposal routine.

Before I’d finished asking her she shot the answer rapidly back at me in a booming voice that I could not understand – she really liked it when I asked her to say it again – oh… hassle to come from this Obergruppenführer in the future methinks?

She said in a slower but more baritone voice this time: with an expression that said “You should know this – moron!”, accompanied by possibly the most pompous yet effective sneer I’ve had thrown at me for years – “Put it near the caretakers refuse door!”

It got really sociable when I had to ask her where the caretaker’s refuse door was. Oh dear, one here to avoid if I can methinks.

I went back up to the flat and made sure everything was locked and turned off.

Then got me things to take back to the hovel. Must remember to take me new laptop back there with me in the morning – so if the Virgin men turn up they can get it going for me on their internet. Going to take some clothes as well – then I might stay in the new flat overnight, cause I can have a bath there now having taken the towels and hygiene stuff already, and change me togs too. toothbrushes and stuff should be arriving with the Tesco order – I bet the driver will be happy when he knows he has to ring to get into the flats, and then get all the stuff up me in 72 via the lift – oh dear, more hassle? Hey-ho!

IMG_0015On leaving I took the stairs down instead of the lift – so as to get to know them in case of any emergency at a later date.

Some of the flights had Stair-lifts fitted others didn’t. Got down alright – feeling better than yesterday physically… oh, perhaps I shouldn’t have said that?

I got to the bus-stop for 1520hrs knowing the bus should arrive at 1530hrs.

Two ladies were sat in the shelter waiting and I gave them a friendly Nottingham greeting: “Ayup midducks are yer alreet?”.

All I got back was from one of them “Are you the new bloke then?”

“Yes” I replied, and that was that!

IMG_0017The bus arrived and confused me a bit by taking a different route to Monday when I caught it. It worked out well cause I dropped off near Mansfield Road, and dropped into the Polish shop and got a loaf and some Belly pork with peppers to have fer me nosh.

As I walked along Mansfield Road into IMG_0016Carrington a bloke passed me riding his bicycle in the road while having a black bull-terrier on a leash running alongside of him – then he turned onto the pavement at great speed.

I couldn’t get me camera out in time to clock him. but further along the road he came at me, dog in tow on  the pavement and I managed to turn around to get a photo of the pillock come toss-pot.

Got in to the flea-pit and found an email from the lady interested in taking the old fridge freezer off my hands. She’s going to try to get her brother to  fetch it on Sunday or maybe Saturday. I emailed her back saying okay.

Finished off this diary and made notes of what to remember for tomorrow… Mmm?

Made me sandwiches and watched a DVD while eating them. Took me medications too.

I just hope the lady doesn’t wake me up late about the fridge-freezer situation.

Nodded off for an hour and then sprang awake thinking it was tome to get up – then I felt the all too familiar warm wet glow from me lower regions. Got up and cleaned missen up – but could not get back to sleep for ages… and ages… Tsk!