Tue 21 July: 2015 Inchcock Today: BJ to the rescue… again!

Tuesday 21st July 2015


0540hrs: Woke and dashed to the porcelain.

Horrible memory of horrible dreams. I ran out of money and was evicted from the flat! This dream was the only one I’ve ever had that scared me!

01topa2Made a cuppa took me medications.

The cupboard in the kitchen was usable now the repair chappy had sorted me out.

I think I’d overdone it in the cleaning supplies department though… don’t you?

Took these photographs with me other Sony camera to get used to it. Still not working out what all the options are or how to turn the on or off. Sad innit?

Got a bath and shave, me togs on ready to go to the doctors for me INR level blood tests.

Caught the bus to the bottom of the hill and walked into Carrington.

Called to see BJ in the launderette. He said go to the GP and let him know what time the appointment was for – I’d got a bit mixed up and got 1100hrs on me diary and 1045hrs on me written note?

Walked to the surgery and found out it was for 1115hrs?

Walked back and told him. He thought we had time to get to Asda and back by then and gave me a lift to the store.

Thanked him.

IMG_0076I got me bits, potatoes, cooked meats and bread and waited patiently as he came through the checkout after me.

I thought we’d be late by then for me appointment. Had a nasty dizzy spell.

BJ proved me wrong as we arrived dead on time and he waited for me. the it

The nurse took me blood and I told her about the itching under me arms and she gave me some baby-cream – don’t laugh… oh go on then!

BJ ran me back to the flats. Hobbled in, up in the lift and hastily tended to the porcelain.

Made a cuppa and sent a funny-mode email to Deana Walker – head honcho in the flats:

Dearest warm-hearted desperately adorable Deana (that should get me in yer good books?),

  1. I can report the nice gentleman from maintenance came and did me window – condemned it actually.
  2. He also screwed some screws into the living room panelling that had come loose it ain’t loose no more.
  3. I had a call to see if anyone had called to see me about the wrist-alarm battery that was no dying a death. (I told them that I had reported this. to Deana as she was getting into her Daimler to go to visit her AA advisor and she was going to call to see me as soon as possible – Only joking!) She asked me to keep her informed bless her.
  4. Many letters here for Margaret I’m afraid gal.

I need or will do shortly, a reliable trustworthy man and a van to hire as soon as I have the carpets fitted, to move stuff from the old dump to the flat. Can you recommend anyone please?

I have to sort this out soon as possible after getting the carpets fitted cause I’m paying two of everything and am running a bit low on funds. Must sell the dump to pay me rent soon. Tsk!

Thanking you

Gramercy seeking Gerry.

Hope she see’s the funny side?

Got some potatoes on a low light and updated this diary on the old computer, well laptop.

Email back from Deana just in – no answer to me van and man plea, but she’s waiting for more wristbands to arrive to replace the one I’ve got.

IMG_0078Got me nosh ready.

A veritable feast. Even if I don’t have a table to eat it off.

Potatoes (salt and black peppered), tomatoes, beetroot, smoked ham, bread and real butter, South African apple, two Viennese whirls and a lemon mousse.

Later I had an iced lolly, later still a bag of Marmite crisps too!


Laptop on and finished this Diary as I took me medications very late cause I fell asleep on the chair nearly falling out of it and waking up with a  start!

Got an email back from Deana. She is awaiting supply of wrist alarms to be delivered – let’s hope me mechanical ticker, reflux valve or the angina don’t get me first and I can’t call for help through the system installed and I pay extra for every week! – Just thought I’ mention this!

I’ve eaten a lot of extras tonight?

TTFN all.

Mon 20 July 2015: Inchcock Today – Fast getting nowhere…


View from Woodthorpe Court this morning

01topa2Monday 20th July 2015

Decent kip in again – but after remembering so much of the night before’s dreams as wot I did like – I was disappointed in not remembering much of last nights.

Just bits about being in a sewer running?

Up at 0600hrs, late for me.

Kettle on and I had a look at me other camera to see if I could master its workings again, but gave up and had a wash and shave and tended to the porcelain duties.

Arthritis seems a lot easier in the legs and hands, Anne Gyna being fair with me, Little Inch had been bleeding a bit, ulcer okay, hernia not bad at all, reflux valve as usual a bit bothersome, bruising on me wrist getting much easier now, the mechanical ticker valve seems to be clicking away alright and the skin cancer wound continues to itch madly then when I scratch at it (Yes, I know I shouldn’t but its so hard not to) it hurts, It feels like there are ants in there somewhere trying to get out. Tsk!

Laptop on a cuppa and took me morning medications.

Finished off yesterdays diary and got it posted.

Not very warm again this morning – I hope they come to sort out the hole in the wall soon. Doc say’s I must try to avoid getting colds or flu and this ain’t helping. I’ve told the woman in charge here at the flats like – but I may as well have told the daisies outside for all the effect it had. (In fact I think I did the other day).

Did some Facebooking.

DSC00005 DSC00006

Tried to clean the storage heater – but it DSC00004was pretty pointless. Found a tablet and a penny stuck to the floor underneath it. When I tried to clean the surfaces (Nothing I tried would remove the stains from the sides of it) most of the markings were rust. About wore me poor self out on me knees trying to get it nice. Huh!

When I took the photo’s here of the heater, the finds and a view from the window above – using me other camera – but I really don’t know what I’m doing with it, so many options and messages on the screen I was baffled I say… Baffled!

Awaiting the repair people to do the kitchen now, made a cuppa again.

Got the shredder going and sorted the paperwork. Another job done – but so many to do.

Took me midday medications.

Had another go at the other camera – got in more of a pickle with it now.

1232hrs: Still no sign of the maintenance men – Nottingham City homes sent me a text message telling me they would be here this morning.

I wanted to go to the bank and tell them about me statement still being sent to the old house. Might not be time if the workmen don’t arrive soon. Tsk and Huh!

I was cleaning the sink and had a terrible thought when I espied some more of Paul the painters paint splashes on a cupboard and the taps – I hope I live long enough to find and remove them all?

Spotted what I thought was a mark on the side of the fridge – it tuned out that the Curry’s men (The one’s who left all the broken packing foam outside the door and near the lifts) had left some of the shrink wrap on it – helluva job to get it off.

I want to go and see Deana at the shed to take more of Margaret’s mail that’s just been delivered along with another bill for me – Water rates £187.47 fancy that. Also I wanted to go and get rid of me rubbish down the chute – but until the City-Homes-Chappies have been I dare not move in case I miss em.

1340hrs: The City Homes man arrived and did the cupboard, shelf and drawer.

He looked at the kitchen window and condemned it. Kaput!

Got missen ready to take letters to the Community shed and catch the last bus into town.

The shed was locked-up.

IMG_0069Caught the bus into town.

I got off in the rain near the Poundland shop and was nearly hit by one of the dozens of Pavement Cyclist inhabiting the town centre. Cycling with one hand on the pedestrian right of way and using hi mobile phone – I did shout something insulting and of a retributional nature at him but he just ignored me.

I nipped into the shop and got some oven tin liners, a loaf of bread and a fresh air spray.


The smoke is coming from the Jamaican Caribbean take away food stall

Then I wandered into the City Centre as the rain lessened a bit, crossed over the square and down into Exchange Walk, where I waited patiently to see an advisor. Nearly fell asleep waiting.

Got to see one and explained about me statement going to the old house although I changed me address with them last Monday. Seems it takes a few days to go through?

To the counter and got some 20p’s for the laundry.

IMG_0071Hobbled down to Sr Peters church, which looked lovely as a break in the rain made it look different somehow?

Went right and to the eNottingham City Transport ticket place and found a time-table for the 40 and 42 buses that run on Winchester Street.

Walked around a bit nd slipped some seeds to the pigeons – still a high number of thoughtless moronic pedestrian cyclists all over the place.

IMG_0072Went to catch the 40 bus, nd as it set off and down Upper Parliament Street it stopped at some pelican lights and I noticed that the Cash-shop come pawnbrokers come Money lenders shop was really busy – or maybe it was being robbed?


IMG_0073The rain came a bit heavier then.

By the time we had reached Winchester Street, going down the hill this time, I got off at the right bus-stop (Amazing I know!), and crossed the road and walked down to the flats.

The drizzle began again en-route.

IMG_0074As I got between the two blocks I walked under some chestnut trees and stopped when I saw a squirrel nibbling some of the newly dropped nuts.

Pressed on and into the flats.

Felt tired but hungry so WC’d nd put some roast potatoes in the oven with a few chips and added some frank’s for IMG_0075the last few minutes.

Very tasty indeed. Rated this 8.4/10.


Then when washing the dishes afterwards I managed to drop one as I was scrubbing it, which covered me in water and bounced off me right foot big to, hit me knee and made one helluva mess on the floor.

I just said ‘Hey-ho’ and cleaned it up like. FibMode 

Got the laptop on to finish this off.

Tired again now… going to get me head down.