Tue 28 July 2015: Inchcock Today: Carpet man calling…

Tuesday 28th July 2015


00320hrs: Sprang awake, to the tune of the fridge freezer clunking and whining away. First thought, the ulcer still bothersome.

One hell of a draught coming out through the cupboards and drawers near the whole in the wall.

Started the laptop and to the WC – in a bit of a pickle with the hemorrhoids and Little Inch both bleeding. Managed to stop Little Inch eventually and a full kitchen roll later.

Cleared me bedding away and made a cuppa.

Took me medication a bit early, extra painkiller and extra gulp of the not very effective but better than nothing Peptac. I take that usually to help keep down the pressure on the sticking reflux valve. Must add this to me list of thing to tell Dr Vindla about on Friday.

CaptureThe list of things to do this week has now grown a bit now.

Started this diary off as I shivered in the draughts belting into the kitchen through the hole in the wall directly and via the cupboards drawers and up me trouser legs.


Did some Facebooking while I had the chance.

Dean Walker, Co-ordinator arrived at the door and checked me cancer scar for me – it was dry so no problems.

Said to call her when the carpet man gave me a price.

When the chap arrived he said he could not give me a price, the measurements he’s taking had to be given to the man at the shop to work it out and he’d call me back with it?

DSCF0183Emailed Deana to inform her.

Took a photo from the balcony to make sure the camera was still working after I dropped it taking out the card.

Tsk again!

Got me nosh in the oven cooking and did some graphicalisationing.

LynBeet02ajThis one I was pleased with.

Then I got the laundry ready, me crossword book, pen, mobile and the letters that had been delivered for the last tenant and got me nosh out – had to put the trays in the sink to soak.

It was a rather decent effort as noshes go, roast potatoes, beetroot, roast parsnips, two crispy battered fish portions (Morrison’s 4 for 99p value range – excellent batter!) and some wholemeal soft bread thins.

DSCF0184Bit of tomato sauce – (Tesco value, but still weren’t bad).

Poddled down to the laundry room.

Got the laundry in the machine and sat in the lobby trying to do me crosswords.

Met a few folk and had a chin-wag with some of them.

Got the washing into the drier, had to use the end one as someone had left their washing in the other one.

DSCF0185Decided to risk going out in the winds up to the Woodthorpe Park in an effort to get some photographs of the floral and or wildlife.

The first one is of some fungi of some sort or other on the hill going up to the footpath at the top.

I met a chap with an old wolf like looking dog and he was kind enough to let me pet it for a minute or so.

I wish now I’d asked him if I could have taken a photo of the dog.

Walked across the top and back down through a rough bit of the woods that was unkempt and natural looking.

DSCF0186Once again I spotted a squirrel but was too slow focussing on him/her and took a squirrel-less photo again, just like yesterday! They’re quick the squirrels around here!


Walked along the path and as I was walking down towards the flats I espied an insect, wasp like in colouring on a DSCF0187flower. I moved in with camera close and the insect was busy getting at something on the little flower and didn’t budge as I took the photo. Not a good one is it? Not good enough to send to the Flora and Animal page – shame!

Got back to the laundry room and found that the drier had not dried the clothes, cause I had not realised the last person had set it on delicate setting. So I had to go back up to the flat and get some more 20 p’s and return to dry them all over again on cotton setting. At least it gave the lady waiting a good laugh! Hehe!

Deana came into the flats and along with two other residents we had a little laugh and gossip.

I’d spent over two hours plus by the time the togs were dried.

Up to the flat and WC visit, put togs away, made cuppa and took me medications.

Found a missed call on me mobile so rang it back, but no answer.

Did me Morrison order – coming in the morning twixt 07 00 > 0800 hrs.

So tired now.

The smoke and fire alarm maintenance people are due tomorrow, and I have to remember to phone the cancer place to tell them about the wound being all okay like.

Got me bedding on the floor – the wind blowing in through hoes in the wall, I settled and accepted the Clunk, whir shudder, rattle clunk bang of the fridge-freezer, read a bit of me book and then nodded off, mind racing!