Fri 26.6.2015: Inchcock Today

Friday 26th June 2015


Sprang awake in the early hours, with part of a dream vividly lingering in my tortured brain – I wrote some bit down, and am now using them to prompt me memory to recall the events – but much of the notes wot I wrote, meant nothing to me this morning?

I felt I was in Dresden during the horrific bombing – fear, chasing around trying to save people, to get them into a cellar – hundreds of people in the cellar, wounded, dying, old, young and a football team in kit? A referee showing people cards which indicated if they would live or not?

The cellar filled with poisonous gases and everyone started to fall into their last sleep, leaving only me alive?

Then I was back in the present, being chased around abandoned offices in a tower block – I decided not to run any more but face my pursuers – so I got hold of a giant banana and waited for them to catch me up? When they came into view, each of them had a gun of some sort – As they shot me and threw me out of the window I was very calm – on the way down I started singing Gossip Calypso by Bernard Cribbins?

For some reason the fall and bullets had not killed me – a paramedic arrived and started to kick me violently while telling me not to miss another appointment at the clinic?

Weird stuff!

Managed to nod-off again for another hour or so.

Sprang awake in a sweat and panic – no idea why though?

DSCF0033I forced missen to get up and went down, cleaned the pots, made a cuppa, took me medications and sorted some rubbish to the bin for todays collection by the hygiene operatives. Fed the pigeons as I did.

Got a box ready for the shredding later. The place looks worse than it did before I started trying to clear it in readiness for me move.

Felt a tad sorry fer missen with all the medical appointments destroying me plans for the move and other things that need doing. I wish I had a family now. Hey-ho!

Did some Facebooking and then got on with some sorting and shredding – a never-ending task! Hehe!

Getting close to me appointment time fer me wound to be examined again – tried out the camera on me laptop – not very good, but I made a little adjustments and posted it on WordPress as… ‘Good day from Inchcock’.

DSCF0035Set off on me walk to the GP surgery to have me wound looked at and redressed yet again by the Obergruppenführer nurse.

She was pleased with the wound this time (A lot less redder she said) and decided I could remove the dressing and plaster she had just replaced the old on with in two days time.

The questions of how I can physically do this, not being abe to reach up me back to take off the giant plaster and dressing didn’t arise?

DSCF0034As I made me way to Lidl three pavement cyclist belted by me – I caught the third one here.

The swine!

If they are too scared to go on the road, why should they be considered less a danger to pedestrians on the pavements?

Got me bits from Lidl and hobbled back to the flea-pit.

So tired again now.

DSCF0036Made me nosh.

Perhaps it was because i was so tired and drained, but I didn’t enjoy this nosh, even though it smelt and looked nice enough.

Rated it 7/10.

Couldn’t get off to kip despite me tiredness so I read a bit of me book and that did it.

TTFN all.

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  1. “Sprang awake in a sweat and panic – no idea why though?”

    it’s the dreams, mate – i’d awake in a panic, too, If I was having the dreams you do !

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