Thu 18 June 2015: Sheltered Flat Hunt – progress at last!

Thursday 18th June 2015

Woke around 0420hrs – really tried to remember the dreams I’d had, but only vague bits came to me. Something about being chased by women in an abandoned office block?

When I moved to answer the call to the porcelain I noticed the pain from the wound was a lot less – that’ll soon be put to rights by the Obergruppenfurher Practise nurse this afternoon mind, when she rips off the dressing cleans the wound and applies another dressing?

Some blood from the haemmoroids this morning. The sore throat was rampant still, the voice sounded a bit better to me, less croaky. The angina and arthritis was calm and passive. The duodenal ulcer no bother. The reflux valve beahaving itself nicely. Little Inch not bleeding, although the lesion seems to be widening? And, yesterday I had only one dizzy spell. Things looking good… perhaps I shouldn’t have said that?

Made a cuppa and took me medications, put the water heater on. Then strted this old laptop to finish and post yesterdays Inchcock Today.

Then did an extra post in rhyme (Of sorts) about me flat hunting recently and got it done.

Then made a funny post about life when you get old like.

Had a wash and brush-up.

Then went down and made another cuppa and got the new laptop on to do the graphics for them and get it posted.

Susan from Nottingha City Homes rang to confirm she’d put in a bid for me for the 72 Woodthorpe Flat in the high-rise block. She said she’d ting me back wit the result.

IMG_0170I set off on me walk to Colville Court to meet Steve.

I’d only got about 5oo yeards and the mobile rang. It stopped before I could answer, it was from Susan. During the walk I rang back 23 times, unfortnately all I got on each call was three beeps and no connection?

I waited outside the complex fro 15 minutes for Steve to arrive – during which a pillock on an illegal mini-motorbike kept belting by as his continually ran around the block. It was at this stage I made me mind up not to apply to live there – no point in escaping one set of yobs to find another at the new place?

When Steve arrived we went inside to view some of the flats. I must admit they were goreous, well thought out, and in mint condition, even though a bit more rent than the Council ones. But the local yobs had put me off by then.

I had a chin-wag with Steve and he rand Susan to confirm my interest in the flat at Woodthorpe (Sherwood).

Steve was on holiday next week, but he arranges with Sue for me go and sign the paperwork and sort options out on Monday 29th June, and I was assured it was mine despite the long wait.

My internet contributions will be reduced now, as I have to press on getting things sorted and ready for the move? Please bear with me folks.

Left Steve and walked into town to see if the EE shop could increase my allowance on the sim-card hire. But couldn’t provide them with enough details. I reckon they have een lost in the sorting out process? Oh dear.

Caught the bus home and updated this diary.

Have go in a bit to have me wound cleaned and redressed at the GP surgery.

Hard to say how I feel at the moment – so glad to have got somewhere but unsure if I’ve done the right thing if yer know what I mean.

And so worried about sorting it all out and getting it into order – but Steve will be back on the 29th and will advise and guide me I’m sure.

He said to concentrate on getting stuff I aim to take with me ready for IMG_0162transportation first.

Might treat missen to a lamb shank, potatoes and garden peas nosh tonight. Got to use up the freezer stuff – mind you, I’ve got to use up the dated stuff as well… Oh dear…

Went to see Nurse and was seen to early – all cleaned and re-dressed. I’ve not got to get it wet and to be careful she said, any bleeding and come back to see her. It feels much easier now though – mind you, it was bad.

So I’ll see how I go with starting some sorting again in the morning.

IMG_0172Hobbled back to the dump added this to diary and got me nosh cooking.

Rated 4/10.

The lamb shank was from Tesco. It was not very good, the gravy tastless, the peas (Also Tesco brand) were a tad bitter, but the potatoes (Lidl) were okay.

I was so tired out and soon got me head down after sending an email to PAtti Berkert telling her about the flat. She’s been through so much and is finally getting herself better, and has been such a caring friend. Thanks Patti.

TTFN all.