Inchcock’s Welcome to his new Home ‘Pack’ Courtesy of Nottingham Homes.


Inchcock’s Welcome to his new Home ‘Pack’

Courtesy of Nottingham Homes.


I managed to finally get around to perusing the paperwork I was given in me ‘Welcome to your new home’ pack from the nice Nottingham City Homes people.

There were a few leaflets and pamphlets included in the pack like…

01topaFree Points for Paint:

“We have awarded you 50 decorating gift points to spend in the catalogue given to you by the lettings officer.

Fine, I got three tins of paint and a steel tape measure ruler. courtesy of Steve from Age UK ordering it for me. I await its arrival and the pleasure of paying the Age UK Decorator the £189 to slap it on for me (Fair price though) – as I am incapable of doing this simple task nowadays due to me ailments like. Tsk! Most appreciated gesture.

Customer scorecard:

To be filled in with your response to the services provided on a 1>10 basis for each service. With stamped addressed envelope to return it in too!

How to get the most from your electric heating and hot water system:

A rather confusing leaflet with guidance on how to manipulate the controls – being as the controls on mine have worn away through age and use – it is no wonder I was a tad confused!

Ways to pay your rent at Nottingham City Homes:

Direct debit ticked from the list of seven ways to pay – with a Rent reference number, an Occupational Therapists telephone number? and a number to call the kind Council Tax people so they can charge me double tax one for this dump and one for the new dump. Bless them!

Immersion heating scalding – tenants deaths:

Kindly pointing out the danger signs of immersion failure to watch for:

Excessively hot water coming out of the hot taps – Excessive noise or bubbling from the hot water cylinder – Hot water coming from cold water taps – Cold water cistern splits emptying its contents through the ceiling of the room below. Thanks for that I thought.

General Health Safety and Security:

If you carry our any work without the written permission of the Nottingham City Homes we may insist you put it back the way it was, and carry out the work ourselves and charge you for it.

ID Cards:

Always ask workmen for identification.


Please do not work yourself from our scaffolding.


This is caused by damp air touching a cold surface.

You can reduce condensation by: Closing kitchen and bathroom doors to prevent steam from going into colder rooms – Open bathroom and bathroom windows when cooking or washing – Not using paraffin or liquid gas heaters and Not blocking air-vents. Well the bathroom I have has no window, and the vent in the kitchen is awaiting repair by Nottingham City Homes?

Gas and Carbon Monoxide:

If you smell gas… There is no gas connected to the block of flats?

Get a Carbon Monoxide monitor fitted in your home.

Protecting Your Home:

A full colour booklet – Common sense really.

Tenancy Agreement: 27 page A4 full colour booklet:

Unless you are transferring form a secure tenant, or an assured non-short-hold tenancy with a registered social landlord which has lasted for more than twelve months you will start as an ‘Introductory Probation Tenant’.

Your tenancy will last for one year, unless you were an assured short-hold tenant of a registered social landlord or an introductory tenant of another property immediately before commencing this tenancy.  :

In the event of our taking action to extend or to end your tenancy you will usually have the opportunity to: Discuss matters with your housing patch manager or an officer from Nottingham City Homes Central Rents team.

A page about Reviewing decisions and where to appeal to.

Information for secure tenants.

As an Introductory Tenant you do not have the right to: Buy your home – sub-let part or all of your home – Take in a lodger or Apply to change your home.

Full rent includes:

Flat rent. Support charge. CCTV. Communal lighting. TV licence. Communal facilities. Care-taking. Reference number.

Your Rights as a Tenant – Sub-letting – Lodgers

Three A4 pages of confusing legal claptrap. As a 

What you must do as a tenant:

Not applicable pages to me – I’m only a ‘Introductory Probation Tenant’

Smoking in your flat:

‘Smoking’ refers to smoking tobacco or anything which contains tobacco, or smoking any other substance. For your safety, always ensure any smoking materials are fully extinguished before leaving a room.

Smoking in communal areas, on grass, enclosed corridors, stairwells, lifts, entrance area is illegal and as such if prohibited.

Decorations and cleanliness:

You are responsible for keeping your home clean and in a hygienic condition. Free of refuse and to a reasonable standard of decoration.

If you fail we will enter your home t carry our necessary works and charge you the costs incurred.

Conduct on your home:

You or anyone residing in or visiting your home Must Not:

Take or abstract electricity from the mains illegally.

Tamper or damage electricity supplies, meters, smoke detectors or any other equipment.

Store or use inflammable or explosive liquids, gases or tools in your home.

Store motorbikes or mini motorbikes in your home or communal areas.

Run a business from your home.

Use your home or neighbourhood for any illegal activity.

Allow your home to become overcrowded by allowing others to live there.

Allow n accumulation of personal property in your home, that may obstruct an inspection by or on behalf of Nottingham City Homes, cause structural damage to the property or pose an environmental risk.

To do anything that causes a health risk and/or safety risk to yourself or others.

Well that covers anything and everything I think?

Antisocial behaviour, nuisance, harassment, racial harassment and domestic violence, drugs: 

Three pages of what not to do. (I wish they had put illegal drugs though)

Pets, Extra Condition for Flat tenants:

You must use the rubbish chute or refuse bins provided for normal household waste.

Do not try to force large items down the chute or leave them in communal areas.

You must make proper arrangements to dispose of medical waste, needles, syringes or sanitary items.

You must not keep a dog or dogs.

You must keep balconies clean, free of obstructions and debris.

You must not cause nuisance, annoyance or disturb neighbours in any way.

You must not leave items in communal areas to your block or place items on your balcony.

IMG_0227You must not let animals deposit faeces on your balcony of communal areas.

You must not throw anything out of the windows or from your balcony.

You must not smoke in enclosed communal areas, stairwells, lifts or entrance areas.

You must not maliciously sett off or interfere with anything provided for your or any other parsons health and safety: including but not limited to smoke detectors, fire alarm systems, fir extinguishers, dry or wet risers, fire doors or door closers, emergency lighting, door entry or sprinkler systems.

Section on additional services you can pay for:


What the council may do if you break clauses 3.6 to 3.14:

Your right to live in your flat:


If you breach any of the obligations set out in this tenancy agreement, the actions me may take includes, but is not limited to: sending you a warning letter, court action against you of which we will issue court proceedings to seek an order for you to pay the costs.

There was another five sections, and five more booklets… but I’m too weary now to bother… Tsk!

Oh, and a Direct Debit receipt.

29 June 2015: Inchcock Today: GP Surgery – Meeting with Council Officials – You wouldn’t believe how Hard it is to get A Fridge-freezer and Electric cooker delivered!

Saturday 29th June 2015

I believe today’s Diary is indicative of how me life is at the moment!


Woke 0530hrs – put the water heater on – then took me medications and started this diary off.

Thought I’d better do it now as I didn’t know how the plans would go for the day.

Going to GP surgery at 0830hrs – in the hope that the nurse can do me INR test and redress me skin cancer wound early enough for me to get to BJ’s house and then up to Woodthorpe Court to meet with Steve Age UK for the Council Officials meeting about the flat.

Had a wash and brush up, and got missen ready for the days rather daunting tasks.

IMG_0207IMG_0209I set off slipping the pigeons some seed as I poddled to the doctors surgery.

I noticed two posters on St John’s Church fencing as I passed it, for the Sherwood Art week (Last week). Too late for me now to go see the Burlington Jazz session – I’d have liked to see them too. Huh!

IMG_0210Walked over the road, just managing to avoid being hit by one Nottingham’s Pavement Cyclists as he free-wheeled down the hill. The Swine!

Arrived at the surgery spot on 0820hrs as suggested by the nurse for an 0830hrs rearranged INR session.

All locked up – the sign read surgery starts at 0850hrs!

I waited until they opened up and was first in the queue.

Got seen to by the new nurse Nicole who also took off me dressing from me wound. Left some nibbles for the staff and set off on me walk to Sherwood to call on BJ.

IMG_0212 IMG_0213We had a natter and then set of in BJ’s car to the flats.

Lovely morning, I had a wander around and took some photographs while we waited for Steve from Age UK’s arrival. Steve phoned while I was taking the shots to confirm it was still on.

We found the lady representative of the Council. Her voice was loud but not clear and Steve had to keep answering my questions about what she said. Tsk! 

Nice lady. I filled in many forms, bank details etc. and signed them.

BJ and Steve found things that needed attention – and she listed them to get them sorted. Brown water coming from the tap in bathroom, drawer front in kitchen hanging off, and a window needed replacing also in the kitchen – there were more, but I can’t remember them all now.

IMG_0214I took a photograph from the living room window – shame about the bird nets innit – that’ll cramp me flipping photographicalisationing style!

Steve said he would apply for the bath to be replaced with a level shower. The lady said this would take some months to get done – so Steve said he would make the application for me today.

Appaently I’m a ‘Probationary Tenant for the first Twelve months, Mmm?

Then I signed the contract and was given the entry swipe and keys to the flat.

Steve suggested I get a fridge freezer and cooker delivered first.

IMG_0211We parted outside and Steve shot off to another client and BJ ran me down onto Mansfield Road where I caught a bus into town.

Having to dodge yet another Nottingham speeding dangerous Nottingham Pavement Cyclist as I approached the bus-stop.

Another Swine on wheels!

Luckily I had me free bus-pass with me.

I got into town with me mind racing about all the IMG_0215things I had to do – first I thought I’d walk to John Lewis and have a look at their cookers and fridge freezers like…

Then thought I’d try a few other afterwards to compare the prices and products yer see?

Well… what a farce come cock-up that was!

01040104aI eventually caught the attention of an assistant after looking over the products and choosing the cooker, very nice and not too expensive, with a small oven, just the ticket I thought. Also a Hotpoint fridge freezer just the size I needed and frost free too!

My first questions were can these two be delivered at the same time and how much would it be for delivery and fitting please.

“No problem with the delivery Sir, between 0800 and 1400hrs” on Friday (I thought he was going to fall asleep on me at this point). “The freezer is plug and go so no fitting needed, the cooker will cost you £20 for fitting and the delivery for both will be £20.”

Fair enough I thought. Gave him all the details he asked for, bank details address etc… then he said “It’s not letting me input this…” And called over to a colleague to ask if he knew why. He returned to me and told me the Fridge could be delivered Friday but the Cooker could not be delivered until Tuesday… I stopped the conversation here (Foolishly thinking another company could supply me both products at the same time – Huh!). I started to explain that this is not acceptable due to me many medical appointments that arise at short notice, so I can’t guarantee being in. Let’s forget it! (Sorry I said that now!)

0104dWalked over to Curry’s PC World main store on Milton Street. They didn’t have either product in stock!

Oh dear…

0104cSo, over the road to another store, House of Fraser.

Even if they had got anything in I liked, I couldn’t have afforded the prices they were asking…Tsk!

0104bNot having me reading glasses with me I had the most difficulty in reading their catalogue.

I was amazed to see their prices were higher for cookers and fridges than anywhere I’d looked. Next day delivery would cost a good bit, delivery within 3 days or five days was cheaper. But with the upcoming appointments I have no chance of being at the new flat for delivery over a period of three or five days?

Oh, I do feel irritated with missen now.

Caught the bus back to Carrington, made a cuppa and did this diary.

Feeling a bit down now, despite getting the keys to the flat.

So tired again.

IMG_0219Made me nosh, Pork pie, chips, cheesey potato mash, pork loin and pickled beetroot.

Very nice.

Rated this one 7.9/10.

But me eyes were too big fer me belly again.

Launderette in the morning.

I rang BJ to ask him if I could get some stuff, saucepans, kettle etc from Asda with him tomorrow and if he could lift it and some more stuff to the new place for me. He was too busy to talk – and I forgot to ring him back! Pillock!

Sun 28 June 2015: Inchcock Today

Sunday 28th June 2015


Woke around 0400hrs, and noted bits of me last dream down to put in this diary later.

DSCF0039I plodded down the stairs and put the kettle on.

It was dark dank and damp this morning, but not cold with it.

Took a photo as I popped me head out of the door to see if any of the pigeons had come down for their breakfast like.

The noise in the distance was of emergency vehicle klaxon’s – sounded like there were a few of them nearby?

DSCF0040Only one of the pigeons came down to nosh, so he feasted on the seeds.

Had me cuppa and took me medications. The wound was stinging a bit this morning – the reminded me that I had to get the dressing off today, how I can get behind myself to reach the gigantic plaster I didn’t know like.

I think I’ll ask the GP nurse to remove it in the morning when I go for me INR Warfarin blood tests. Then she can check it out at the same time?

The rain is coming heavier now.

Got carried away with doing some graphics in Coreldraw and Corelpaint to use later.

Finished me “It’s Been a Funny Life – Part 4” off and posted it.

Then felt the warm wet glow from me little Inch location… oh dear… went up to the bathroom to check it out. Boy was it bleeding. Wot-a-mess! Took me ages to get it to stop, I was nearing the stage of calling for help when it slowed down – no wonder they can’t get me INR levels right is it? Huh! Must remember to get some more pads soon.

Made another cuppa, the last one went cold. Tsk!

Started this diary off. Then looked at me notes about the dream:

I was on a boat on the Thames and had a water-pistol that looked like a stun-gun and was trying to row near enough to the Houses of Parliament to squirt the water at it?

Suddenly there were loads of attacks on me from helicopters, a submarine appeared nearby and fired their deck gun at me, a hurricane fighter dived at me machine-gunning and firing rockets at me, divers appeared at the side of me boat with their guns out, an aircraft carrier appeared in the distance approaching me, snipers from the roof were firing at me… in the middle of all this an air-ambulance dropped down telling me that I’d missed an appointment at the clinic – the then started throwing loaded syringes at me?

None of the attacks hit me, they just bounced off the frogman’s suit I was wearing?

Norman Wisdom was suddenly at my side singing something or other, then led me down some steps under the boat… not sure what happened next, but I found myself in a giant cave with a stream running through it, with giant Centipedes, each playing several guitars at the same time?

I became aware that I was wearing me old TA denims.

Odd, even for me this one was…

Started doing some shredding and sorting.

DSCF0041Weary now, I made me nosh and got me head down really early.

Baked tatties with butter and Himalayan pink mountain salt, ham sandwich, bananas, and a mini-roll – followed my last tub of strawberry & vanilla ice-cream.

Rated it 7/10.

Inchcock in Prose – It’s been a Funny Old Life… Part 4

It’s been a Funny Old Life… Part 4


It started getting confusing, when I was born,

To mother I was unwanted, a bit of a thorn,

So she kept running off, not that it made me mourn,

I thought at first it was due to me, and felt forlorn,

Then the Police called to see her one morn,

Regarding a Christmas club funds being overdrawn,

But she’s gone hours earlier at the break of dawn!


The chase was on, thus her reputation did aggrandise,

They caught her 9 months later, and believed her lies!

Dad took her back in, even I saw that was not wise,

Things kept disappearing, before our very eyes,

She was repeatedly off again, someone else to victimise,

Everyone she conned liked her, hard to realise,

They just trusted her, and that was very unwise!


Many callers over the years wanting to know where she’d went,

Loan sharks after money they had foolishly lent,

Lawyers, Window cleaners, neighbours giving vent,

Bookmakers, grocers even cobblers where she had overspent,

All seeking recompense to some extent,

Disappointed and sad they were as they went!


When I was fourteen, I started work and earned some cash,

She was back in our midst, quick as a flash!

Of the massive £3.3s.3d a week I earned, not balderdash,

She only charged me £2 for board, I was taken abash!

Shame she nicked me clothes, LP’s and any spare cash!

It didn’t matter where I tried to hide me stash,

She always found it – and flogged it quick as a flash!


Finally, many years later, she was up before the beak,

Conning the judge and jury whenever she did speak,

She walked from court without giving a single pique,

A richer woman, new flat with rent paid every week,

No compensation to pay, Gas paid and benefits increased,

Went straight to the bookmakers tongue-in-cheek,

Bet on the second favourite, that won by a streak!


But despite all her misdemeanour’s, and folks she did screw,

Those she’s conned lent her more money, yours truly too!

Gave her furniture, money to pay for her electricity, it’s true,

Despite her utility bills being paid by benefits she did accrue!

Crime doesn’t pay? It did for one, I can tell you!


Yet fond memories remain of those bitter days,

Of Mother and her strange odd ways,

She was much loved by waifs and strays,

She’s give them 6d of her last shilling in many ways,

Just a shame the shilling was nicked… oh happy days!

Sat 27 June 2015: Inchcock Today – The best laid plans…

Saturday 27th June 2015

Inchcock’s Plans are…


Woke around 0400hrs – convinced I’d had a jolly good dream ridden sleep – but no recollections at all?

Arose and made a cuppa and took me morning medications.

Finished off yesterdays diary and got it posted.

DSCF0037Did some Facebooking and then started off this diary.

Took some rubbish out to the bin.

Fed the pigeons.

Then started in earnest to sort out the paperwork not needed and which of it needed shredding!

Stopped to have a cup of tea and take me midday medications – Turned out a bad idea – I fell asleep for hours!

Oh dear!

DSCF0038Sausage bacon and herb tomatoes, a banana, me medications, wholemeal bread followed by iced-lolly.

Rated this 8.1 on the Nosh-scale.

Got the right blend of basil and oregano in the tomatoes for once – quarter teaspoon of each.

Hope I don’t have any bother nodding off tonight.

See you later folks! Take care.

Fri 26.6.2015: Inchcock Today

Friday 26th June 2015


Sprang awake in the early hours, with part of a dream vividly lingering in my tortured brain – I wrote some bit down, and am now using them to prompt me memory to recall the events – but much of the notes wot I wrote, meant nothing to me this morning?

I felt I was in Dresden during the horrific bombing – fear, chasing around trying to save people, to get them into a cellar – hundreds of people in the cellar, wounded, dying, old, young and a football team in kit? A referee showing people cards which indicated if they would live or not?

The cellar filled with poisonous gases and everyone started to fall into their last sleep, leaving only me alive?

Then I was back in the present, being chased around abandoned offices in a tower block – I decided not to run any more but face my pursuers – so I got hold of a giant banana and waited for them to catch me up? When they came into view, each of them had a gun of some sort – As they shot me and threw me out of the window I was very calm – on the way down I started singing Gossip Calypso by Bernard Cribbins?

For some reason the fall and bullets had not killed me – a paramedic arrived and started to kick me violently while telling me not to miss another appointment at the clinic?

Weird stuff!

Managed to nod-off again for another hour or so.

Sprang awake in a sweat and panic – no idea why though?

DSCF0033I forced missen to get up and went down, cleaned the pots, made a cuppa, took me medications and sorted some rubbish to the bin for todays collection by the hygiene operatives. Fed the pigeons as I did.

Got a box ready for the shredding later. The place looks worse than it did before I started trying to clear it in readiness for me move.

Felt a tad sorry fer missen with all the medical appointments destroying me plans for the move and other things that need doing. I wish I had a family now. Hey-ho!

Did some Facebooking and then got on with some sorting and shredding – a never-ending task! Hehe!

Getting close to me appointment time fer me wound to be examined again – tried out the camera on me laptop – not very good, but I made a little adjustments and posted it on WordPress as… ‘Good day from Inchcock’.

DSCF0035Set off on me walk to the GP surgery to have me wound looked at and redressed yet again by the Obergruppenführer nurse.

She was pleased with the wound this time (A lot less redder she said) and decided I could remove the dressing and plaster she had just replaced the old on with in two days time.

The questions of how I can physically do this, not being abe to reach up me back to take off the giant plaster and dressing didn’t arise?

DSCF0034As I made me way to Lidl three pavement cyclist belted by me – I caught the third one here.

The swine!

If they are too scared to go on the road, why should they be considered less a danger to pedestrians on the pavements?

Got me bits from Lidl and hobbled back to the flea-pit.

So tired again now.

DSCF0036Made me nosh.

Perhaps it was because i was so tired and drained, but I didn’t enjoy this nosh, even though it smelt and looked nice enough.

Rated it 7/10.

Couldn’t get off to kip despite me tiredness so I read a bit of me book and that did it.

TTFN all.

Good Day to you from Inchcock

Good Day to you from Inchcock

While I find missen in a good mood (No idea why) I thought I’d wish everyone all the best and have a damned good day folks – if yer don’t mind like? I fang you!

Nature Camping & Hiking - Postcard - Large

A slightly more cheerful Inchcock this morning – before his visit to have his wound checked out and redressed – no telling how he’ll feel after that – poor old impecunious little harnless imp that he is – honestly!

Thu 25.06.2015: Inchcock Today

Thursday 25th June 2015


What a busy, messy day!

Good sleep in last night, must have needed it.

IMG_0203Arose made a cuppa and spent an hour or two doing some sorting. BJ coming today around 1100hrs.

The wound was less painful this morning, but the angina is nasty and later when moving some bags I’d filled the wound started stinging again Huh!

Not in good spirits at the moment.

Not sure why?

Started this diary off and created the header.

Did loads of shredding.

BJ arrived and loaded the shredded paper into his car, took a couple of bags of unwanted fodder and lifted me to the recycling bins on Mansfield Road.

I walked back to get some movement into me painfully stiff limbs.

Got in the flea-pit to find me INR results log had arrived.

They had informed me my next test is on Monday 29th June – a bit disappointing that, because that is me day to meet Steve at the new flat to do the signing and whatever else with the Council representatives.


IMG_0204So I WC’d and walked to the Doctors surgery to see if they could do me an appointment early on Monday.

Called in the Co-op on the way and got a loaf and some bananas.

The only one they could offer was a 0935hrs – which meant I would not be able to get to the flats on time for the meeting!


The receptionist said get a taxi – but I doubt if it would arrive on time (Having worked for a private hire company in the past like!), or get there in time if it did arrive on time?


I rang BJ to see if he could pick me up from the surgery as he was going to come with me to the meeting. He could not give an answer as he was busy at the time, said he’d ring me back.

So I till didn’t know what to do about the INR appointment. The receptionist said it had to be on the 29th.


Of course Steve from Age UK is away on holiday so couldn’t consult him either.


Ended up booking the 0935hrs slot, as the only other one on the day was for 1545hrs, and I don’t know if anything will be required of me at or after the meeting yer see?


So, up to now that’s Friday (tomorrow) Skin Cancer wound check-up at 1500hrs (Hopefully I can get some sorting/shredding done at last, pains permitting).

INR Monday 0935hrs – meeting re-flat at Woodthorpe Court 1000hrs.

Wednesday Clinic checks and decision hopefully to be made about me bleeding lesion on me Inch.

Thursday 2nd July CHD health check 0910hrs.

Plus of course any other Whoopsiedangleplops inspired new accidents, mishaps or cock-ups in between. And any extra INR tests needed if the level goes too low again.


Sorry to sound so niggled annoyed and frustrated – but I am!

I’m doing me best to get things sorted and new pains, appointments and other frustrations are getting in the way of any progress all the time.


So tired again now, and lost heart. (Poor demented clot!)

Going to have bacon sarnies and a banana fer me nosh.

Not one of me better days, started wiv me feeling under-the-weather and not knowing why, ended up wiv me confused, frustrated and a tad depressed.

Hey-ho, we’ll see what tomorrow brings though!

Took me medications.

Taketh care all.


It’s Been a Funny Old Life Part 3 – Prosed ponderously by Inchcock


As an ankle-snapper I had a skinny physique,

In fact they knicknamed me ‘The Pipsqeak’,

When Mam was at home, times were bleak,

She and Dad shouted and fought, they didn’t speak,

She rarley stayed home for more than a week,

To the outside loo, if one wanted a leak,

Getting the tin bath off the yard wall every week,

Demanded a certain safety-first technique.

Drag it into the front room in front of the fire,

Clean it up with bleach and a pad of wire,

Heating up water in kettles & pans was dire,

The use of the fire and stove I’d aquire,

To keep the bath topped up as Dad did require.

After several top-ups Dad would retire,

Then t’was my turn in the cold water in front of the fire!

Dry missen off with the wet towel Dad had used,

Bath back on’t wall ready fer it to be reused,

Out to the coal-house while Dad snoozed,

Chopped wood brought in coal, getting bruised,

Laid the fire for the morning – felt abused!

Life was how it was, so why feel sad or blue?

No hot running water, fridge or TV it’s true,

Tableclothes? The Evening newspaper would do,

Lighting the gas-lamps was risky too,

When Pennies in the meters were due…

Mam had some arcade coins, one or two!

No toilet paper for our out-side loo,

Cut-up newspaper for wiping: the memories ooh!…

Wed 24 June 2015: Inchcock Today: Busy again… but not got much done?

Wednesday 24th June 2015


Sprang awake at 0300hrs – mind racing.

So I got the old laptop on and did some WordPressing. I took my medications.

Eventually forced missen to stop and have a wash and change.

Made a cuppa and fed the pigeons as I took out the rubbish and did some graphicationalisationing and Facebooking.

Then got the nibble-bags ready for later. So as I could give them to the nurses at the clinic (1300hrs appointment) and staff at the GP surgery (1100hrs appointment).

Bit nippy this morning.

Spent a good while trying to get to copy rich text from Word  but no luck. I can from Apache, but for some reason the spell-checker has gone wonky on that and is not working. Tsk!

IMG_0200WC’d and spruced missen up, then set off on me walk to the GP Surgery.

It had brightened up a lot as I started on me hobble.

Got to the surgery and was soon in the Practice Nurses treatment room having me stitches removed.

I must say, the wound is hurting more now that it was before, but by disturbing it, I should expect that.

The Nurse did say she was not too happy with it – and booked me in to go back on Friday for another check of it.

IMG_0201Handed the receptionist the fodder bag and departed.

Not much  traffic about this morning.

Poddled back to the flea-pit and added the appointment for Friday to me diary straight away like.

Then off again with me bus-pass to the Clinic appointment.

Would you believe the doctor there said “I’m not happy with this lesion not healing”. Everyone seems to be telling me they’re not happy with some part of me anatomy today! Hehehe!

I was going to take a picture of a three vehicle ‘Whoopsiedangleplop’ near the island on the way back – but I’d left me camera at home in the other bag. Huh!

Gor back WC to the lesion (painfully) stood up and caught me flaming skin cancer wound on the edge of the door! Whoopsidangleplop again!

Turned off the latop and set aout doing some sorting – but it’s painful with the angina, arthritis, bleeding little Inch and me newly banged wound. Huh and Tsk!

IMG_0202Made me nosh early – Sausage sandwiches I think, too tired to bother with owt else.

But found some microwave chips so decided to have sausage and chip sandwiches instead.

Not so good the chips – the sausages were okay though.

Rated: 6/10 overall.

Feeling well drained again… Tsk!