Wed 8 July 2015: Inchcock Today – Amazing discovery!

Wednesday 8 July 2015


Up at 0450hrs: Dream memories back at last:

I was on a plane with several other people, none that I recognised. The seats were toilets… and we were singing and smiling at each other, when a door opened and a smiling pilot with a giant bottle of oxygen on a trolley came into the cabin and started to spray us all with it? That’s all I recall, but better than nowt.

Got up an WC’d… bleeding from the little Inch again – Tsk! and put the hot water heater on.

Did a search for me paint-splattered clothes, made up a laundry carrier bag to use until I get a basket later sometime.

Went into the bathroom for a wash and shave, felt better then – despite having to clean off paint splashes from the taps, bath, floor and WC. Tsk!

Made a cuppa and took me medications. Laptop on to start the diary.

Bit nippy this morning so put me dressing gown on above me other togs. Brrr!

Glendora is calling today, no idea what time, just hope she doesn’t come when I’m at the clinic.

I must say I’m liking this Virgin internet connection up to now. It’s faster than BT broadband.

I’ll try to get Glendora to phone about me gas and electricity at the old place for me, just to get the gas cut-off.

I really must get the washing done down in the tiny laundry room before Glendora might come. Don’t want to do it too early in case the noise of the machines and water pipes bothers anyone sleeping late.

Oh dear, just had a little dizzy spell then. Huh!

Hey-ho, there are plenty of folk worse off than I am.

Checked me emails.

Go me bit of washing ready, soap capsules, fabric conditioner and crossword book and pne… as I went through the door into the passageway – I heard the Fire Alarm sounding – unsure of how long it had been sounding I proceeded with me washing to walk down the stairs, and met a bloke coming up the stairs. He said it went off 15 minutes ago, and the Fire Brigade had said it was safe to re-enter. Oh dear?

IMG_0057Proceeded down to laundry room and got the washing machine going without too much kerfuffle. Then started the drier and it said it took 60 minutes to dry, so went into the lobby with me crossword book, but I’d not got me reading glasses so that was the end of that idea.

The bruising on me wrist from Monday is going down nicely – Tst!

 Glendora arrived ten minutes before the drier was due to finish. We went up to the flat. But I had not got the paperwork for her to sort out me Council tax or utility things – must get them for next Wednesday from the the old place when she comes again.

She did ring Tesco to complain about me broken clock and crushed cake for me and they said they would knock off the costs against a later delivery.

 I nipped down and retrieved me well dried laundry from the drier and returned to the flat.

Walked Glendora back to her car. Then called at the shed to tell someone about my not hearing the Fire Alarm. Deana and the Frau Obergruppenfurher were there. Deana said she would call to see me on Friday about having a strobe fitted. I asked if Deana had an email I could send the list of medications I’m on instead of her struggling to read my writing. (I struggle to read my writing!)

Then I returned to the flat, having a little natter with some residents from the same floor near the lift, and made up me medication list and emailed it off to her.

Then the Amazing Discovery was discovered… I found an area of at least two foot by 6 inches in the living room without any paint splashes on it!

Just thought I’d mention it like…

I wanted to get back to the flea-pit but by the time I’d had me visitor and sorted the fire-alarm concern time had beaten me. The buses will stop running to the flats in two hours so I would not be able to get back in time.

Did a post for the LOMM site.

IMG_0058Had some nosh.

Made list of medications and emailed it to Deana.

Dizzy spell and I felt unwell.

Quickly got my head down…

Ten minutes later got a call on the mobile – wrong number…

Twenty minutes later, got a call on me mobile Repair men confirming tomorrows visit…

Ten minutes later the GP surgery rang – I’ve got to go in to have an emergency INR level blood test tomorrow for some reason the level has risen to 6.9! No wonder I was feeling cold with me blood that thin – Tsk! Take no Warfarin tonight!

I had to start the laptop to check me appointments, and there are plenty of them this week.

0301Now I have to hope that Caretaker Robert who is going to connect me cooker and the repairmen who are to do the kitchen repairs are on time so I can get to the GP surgery in time.

I gave up trying to get some sleep and carried on with this diary, made a cuppa and cried with frustration!

Getting dark early tonight – rain maybe coming.

Took me medications, making sure I’d thrown away the Warfarin tablets from the pot first.

Still feeling so tired and drained.

Sleep? What’s that then?