Sun 19th July 2015: Inchcock Today: Wot an odd dream, even for Inchcock

Sunday 19th July 2015


He thought it a good idea to fetch some stuff from the old place… Tsk!

Boy did I sleep last night! I reckon I got seven hours in – and only woke up about five times.

The dreams were freshish in me mind, so I wrote notes down from them, I cleared the bedding away, made a cuppa and got the laptop – on to record bits.

I was security guarding again: Massive place no idea where, gatehouse duties, barrier control, lorries, workers, panic, intruders and mayhem when someone arrived carrying a bomb marked with the ‘bomb’ printed on it. There were three or four other officers in the gatehouse but none of them could see the bomb sign? Eventually the police arrived and I got arrested!

At the police station I was put in a cell decorated with pictures of the three-dwarfs and a Wanted poster of me on the inside of the cell door?

I found myself in the dock – with judges or magistrates sat high up on the wide bench with just their head and shoulders showing and I knew them all bar one – a chap with three eyes and an endearing smile? The others included Lynton Cox, Les Johnson, Shuttlecock and Shirley Blamey. My defence councils were Rachel Carerra and Mike Steedenski. Marissa Bergen was with us, and she kept playing the drums at the side of out bench/table every time anyone spoke? No ones seemed to complain, in fact they waited until she’s finished before they continued talking? I the gallery were protesters shouting me innocence, Angie, Tessa and Caroline Bristor amongst them.

They called Patti Berkert as the prosecutions main witness and she proceeded to open her bag and lay-out some lemons a tray and other bits and pieces, sliced the lemons and put them in a tray with other bits and declared this is the way she told me to make lemon scented fresheners for me kitchen, and I’d done it wrongly thus am guilty as charged?

The adjudicators all agreed and I was found guilty. Rachel gave me a hug and Shirley screamed at the bench…

Mayhem ensued and the crowd rioted, throwing sliced lemons at the bench?

Then I was sat in a canoe on a stream waiting for someone to arrive… and fell asleep… I woke up with all the TFZ gals around me?

Then I was on rooftops running away from something, I was jumping over chimneys and between buildings…

That was a different type of dream/s for me.

The odd thing is, in real life I had forgotten about how to make the scented thing that Patti had told me how to. I got some Lemons in yesterday and didn’t know what to do with them and felt a fool, thinking that today I’ll have to email Patti to ask her again.

I started this diary as the rain came down outside – not a lot, more like drizzle.

Attended the porcelain, returned to the laptop and minutes later returned to the porcelain! oh dear.

The hemorrhoids bleeding, little Inch tender and blood in the… well never mind that.

0707cHad a good wash-up and shave – during which I decided to have a walk into Carrington to get some more stuff to sort for this place.

I made sure I’d got me Pensioners Free Bus-pass just in case there was a chance of catching one on me way back – it’s not too bad walking there, but coming back carrying bags can be a bit of a struggle.

0702I got to tend of Chestnut Way corner and thought how nice the view was through the gap in the trees/bushes. There are allotments immediately below where I was, and some of the residents in the flats have one. Council owned, don’t know how much they cost to rent.

0703I turned the corner to go down the Winchester Street hill and what a state the bus-stop was in!

They should take some DNA from the cap on the seat and find out who’s responsible and deport them to somewhere nasty.

plodded on down the hill, through some side streets onto Mansfield Road and on into Carrington – the rain started again in earnest.


0704Got in the flea-pit and sorted some togs, cooking gear, computer stuff – even found more paper work that need sorting, pile em in me two bags.

Oh, and a pot of old £.s.d. coins – Gawd they were heavy.

Also a letter from the Bank had been delivered, and this after I’d been into the bank, last Monday I think it was, and changed my address with them? Must check with them again when I get into town.

I thought at first I would not be able to carry these all the way back to the flat – but hoped that a bus would be coming on Mansfield Road to lift me into Sherwood and make it easier.

0705The wasn’t one.

Just one passed, going the other way.

The rain was coming a bit stronger now and I began to regret going for the things to sort. But it is the only way to get the so…

Got down the hill and cut through behind the library coming out on Winchester Street Hill.

0706A lady who passed me going down to the Hill had the right idea: Taking a brolly with her I thought.

Then realised I’d got my pound-shop brolly at the bottom of me bag, but no hands free to use it!

There was a bus stop on Winchester Street opposite where I came out onto it.

How fortunate for a change, a bus was due and came within 30 seconds. A lifesaver that, I got on swiped me free bus-pass and got off at the next but one stop closest to the flats.

That saved me struggling up the worst part of the hill with me bags. I was very lucky too – the buses only run every hour and a half on Sundays – mind you, that’s better than the L9 from the flats, they don’t run at all on a Sunday. Hey-ho!

I poddled up the last bit of hill and into Chestnut Way to the flats. As I approached the doors, key swipe in hand, I espied some Wood pigeons and got some seed out of me bag to feed them. But they flew off before I could get to the seeds.

Walked to the lobby doors and could I find the keys?

I walked back to where I stood to watch the pigeons but could not see them on the rain-soaked floor anywhere, back into the lobby entrance and started to take stuff out of me bags searching for them. Eventually found them in with me togs what I’d brought.

Avoided a Whoopsiedangleplop there – Phew!

Got in and up to the flat. WC’d and put the bags in the front room with all the others that need sorting – no point in doing any that need storage until I get the carpets and furniture sorted.

Made a cuppa and updated this tosh.

0707aOpened the bank letter. This informed me I had £2.95 in my Smart Saver Account!

I had a job containing me excitement I can tell yers!

Put hearing aid inserts in soak, washed the cloths and started to clean the paint splattered by painter Paul on the electrical wiring from the heaters – but the walking with the heavy bags had taken its toll on me knees and I couldn’t stay down for long, so gave up.

Checked me emails.

The rain has stopped now I’ve got back in – but the wind has got up – blowing on something awful in the kitchen now! And the only help I got from the wardens was ‘Others stick an old top coat in the hole’ Tsk!

I saw on Streetlife site a lady locally was selling a walker for £20 good as new it says. So I replied saying I was interested.

I was cooking me nosh int oven and a text message came in from a lady selling the three-wheeled walker with a  bag on it – £20. So I rang her and explained I wanted it but would have to phone me mate to see if/when he could collect it with me. Said I’d ring her back. 

Rang BJ and he said he could do it tonight around 1900hrs for me. Rang the lady back and confirmed it.

DSCF0163Me nosh was ready – had a job getting the oven clean afterwards mind – but a better job of cooking me smoked streaky bacon this time, and the potatoes were grand too! Possibly me best to date since being in the flat. Rated 8.6/10.

I was so excited at getting the bacon right I forgot about the beetroot.

Washed up (Wot a job) and then updated this diary.

Did a search for where the ladies address was. A few minutes drive in the car either way.

Tired already.

BJ rang on his way.

We to go down to meet him – forgot me hearing-aids and I’d got me reading glasses on. Went back and changed glasses and put me hearing-aids in. Tsk!

Met BJ just down the road and he soon got me to the place – nice lady lifted the machine down the steps for me. BJ put it in his car for me. Paid the lady and thanked her.

BJ offered to lift me to the old place to pick-up the shredder – thanked him and we did.

Back to the flats, BJ sorted the things and dismantled the shredded so I could carry it in on the wheelie.

Got in and had a drink of spring water, WC’d and laptop on to finish this diary, cause I am well tired again.

Sorted the paperwork I’d brought from the flea-pit a bit, ready for proper sorting in the morning.

TTFN all.