Thu 4.6.2015: Inchcock Today – Medications Whoopsiedangleplops

Thursday 4th June 2015


Woke after two hours kip at about 0500hrs.

Laid there and felt the new pains in me left rear rump and the angina giving me gip. This made me remember I need to sort out/refill me dosage pots.

Had a wash shave and deodorising session, then went down and made a cuppa.

Which to do first I thought, the shredding, the medications or the bins?

I began to sort the medication tubs out – then realised I had not got enough medications to fill them… oh dear, had I forgot to collect them or had I lost them? Couldn’t remember. Had a good search but found none. I’ll go when the chemist opens to find out and hope there are some for collecting, because I’m almost out of Warfarin and Beta-blockers – as I said earlier, oh dear!  

I started the laptop and this diary off and did the header with Coreldraw x7 not crashing yet.

Facebooked a while.

Made another cuppa and did some shredding while I waited for the chemist to be open and call on them.

IMG_0027Set off on a walk to the Chemists next to the launderette on MAnsfield Road

The wind had gone and the sunshine was out – worried it might bring out the local yobbery later.

Got to the pharmacy and e medications were waiting to be collected. (Glad about that).

IMG_0021Called in the launderette and had a natter with Mandy.

Then bravely back to Lidl again.

Bought soe baking potatoes, one tomatoe (Dutch) Lemon cheesecakes, bacon misshapes, tea bags and an Indian Aloo Saag – why I got the Aloo thing I’mm not sure. It must have been the picture on the box that looked nice?

The biggest ingedients are Onion, water, tomato, potato sunflower oill milk and spinach in tht order. It had cumin ginger and fenugreek in it – not sure if that indicates it might be a little hot for me tastes? Still, too late now. I suppose them advertising it as reduced from £1.99 to £1 might have tempted me too.

IMG_0023IMG_0022Got back to the bomb-site.

Put me bits away. away and made-up me new pots of medications. Had a whoopsiedangleplop as I did… I dropped the wrong medication into the pots of morning medications ad had to changed the with the midday ones and got IMG_0024myself into a muddle with them – but sorted it with a bit of bad language and patience. Hehe!

I thought with the IVR levels fluctuating so, I might not have enough Warfarin to get me through until next time.

So I had a poddle to the GP surgery to IMG_0026put in a request for extra Warfarin tablets.

The sun was even warmer now, and the local sum-bags were beginning to appear out on the streets.

I walked back to the dumo by the long route where there are not so many hide holes for them to lurk in.

IMG_0025As I got back I thought the sky had a certain picturesque quality in it, so I took a photograph of it.

Fed the pigeons en-route.

Got to the flea-pit and made a cuppa. Cleaned up me bleeding Inch, and then started the laptop/notebook to do some of this diary to date like.

Did a bit of sorting out and shredding until the ‘Dizzies’ came on, I hate these.

I’ll make some nosh early and get me head down, not feeling too good suddenly.

IMG_0028Hope to be back later. TTFN all.

Well, failed to get me head down again, but did some reading, even that failed to let me nod-off. Tsk!

Did some Facebooking, when it let me, had to open it three times before it loaded?

WordPressed fer a bit then finished this diary off like.

Hope to be back in the morning.

Inchcock and the Internet


Inchcock and the Internet

I’d be well and truly lost without the Internet,

Mind you, understanding it can get me in a sweat,

On getting a good reliable service I was determined and set,

That was destroyed by my using BT Internet.


Others tell me their providers are crap as well,

All I know is about the high cost of the BT Death Knell,

WordPress goes wonky very often, and becomes unwell,

Facebook is the same, disappearing sticking text for many clientèle,

  Google seems more stable, easier to use as well.


Just when you begin to master some or other task,

Updates come in, and I need my pocket flask,

No one here for me advice I can ask,

So I search the internet, for solutions to unmask,

Clever answers found, I’m just outclassed!


It’s hard when you’ve not never had a decent education,

What do these things stand for or mean in abbreviation?

ACK, AFAIUI, Y3, & RADBNC, not of my generation!

But communicating with others satisfies me aspiration,

To help create a friendly Cyber-Nation.


Despite the Internet’s problems I must say,

I like the opportunity for laughter to cyber-spray,

Friendship and fun is what I seek for and pray,

Not nastiness, anger or insults, oh nay!

Although satire, humour and fun are good today,

Just please don’t upset anyone on your way!

* No Outer Mongolian Pregnant Kangaroos were harmed in the production of this piffle.

Wed 3 June 2015: Inchcock Today: Shredded!

Wednesday 3rd June 2015 

Woke determined to get a load more shredding done – and, get some stuff sorted and taken to Nottingham Hospice Charity shop, at least the wind seems to have dropped a bit at last.

Up around 0600hrs, WC’d, took me medications with a cuppa and straight onto the laptop to get this diary started.

Did a bit of shredding first – blimey it takes ages and makes such a mess… a bit like me really. Hehe!

This new Coreldraw x7 is taking some getting used to. The old keyboard aligning don’t work and I have to go through a docker to do it now?

Back onto the shredding for an hour or so.

IMG_0013Then got the things collated and bagged for the Nottingham Hospice Charity shop and set of on a walk into Sherwood to deliver them.

Oh dear, the sun has broken through and the winds have started blowing again! Huh!

IMG_0014Had a wash and scrub up and readied the things for the hospice shop.

Set off feeding the pigeons on the corner as I proceeded on me hobble into Sherwood.

The sky looked a bit brighter, and the winds were not so bad as they have been.

As I got to the top of the first hill, a enormous tricycle passed me on the pavement – it were big and wide and I think it had an electric engine as it belted passed me – I got me IMG_0015camera out and it was gone?

Was I cracking up or what?

Steadily down the hill and up the next, crossed over the road and up to the Nottingham Hospice Charity shop. Where there was only one elderly lady on her own bless her cotton socks. We managed a little natter and I made me way back to Carrington on the opposite pavement I used to get into Sherwood.

I called into the Continental Food shop and got a small polish loaf.

IMG_0016Just over the hill and a Nottingham Pavement Cyclist took an interest in taking a photograph… Hehehe!

I pressed  and down to the Lidl store to see if they had any nice tomatoes in stock to have later with me planned bacon sandwiches.

The didn’t, they only had the bitter Spanish ones.

I did notice as I poddled around the store – they had a DVD of Expendables 3 at £4.99 so treated missen.

IMG_0017I noticed they had on sale some pulled pork in different sauces in the fridge. Hickory BBQ sauce, Bourbon BBQ sauce and Sweet apple sauce.

But they were expensive compared to those on sale at Fulton and Heron food stores, also they were smaller packs as well.

IMG_0018Got some ice lollies, relish, tin of chopped tomatoes and herbs, brown sugar and sliced potatoes as well.

Got to the checkout and when she charged me £14.99 I thought ‘Hello…’ Looked at the receipt to find she’d charged me twice for the DVD!

Being overcharged seems to happen far too often at Lidl. Along with the sneers and indifference of many of the staff I find it a shame that some other company doesn’t open a store nearby in opposition to these German fiddlers. Perhaps an Aldi, then we can surrender to the Hun fiddlers? Hehehe!

I eventually found a member of staff to tell about this, and the natural unconcerned way she just said “Yes, she’s charged you twice that’s all!” What? was a little hard to fathom. I guess this happens all the time there.


IMG_0019Staggered back to the decaying residence, WC’d and got me bacon and bread ready. I put some caramelised red onion relish on the bacon before cooking in microwave and made three sandwiches to nibble for nosh.

Got me things ready for shredding again in the morning.

Had me nosh while watching a Star Trek Next Generation film on DVD – but fell asleep part-way through, so did this diary instead.

The nosh was not bad at all.

Cooking the bacon in the microwave reveals no fat coming out of it at all, but a clear liquid that sticks to the side of the microwave dish and should not be wasted – but golly it’s tasty when you scrape it off with the crispy crust of yer Polish bread.

Bad trying to get to sleep tonight, the body said sleep but the mind said no!

Well gone midnight and still no kip… yet I feel so tired. Tsk!