Tue 16th June 2015: Inchcock Today – Confused again Tsk!

Tuesday 16th June 2015

Yee-haaa – got some sleep in last night without waking up too often too! Oddly I have no traces of any dreams in my mind?

The cramps in the legs I got last night were still there occasionally for a while throughout the morning. Huh!

The stinging from the wound seemed a bit less this morning. (Until I caught it on the wall when I lost me balance putting me socks on – Tsk!)

Made a cuppa and laptop started. Took me medications.

Sent some happy birthday messages out while I thought of it like, in case on the day I’m under anaesthetic or something like that. Debbie Taylor’s birthday on Thursday – I hope it all goes happily smoothly and is fun for her.

Should get me second Tesco delivery today and then I have to meet Steve from Age UK at the flats to view them. I haven’t heard anything back from the Guinness people yet about me application for the home at Colville Court yet? Don’t bode well does it? I’m not looking forward to the treck up Winchester Street though.0703

Hell of a struggle getting up that damned hill. Although during the day there is a local mini-bus that runs every so often into the flats and around the other streets eventually getting to into town.

I’m not too keen on the thought of moving there even if I get accepted. The place smells a bit off like, tobacco and alcohol fumes lingered when I visited it the other week, along with a strange sweet smell I could not identify? But Steve wanted to have a look so he can gain some knowledge on them for other old folk he helps.

Tesco delivery came on time. I got an email later telling it it was delayed?

IMG_0150The pack of ten quick cook sausages that could be done in the microwave arrived, I got two packs as they were on offer from £2.50 down to £1 each pack but only for a limited time like. Little bargain hunter me!

Could not resist putting a couple in the microwave oven and trying them.

IMG_0151They looked good, smelt good and didn’t taste too bad at all.

But I would never pay full price for them.

Rating: 7/10

Couldn’t put the stuff away properly so just got frozen in the freezer and fresh in the fridge, others left in bags all over the shop – Tsk!

The throat and voice are still bad, started coughing and sneezing too now. Oh dear!

Did some Facebooking while I waited to get ready for me walk into Sherwood and up that flipping hill to the flats to meet Steve.

0704Steve phoned, he’s going to ring the Guinness Trust to see if we call view the flat today. He’ll get back to me.

I noticed when I Googled it on Street view, they had a To Let sign up – but of course I don’t know when the scene was taken?

IMG_0152Set off on me walk to Woodthrorpe to meet Steve.

In St Johns graveyard was a  woman with her five dogs playing ball. Very respectful I thought that.

Plodded onto and up Mansfield Road – nice weather and very little wind today.

IMG_0153Several Nottingham Pavement cyclists encountered en-route… again!

Into Sherwood and up to Winchester Street and set off up the hill of hills.

As I slowly made me way up, I looked down a side
street, Cavendish Vale I think it was, and got a view of one of the high-Rise blocks of flats, Woodthorpe Court I think, that I was on me way to have a IMG_0157look at.

The last part of the hike was not easy as the roadway got a lot  steeper as I approached the flats.

I arrived and sat on a bench reading me book to await the arrival of Steve from Age UK.

He arrived and we a chat about things related to me failed home-hunting for a while.

We went over and met Susan the lady from City Homes and she told us there was one double bedroomed flat in Winchester Court, and one single in Woodthorpe Court that I could make a ‘Bid’ for.


Woodthorpe Court

We had a look at the double, and it was in a right state. Then we moved to Woodthorpe Court to have a look at the single flat on the 16th floor of the 19 floor complex.

I liked the layout of the kitchen, and the views, although all obscured a tad by the Anti-pigeon netting, were amazing.

After talking with Steve he decided I should put in a bid for the flat and Susan said she would do it for me later in the day.

Steve agreed I should still have a look at the Guinness flats at Colville Court. Although I have heard nothing back from them – Steve said he would phone them and see what the situation was and if we could visit to see them. He’ll let me know later.

Steve went off, he offered to give me a lift home but the wound on me back made me than him but decline his offer.

Walked home, took longer than I thought it would.

IMG_0158Had me nosh of baked spuds, tomatoes, Marmite cheese, BBQ chicken and microwave sausages.

The mind was reeling.

So tired and confused.

Soon nodded off I think.