Mon 8.6.15: Inchcock Today: In a mingent state, Poor thing!

Monday 8th June 2015

Woke at 0540hrs, no bleeding from other end – good that – unfortunately I’m somewhat mingent with the bladder – Hey-ho.


This mornings sky – forewarning of nice weather and local yobs un-hibernating… Huh!

Busy day ahead for me… again Tsk!

Took me medications with a cuppa.

Got to get me posts finished and put them on the League of Mental Men WordPress site.

That took me 3.5 hours to get done.

Hey-ho, now to get the things done ready for BJ who called last night, he’s calling today at 1200hrs to collect the stuff for the Nottingham Hospice Charity shop and take them there for me, and drop off me shredded paper in the recycling bin.

So, better get on with sorting them out ready.

Back in a while…

Did much sorting and shredding, having 4 big boxes and a bag to go when BJ arrives at 1200hrs (We’ll see).

Had a wash and change and continued shredding away.

Spot on the dot – BJ arrived at 12.55hrs. Good old BJ never fails to be late bless him.

The bladder still painful when in use. Huh!

We loaded BJ’s car and he took me to the Recycling station, where all the bins were full. We managed between us to half close the lid on the bin we deposited me shredding results in.

Then to the Nottingham Hospice Charity shop.

BJ went into the Co-op to get some stuff for his better half and I went in with him and got some bread thins.

BJ ran me back to the dump. I thanked him and he shot off after kindly telling me he’d pick me up in the morning at 0800hrs with me laundry and take me to the launderette like.

IMG_0078Got in and pondered on what to have fer me nosh – decided on sausage, mash, garden peas, carrots and chick peas. I cooked em in Red onion caramelised cooking sauce. Oh, and some bacon bits.

It was one of me better tasting meals ┬áthis one, it were grand. I wondered if I should send the recipe to Her Majesty like – but being as she hasn’t send me single birthday card in 69 years, I decided against it. Hehe!.

Laptop on to update this diary, then did some Facebooking.

Feeling somewhat shattered at the moment?