Thur 11.6.2015: Inchcock Today

Thursday 11th June 2015


The ‘Hand’ statue at the Queens Medical treatment Centre from a previous visit on 21.4.15

Another night of frequent springing awakes with a jump.

I’m certain I had a different dream each time I nodded off again, but can’t recall any of them really – just something about trying to buy an old pipe from Harold Wilson but he wouldn’t sell it to me, I think I was counting money in £. s. d. There was an old ten-bob note in there somewhere too?

When I looked at me Lumia Mobile phone, the message I’d put on me Google Diary to remind myself of the hospital visit for today with Pete was showing. No idea how I did that? But none of the other diary notes were on it?

Had a bash at making me second ‘Inchock: It’s a funny old life’ ode/rhyme/prose/poem for me to post for a few hours. Me mind wasn’t very concentrated though.

Found a new boil coming on me right wrist as I caught it on the desk… Well fancy that!

I searched the web again for sheltered housing in Nottingham. Searched on Accent, ASRA, Longhurst, NCHA, Metrolpitan, Derwent and Tuntum sites without any luck, then went on hte Guinness Trust site and found facility to send the an email inquiring as I was writing finishing this email – I thought to let Steve from Age UK know.

Good job I did too – he’d got a number from them for me to phone asking to fill in an application form on the phone. Not good with my hearing… or lack of, but still. He said for me to try and get a appointment to see the flat (Two available currently) for Tuesday when he is going to meet me at the high-rise council flats to view them.

I rang the number it asked me to press option 1 – but could I find out how to access the number pad on the phone? Huh! Rang off and fiddled with it to find out, and rang them back again. Of course I couldn’t make out half what the bloke was saying – but I think he said after I explained everything he’s going to send me an email with the form on to be filled in and returned.

I’ll have a look now see if it’s come… Yes it’s here now…

Took me over an hour trying to get it filled in saved and posted to the email. First off I could only save the original and lost all what I’d filled in – Huh! Then I went into the green windows screen on me second attempt and couldn’t get back to me desktop – so had to restart. Double huh!

Eventually got it (The one sent to fill in) onto PDF and filled it in for the third time saving it as PDF file and loaded it as a file attachment at last to the email. Thanked them and sent it off. What a pa-lava!

Well mentally drained now – and I’ve got to go with Peter in an hour to the hospital yet, in case he has any adverse effects reactions to the medications like, and he don’t like hospitals much bless him.

Steve from Age UK and Donald from Guiness might both be calling later on the mobile, so I must make sure the phone is near me ears all the time.


Through Town to meet Pete at his bus-stop

Got myself cleaned up and bussed to town to meet Pete a his bus-stop.

Being a tad early I called into the EE shop and asked an assistant if it was possible to block my voice messages as I can’t hear them anyway.


Nottinghomians in the summer wear today – crossing the lights against the red of course…

Many of the staff discussed this between themselves and one said i’d have to contact customer services while another toyed with the phone and blocked them?

Met Pete and we had a chin-wag of sort, both of us being a bit deaf like.

Caught the bus to the QMC and walked to the treatment centre at the back of the compound.


Pete and “The Hand of Help”

When we arrived Pete was interested in the aluminium so called artwork of the hand.

We went in and pete handed his paperwork in and we sat down to await being called in.

Which was only about 5 minutes and well before the appointed time – they even let me go into a waiting room and have a cup of tea from the machine.


View from the waiting room window

Pete was seen to quickly and about half an hour later he returned.

I took a photo of the view from the window while waiting.


Pete looking good as he left the QMC

Sample taken for diagnosis and a pressure pad applied. He’s to go to his GP for the stitches to be removed later and await the results. I  assume I’ll be going through the same tomorrow when it’s my turn for the same treatment?

Took a photo of Pete, looking good as we made our way to the bus-stop to return to the City Centre.

We were soon dropping off the bus in town, and he traffic was horrendous. Well it would be as it was the rush-hour now.

I was well drained and tired by then.

As we alighted the bus I noticed some blood on Pete’s back coming from the dressing through his shirt. Only a little bit, but told him so he could have Janet check it out when he got home like.

I decided that trying catch a bus would be too hassle-ridden and decided to walk home to back to Carrington.

Pete thanked me for going with him and said cheerio and we parted.

Pete could not do the same for me tomorrow as he was going with Sister Jane to the City Hospital for her cancer checks.


On the walk home from town

We ain’t much of a family are we? We’re using up all the NHS resources between the three of us. Hahaha!.

I set off on me walk through town and up Mansfield Road.

The youngsters form the colleges were out and about with their flesh showing early as the set off on the prowl for entertainment of some sort.

Wearily I plodded on, feet and knees aching, so tired.


Nosh. Chips, bacon, roasted onions and bread thins – and the last of me Lemon cheesecakes.

I made it to Carrington and was tempted by the smells from the chip shop into buying a bag of chips and on to the dump.

Too weary to do any diarying or owt else I made me nosh and fell asleep.

Thinking about tomorrow and my turn for the Treatment centre.

Oh, knucklewhoopsiedangles! I’ve forgot about the clinic visit! Tsk!