Wed 1st July 2015: Inchcock Today: Still in a pickle…

Wednesday 1st July 2015

Still in a pickle!


Woke 0410hrs – put the water heater on – then took me medications and laid there pondering on the day’s demands coming my way.

Lot’s to do again still. Get the things ready to take to the new flat – Steve coming at 1200hrs – Workmen coming to the flat ‘twixt 1215 and 1415hrs to look at the bathroom toilet blockage and the brown water coming from the cold water tap, things to sort in the kitchen packing away stuff… must talk with Steve about the sequence of things, so much to sort… got to get Fridge-freezer and cooker and internet connection… confused even thinking about it. by then I’m sure I’ll be ready to get me head down. Tsk!

A cuppa and some stuff out to the bins and got on with Facebook for a bit, then finished and posted yesterdays Diary, started this diary.

Had a bash at amending graphics on Serifdrawplus without any success, did it better in Coreldraw x7.

Sorted the things to take with me today (I hope) that I’ll need in the new place that I can a store in the cupboards so as to make it easier for the decorator to get his job done and the carpet layer who I haven’t even thought of sorting yet… Huh!

Steve rang, he will not be coming to pick me up but meet me at the flat with a volunteer Age UK helper Glendora.

Set off with two heavy carrier bags on me walk to the flat.

35 minutes later – bedraggled, burning feet and well knackered I arrived at Woodthorpe Court.

I put on the immersion heater. I was good and early and decided being as I’d taken some cleaners with the other things, to clean the windows. They are type you can turn around to clean the other side.

When I completed the turning stale rainwater flowed out of three corroded parts and I had a right mess to clear up. Luckily I’d taken a bowel and some basins and used them to put under the escaping water – unfortunately not before it had soaked me cap and crossword book and spilt onto the  power point! I left it in the open position to let the water drain.

A good start methought!

I found what I thought was a large smudge of Tippex on the living room window – on closer inspection it was what looked like a pellet shot hole that had been covered. Mmm?

I tried the water later but it had not warmed up at all after an hour?

Then some mail came fr the previous tenant. I put them in me bag to drop off at the community shed when I left.

The phone rang, it was Glendora arriving. A few seconds later I thought perhaps she did not know the way up – so I nipped in a lift and went down to the entrance area, as she was in the other lift going up, so I went back up and found her knocking on the flat door.

Nice lady I had met her once before when I first met Steve.

She started to ask me things and then Steve rang to be let in.

Things got a little hard to follow then as they were both speaking and it was hard to make out what was being said.

Then it got worse, the plumber rang for entry and started to toy with the pipes in the bathroom.

As Glendora and Steve were thankfully sorting out on the phone for me the Virgin internet setting up of, the plumber said all done mate and I asked him what the problem had been with the WC – “Wot problem?” he asked. I pointed out the Do Not Use wrapper around the toilet seat – he looked down it and pulled the chain saying “Nowt wrong wi that!” So all this time I’ve been unable to relieve missen, it just needed the chain pulling? I noticed he flushed the sign telling me not to use it down sharpish like. Tsk!

Steve told me he’s sorted Virgin internet connection to be done Friday between 1300hrs and 1800hrs. With Tesco delivering Friday as well twixt 1200hrs to 1400hrs that fitted in nicely.

Thursday (Tomorrowis Doctors at 0900hrs, nurse at 0930hrs and possibly a trip to the clinic depending on what the nurse thought of the state of me bleeding little lesion?

Steve produced a blow up mattress for me to use until I can get a new one – nice of him I thought!

Much talking of things I had to do, things not to do and things important and those less important followed – I’d gotten confused by then with it all, and was feeling really drained, happy, but drained.

We had a 30 second thunderstorm then. Gosh the thunder sounds loud when your high up in the sky – Hehehe!

Steve and Glendora left and I checked everything to make sure it was safe with nowt left on like – the hot water was still cold in the kitchen when I turned off the heater after four hours? Locked up and made me way to call at the community shed to drop off the letters on me way back to the flea-pit.

The shed was locked-up, hey-ho!

It took me 30 minutes to walk back to Carrington and when I got to the Co-op store me mobile rang – but I couldn’t hear what was being said due to me deafness and the noise of the traffic.

Got some milk and made me way back – and the phone rang again – it was someone from the flats asking me to be in the flat Monday between 1200 and 1700hrs to be spoken to about the intercom?

I got back in and so tired and weary and the door lock would not lock? While struggling with it, getting nowhere Steve rang – it seems when I tried to ring the first caller back I’d dialled his number in mistake. Huh! He said he would be passing my dump in about five minutes and would call in to see if he cold help.

The INR results had been delivered and I had to get the next one done on the Monday. Steve kindly rang the surgery to make an appointment for me on Monday morning – because of the need for me to be in the flat twixt 1200 and 1700hrs for the intercom thing whatever it is on Monday. The receptionist told him there were no free slots on Monday at all – but could make it on Tuesday at 0930hrs, Mmm? And yet last week when I asked them to make it Tuesday instead of Monday, they insisted if the hospital say Monday, then Monday it must be!!! Confusing innit?

Too tired to make owt fancy I had microwave sausage sandwiches and me medications for nosh.

By gawd me feet are aching and stinging now.

Here are the photo’s I took before it got hectic at the new flat today:

 IMG_0003 IMG_0005


TTFN all!

Tue June 15: Inchcock Today: The Mind races, Leaving me brain behind!

Tuesday 30th June 2015


Slept a long time last night, got over five hours in.

The dreams were all about problems with the moving abode – at least I think they were – because they were fresh in me mind when I sprang awake at 0400hrs and lay pondering on how to solve them for ages – no solutions came though.

Having no transport is a bind – failing to order the freezer and cooker yesterday and the wasted half-day trying to, was a blow that sent me into a low. Oh, poetry!

IMG_0220Today is launderette day – I am hoping that BJ can let me go with him to Asda and I can get some pans, mop and bucket and maybe a television? Then I’ll ask him if and when he can help further by lifting them and the other stuff I have ready to use in the new flat up to Woodthorpe Court.

I must ring Steve later, to find out about the Virgin internet set-up and the decorating situation. Got to wait for the paint to arrive at the flat first – which means me being there to accept it – so much confusion, so many things to tackle and so many things Medical appointments, repair men from the City Homes Council and the toilet is unusable until they sort it out in the new flat things to remember or forget worry me a bit.

First time I’ve moved from a house. Nervous and panicky is how I see myself at the moment. Being on my own without transport isn’t helping.

I think it’s amazing how some folk cope with their moves.

The heating is storage heaters in the flat – they confuse me as well.

Started this diary and made a cuppa. Took me medications. (Missing these in me confused state is another worry – Tsk!

Took some rubbish out to the bin and made a list of items I might (If BJ can help me out – Again!) be able to get from Asda for the new flat.

I feel a bit guilty asking BJ for help all the time – summat else to get me down. I think he might get pissed off with me soon.

And I’ll probably have two poll-taxes to pay until I sell the house… oh, the mind races leaving me brain behind!

Got the washing ready and had a wash and brush-up before setting off for the launderette.

IMG_0222Nice warm morning, no yobs about and me cancer wound was a lot better.

Good stuff methought!

Got to the launderette and Mandy was on duty

Had a chin-wag and laugh like.

BJ arrived and i asked him if he could take me with him to Asda so I could get some stuff for the new flat and take it up there.

He said he hasn’t much time but he would. I feel terrible putting on him for help like this.

A man from City Homes rang, he wanted to get into the flat to replace the damaged glass on the kitchen window. I said we should be there around 1215hrs.

IMG_0227BJ ran us to Asda where I spent a bit getting needed accessories for the flat.

Brushes, cutlery, kettle, towels, mugs, drainage rack for the sink, bottles of mineral water in case the brown water was still coming out of the cold water taps Tsk!

Getting on now and BJ had no tie to IMG_0225help me into the flat with them bless him, he got me into the lift with the bags and had to shoot off. I thanked him as he disappeared from view.

Up to the 12th floor and somehow struggled out of the lift and got the stuff into the flat.

I took some photographs of the flat.

IMG_0223Then the phone on the wall rang – glad to say it is pretty loud and it was the maintenance men come to do the window.

I sneaked a shot of the from behind showing the marvellous view from the window.

They had it done in a few minutes ad left me a little pile of rubbish to clear up, bless them.

IMG_0224I took a photographicalation fro the balcony, sticking the camera between the mesh netting to get a clear shot.

This cheered me up a bit – until I went into the bathroom and saw the Do Not Use sign still on the toilet seat.

Brown water was still coming out of the cold tap I’m afraid to say.

IMG_0228I stuck some air-freshers I got from Asda in each room.

There was a pile of letters for the previous occupant lady.

I thought I’d go see if I could fins any of the staff to ask what to do with them so took them with me to the lift.

As I left the flat, there are two other flat doorways in a recess and I saw my neighbour and had a chat with her, about my age and very pretty she was.

As I got in the main 12th floor area near the lifts I popped in to see the rubbish chute and broke up some cardboard to see if it went down alright – I must ask someone about if there is a recycle one to use.

A grand chap name of Norman came to me as I got in the lift. He said they keep changing people to other flats near him and didn’t sound to happy about it for some reason?

I got down and called at the community cabin thing and found a woman there and asked her about the letters, she said just bring them here. So I gave the to her. She didn’t know about the waste chute, as she was standing in for someone on holiday.

I walked down into Sherwood and got some stuff from Wilkinson’s. Tin openers and pans for the cooker if ever I manage to get one like.

IMG_0229As I started to walk down Winchester Street, I spotted these flowers that seemed to have turned to face me.

Walked back to the hovel (Further than I thought) got in and put the kettle on and I got a call from another maintenance guy who said he wanted to take a look at the water problems in me bathroom. Well, I was meeting Steve from UK tomorrow, he’s coming at 1200hrs so he can take some of me bags ready filled with stuff to use at the new place to it. He’s also got someone to help me with getting stuff sorted that I need. Great encouragement that!

01topaFinished me post about the City Homes folder and started to finish this diary. I cheered up a bit, then saw the yobs lurking up and down the street again.

IMG_0233Had me nosh.

Mild Chilli-con-carne, sausages, roast potatoes and cooked beetroot with bread thins.

Followed by a mini cake and a pot of mandarins in jelly.

Rated it 8.2/10.

Very nice.

Then I faded!