Sun 26 July 2015; Inchcock Today – Not so good.

Sunday 26th July 2015


You’ll have to click the photo to get it enlarged mind…

00240hrs: Sprang awake, the ulcer playing up like it hasn’t done for months.

So annoying not being able to remember the dreams much at all – vague memories or feelings of tunnels, smoke and Gothic buildings?

Got some medicine down me and had a session of great tribulations on the WC. At least Little Inch was not bleeding so much this morning.

Took me morning medications early. Queasy stomach. Coughing well too. Tsk!

Reflux valve seems to gone down, so maybe it’s working for a while?

Made a cuppa, laptop on and felt a tad sorry for myself – can’t understand why nothing has changed, I’m still in a pickle trying to get things done and worrying about the finances, just the same as yesterday when I was relatively cheerful?

Finished Saturday’s diary then did some Facebooking for a couple of hours or so.

But finding it hard to concentrate today?

I’ve ordered some WD40 from Morrison’s so I can try to stop the bathroom and kitchen doors from Squeaking loudly when they are opened or closed. No idea if it will work, but I feel terrible when I have to go in the WC at night and early morning, I’m sure those next door can hear it.

Had a scrub up and shave earlyish (Only one nick on me chin this morning) so I’m ready for when the Morrison’s delivery comes between 0730>0830hrs.

I’m anticipating that if I meet any females this morning I’ll certainly get myself ravished, as I put the Brute after-shave on me cut. (Okay maybe not – in fact, hard to believe but it didn’t happen) In fact the first lady I met today who got in the lift responded to my “Good morning, it’s looking nice out” with a ‘Humpf!’)

Then I cleaned all me spectacles, long, short and bifocals.

Then cleaned medication pots.

Then I de-coked me hearing-aids.

Made a cuppa and took me medications, taking an extra Omeprazol ’cause of me ulcer playing up bad like.

IMG_0105The Morrison man came and I set about sorting the delivery. So much more responsive and polite than the Tesco men have been, apart from the first Tesco young man, he was good.

Made a cuppa, laptop on and updated this diary to here like.

Amongst the things I’d bought was a can of WD-40. I wanted to try to stop the creaking noises from the kitchen and bathroom doors.

IMG_0106The hinges on the kitchen door had little holes in them and I thought the red tube that came with the WD-40 was for such an event…

After a few minutes trying to get the tube into the nozzle I sprayed missen in me mush. Up me nose, in me gob and over me glasses… Tsk!

Couldn’t get the tube to attach so I gave up and sprayed and wiped off the residue. Brilliant! It creaks and squeaks no more – same with the bathroom door!

I opened a tin of garden peas and put it in the saucepan fer later when I have me salad and added some sugar to them, just a sprinkle, ’cause the last tin was bitter-tasting. I’m not surprised with Tesco, they crush me cakes, deliver a broken clock that I’ve not been reimbursed for that yet, even though I had another order after telling them about it, Despite their assurances via the telephone that they would give me my money back – @~#%^’s to Tesco, I’m using Morrison’s now!

I hope Tesco read this, I’m very disappointed with them!

I’m going to try to get a walk in now – into Woodthorpe Park to take some photographicalisation of the area. Found a nice cut-through to get to the Co-op shop and disabled store in the week – can’t remember if I mentioned it earlier?

I’ll put me camera in me pocket now while I remember.

Done it!

0905hrs: Back soon, I hope…

Took a bag of rubbish and one for recycling and dropped them down the chute on me way out.

1045hrs: I is back.

IMG_0107Very nice weather this morning. Not much in the way of sunshine but not cold at all and very little wind.

I poddled up the hill to Woodthorpe Park.

Not man folk about.

Had a walk down the path and:

♫ Underneath the spreading chestnut tree,
Where I knelt upon my knee,
Inchcock was as happy as could be,
Under the spreading chestnut tree ♫

Sorry about that, it slipped out yer know.

IMG_0109A chestnut fell on me head and I looked up to see a grey squirrel high up in the tree – by the time I’d got me camera out her/she was gone.

I took the photo anyway just in case he/she was there but I couldn’t see it in the branches and leaves like.

He/she wasn’t – unless you can see one I can’t?

IMG_0108There was a patch of grass that had been left to nature and the wild flowers. Next to it a board with piccies of the flowers so I could identify them.

I could only see the daisies and buttercups and that was all.

But the land had obviously been kicked around with clumps and sods pulled and thrown all over the place. Some people are just vandals for the sake of it.

I called into the Co-op to get a couple of big potatoes to make some cheesey baked ones for nosh later. Got some extra mature cheddar as well.

I walked down the hill, doing well today with the arthritis and angina giving me a break.

I did have a dizzy-spell as I turned into Winchester Street to go up the hill though – but nowt bad, all over in a minute.

As I got to the first bus-stop up the hill, I noticed a bus was due in 7 minutes, not that I intended to get one cause when I feel good like today I like to get some walking in while I can.

But when I got up to the second bus stop – where I would have lighted had i caught the bus – the bus just arrived there – which means I had walked up the hill’s two bus stops in seven minutes. I had impressed missen with that.

Of course there is the slight possibility that I had misread the times on the bus-stop sign…

Got back in the flat – hastily visiting the WC.

IMG_0111When I took out the potatoes – I was amazed to find a pack of two cream cakes in me bag! No idea how they  got there at all… oh er… FibMode

I’ll just have to force missen to eat ’em then I suppose…

The ulcer has eased off a bit now thankfully.

Got the oven heating up and the potatoes in and cooking. they’re big uns so it might take hours and a half or two hours before I can gut em and add the cheese and brown them off.

I’ll watch a London’s burning episode now.

Had me nosh – I took a photo of it, but realised I’d not got me SDHC card in the camera too late, I’d left it in the laptop – Tsk!

Weariness dawned quickly, took me medications and I got me head down early… to the Whir… Mmmmm, click, thud, shudder tones of the fridge freezer.