Thu 4.6.2015: Inchcock Today – Medications Whoopsiedangleplops

Thursday 4th June 2015


Woke after two hours kip at about 0500hrs.

Laid there and felt the new pains in me left rear rump and the angina giving me gip. This made me remember I need to sort out/refill me dosage pots.

Had a wash shave and deodorising session, then went down and made a cuppa.

Which to do first I thought, the shredding, the medications or the bins?

I began to sort the medication tubs out – then realised I had not got enough medications to fill them… oh dear, had I forgot to collect them or had I lost them? Couldn’t remember. Had a good search but found none. I’ll go when the chemist opens to find out and hope there are some for collecting, because I’m almost out of Warfarin and Beta-blockers – as I said earlier, oh dear!  

I started the laptop and this diary off and did the header with Coreldraw x7 not crashing yet.

Facebooked a while.

Made another cuppa and did some shredding while I waited for the chemist to be open and call on them.

IMG_0027Set off on a walk to the Chemists next to the launderette on MAnsfield Road

The wind had gone and the sunshine was out – worried it might bring out the local yobbery later.

Got to the pharmacy and e medications were waiting to be collected. (Glad about that).

IMG_0021Called in the launderette and had a natter with Mandy.

Then bravely back to Lidl again.

Bought soe baking potatoes, one tomatoe (Dutch) Lemon cheesecakes, bacon misshapes, tea bags and an Indian Aloo Saag – why I got the Aloo thing I’mm not sure. It must have been the picture on the box that looked nice?

The biggest ingedients are Onion, water, tomato, potato sunflower oill milk and spinach in tht order. It had cumin ginger and fenugreek in it – not sure if that indicates it might be a little hot for me tastes? Still, too late now. I suppose them advertising it as reduced from £1.99 to £1 might have tempted me too.

IMG_0023IMG_0022Got back to the bomb-site.

Put me bits away. away and made-up me new pots of medications. Had a whoopsiedangleplop as I did… I dropped the wrong medication into the pots of morning medications ad had to changed the with the midday ones and got IMG_0024myself into a muddle with them – but sorted it with a bit of bad language and patience. Hehe!

I thought with the IVR levels fluctuating so, I might not have enough Warfarin to get me through until next time.

So I had a poddle to the GP surgery to IMG_0026put in a request for extra Warfarin tablets.

The sun was even warmer now, and the local sum-bags were beginning to appear out on the streets.

I walked back to the dumo by the long route where there are not so many hide holes for them to lurk in.

IMG_0025As I got back I thought the sky had a certain picturesque quality in it, so I took a photograph of it.

Fed the pigeons en-route.

Got to the flea-pit and made a cuppa. Cleaned up me bleeding Inch, and then started the laptop/notebook to do some of this diary to date like.

Did a bit of sorting out and shredding until the ‘Dizzies’ came on, I hate these.

I’ll make some nosh early and get me head down, not feeling too good suddenly.

IMG_0028Hope to be back later. TTFN all.

Well, failed to get me head down again, but did some reading, even that failed to let me nod-off. Tsk!

Did some Facebooking, when it let me, had to open it three times before it loaded?

WordPressed fer a bit then finished this diary off like.

Hope to be back in the morning.

10 thoughts on “Thu 4.6.2015: Inchcock Today – Medications Whoopsiedangleplops

  1. What a way to store your meds. I have a single box with 4 sections per day that have a flip lid. It is hard enough to keep that up. I couldn’t imagine all those little storage bins. 🙂

    • I make them up so I don’t take the wrong ones like wot I dun early last year and ended up back in hospital. This way I sort them and use different coloured lids for the different times of day I have to take them. Its a bother doing them up, but I don’t fret about taking the wrong ones now. Just have to be sure I make em up properly. The pharmacist suggested he puts them in made up doses, but the amount of certain drugs I take changes too often for that, this way I know whats what. (I think hehehe). Taketh care gal. x

      • I bet it was too Tessa. When I took me morning ones at night in mistake – I should have known really cause at night it varies between 5 and 7 tabs usually, Warfarin doses change each night according to INR tests, and the mornings are 9 to take. But somehow I got I wrong and ended up having to have the injections in the stomach for a week – Tsk!
        I bet you went through the mill with it too gal. Hey-ho, shouldn’t happen again. Take care.

  2. The biggest problem is the extra sleep meds and psych meds and double diabetes meds and no food. Never did that before. So careful. Take care.

  3. good luck with the Aloo Sag, Inchy

    I tried some a few weeks ago and thought it was awful – two mouthfuls and I’d had enough !

    same company do a Dal Tadka and a Pav Bhaji, though, that I think are delicious

    I buy mine from my local Tesco – I live in a multi-racial, multi-cultural part of Birmingham so my local Tesco has a whole load of asian food on offer

    you’re being robbed at Lidl. These India Platter meals are normally £1 at my local Tesco, but (perhaps?) because Ramadan starts in a couple of weeks, they are now on special offer at any two for £1.50 😆

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